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Thursday, April 29, 2021

The Lental Region's Pokémon in their Natural Depth... if you want

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - How eager are you to go on nature trails?

Three and a half months ago, I wrote a controversial article titled Telling You Now: New Pokémon Snap Shouldn't be $60. I still stand by that sentiment, by the way. It's just now New Pokémon Snap actually releases on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, so I figured I'd comment on the new stuff we've learned about the game since.

For starters, today Nintendo released this rather compelling trailer showing many Pokémon interacting with one another within a natural habitat, and if you have a fondness for the Pokémon outside of them as competitive battling tools, you should appreciate it.

Not only are you passively observing and taking photos of Pokémon in their habitat, but you can affect the environment by tossing items like Fluffruit and the Illumina Orb, or scanning the environment or playing a melody. You can also take different routes within levels, upgrade the levels by exploring them enough (which prompts new/different Pokémon and interactions to occur, which allows for new photo opportunities), and uncover... mysteries. And of course, your photos are graded.

New Pokémon Snap sleeping Bouffalant Florio Nature Park Night
Previous KoopaTV screenshots of New Pokémon Snap feature Bouffalant in the day.
But you can also encounter Bouffalant at NIGHT! ...And they're asleep, as they should be. Good moos.

There's gameplay and interactivity, sure, and there seems to be lots of Pokémon personality. I still think this should be half the price of what it is for the content that's contained. Yeah, I'm biased against the whole genre, I guess. If you want some further interaction with the Lental Region before buying the game, check out Nintendo's website for it, which is a whole interactive experience.

I think a big reason people are actually interested in New Pokémon Snap—besides nostalgia—is because they're in an artificial drought and want to fill it with something. Personally, I haven't bought any games yet in 2021. I still have lots and lots to play from the games I currently own, some I haven't even started. That'll change within one to three months. Depends if I'm sold on Famicom Detective Club or not before I pick up The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles at launch.

Is Ludwig a jerk for advocating for adventure games instead of rail photography romps, when both are niche genres nowadays with questionable interactivity? Let him know in the comments section; and if you are picking up New Pokémon Snap, why you're doing so. Ludwig promises he'll stop skipping new Pokémon games when the Sinnoh remasters arrive.

Ludwig wrote a whole article asking if he should be sold on Famicom Detective Club or not.


  1. I Don't know how you could grade a photo...

    I think I'm just gonna play the original famicom detective club if I can find a translated version. I am happy knowing that nintendo is remaking/localizing a lot of their old games. I wonder what will be next?

    1. I don't want to pay full price for a game that doesn't even have English vocals. Actually, I don't really want to pay at all.

    2. I've definitely been noticing a problematic theft-first mindset from you.

    3. Theft, now that's a harsh word. I like to think of it as a trial period, on the honor system. I'll try the original, and if I like it enough I'll purchase the remaster. Just like that time I kidnapped all the animal friends, it won't be forever. Besides what about all those games where you steal things, remember the paint stars in color splash? Or is paper Ludwig a different being? Is paper jam cannon?



      Trial period on the honour system seems way too flimsy. >.>

  2. Honestly, this game would cause me suffering, as what little I've seen of it, even if you get the perfect photo, one you consider amazing, something you could put on the fridge, if the pokemon blinks, you get One Star. it would make me go mad.

    1. Well, lots of games have their difficulty around the timing of when you press the action button. But getting it wrong is always frustrating.

      I don't THINK New Pokémon Snap is as... strict as you claim, though. (Maybe a Pokémon blinking would stop you from wantin' to put it on the fridge, too.)

    2. There is a part where a scorbunny is in the best position, the best pose, but it has closed eyes, and unless you assault the thing with fruit (which only gets TWO STARS) you get one star and that is it.

    3. That's... gettin' me feeling neurotic just thinking about it.


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