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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

How did THE PEGASUS DREAM TOUR turn out? Paralympic Games Tokyo 2021 Begin!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I don't think it ended up well...

You might remember me hyping up (sorta) THE PEGASUS DREAM TOUR by JP GAMES, Inc. It was supposed to be a sports JRPG and have really cool art design. Then the Olympics got delayed, and the game did too. KoopaTV had reached out to the developer in 2020 and got a reply that it'll come out in 2021. And so it has for two months now, right before the beginning of the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games. That's started now! ...KoopaTV will not do a reaction log of its opening ceremony like we did with the standard Olympic Games. There's no personal significance for us, since Koopa Kingdom isn't competing in it.

As for the officially associated videogame, JP Games once said they wanted THE PEGASUS DREAM TOUR to be as accessible and available, platform-wise, as they could get. It's only available on iOS and Android, however. And for some reason, the smartphone I have access to isn't allowed to download it. It's not available. Why? I dunno. Seems to meet the requirements. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. According to reviews, the game is remarkably unstable and crashes often.

No one really seems to be talking about what the game is actually like, and all JP GAMES is doing is marketing collaborations/ambassadorships with real-life musicians or para-athletes or whatever with their in-game avatars. Like, their YouTube channel lacks... actual gameplay of the game, but they do have their social media people in wheelchairs.

And they seem to LOVE this Pikotaro guy:

I got no idea who he is, likely since I'm not Japanese. And despite JP GAMES having English sub-titles in their marketing materials (and the game itself is available in English in addition to Japanese), they are packing things with Japanese tie-ins no one else gets. I feel like that inherently contradicts the whole internationalist spirit the Olympics is supposed to promote.

I really, really would like to talk about the gameplay in this article, but I really don't know what it's actually like. I did find this video though. Clearly, the avatars (called Mines) are important. They can walk around Pegasus City (and interact with other people), train and eat for stat management, play some sports, and compete in the Grand Prix. Since it's all controlled via smartphone, I assume it sucks. ...In fact, it doesn't seem like you directly control your Mine in sports, but just suggest a strategy to them...?

Apparently you swap out your disabilities per sport, so in the dash, you'll equip prosthetic legs, and in wheelchair basketball, you'll... you know.

THE PEGASUS DREAM TOUR Android Hirose Boccia wheelchair
HIROSE Takayuki is a real Boccia player, by the way.
This game isn't about original characters.

Quite frankly, maybe the game is worth checking out just for the art style—and this only seems to apply to character art in dialogue, not the actual graphics you'll see the majority of the time. I don't think you're going to really find many people freely posting all of the game's artwork online, so perhaps the only way to discover it is to play the game yourself. ...Which I can't do. I'm also not seeing how it's a JRPG. (Apparently there are storylines.) Certainly not like Ring Fit Adventure.

Do you care about the Paralympics and will watch it? ...What about THE PEGASUS DREAM TOUR? Ludwig has lost all interest in it now that it's been released and he's looked into the game.

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