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Friday, October 23, 2020

2020 Presidential Debates: Trump vs. Biden, Night 2

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - If only this had happened weeks ago!

A quick review: Election Day in the United States is about 10 to 11 days away. The candidates are Republican and incumbent President Donald John Trump, Democrat (and former Vice President and Senator) Joe Biden, and Libertarian Jo Jorgensen. KoopaTV endorses President Donald John Trump, but it hardly matters because tens of millions of Americans have already voted, prior to our endorsement, due to a nationwide rapid expansion of mail-in/absentee voting. Likewise, that means last night's presidential debate can't change the minds of large swathes of the electorate, since they've already voted. That's a shame, because the first presidential debate—which still happened after “early voting” began—was a disaster and a waste of time. Then there was the vice-presidential debate, which Mike Pence clearly won, although voters aren't considering the vice presidents in their decision-making process as much as they should. (By the way, the Libertarian Party was rudely not invited to any of these.)

Then the President got the Chinese Communist Party Virus, which took what would've been the second debate out of circulation until he could recover. That left last night as the second and final debate, and here it is with a full embed. Quite frankly, I'd recommend watching the whole thing, since it was the best one all year and arguably since 2016. It was entertaining, substantive, and both candidates exhibited basic standards of civilised behaviour thanks to microphone muting abilities from moderator Kristen Welker of NBC:

The debate was divided into six uneven sections, so for the rest of this article I'm going to give my thoughts on each of those sections, along with some selective fact-checking and biting commentary.

Fighting COVID-19

Each candidate was asked how they would lead the United States out of the Chinese Communist Party Virus crisis. The President—who takes responsibility for what's happened in America so far, but not for the Chinese bringing the virus to America—is basically saying it'll end very soon, thanks to a vaccine which is ready to be approved by the end of the year. To be clear, the President never said it would be fully distributed and taken by the entire population by the end of the year, just that the vaccine will be ready and able to start being distributed. He wants the country's economy and schools to be open now as the vaccine is coming, as people are social-distancing and wearing masks and protecting seniors specifically.

Joe Biden falsely claimed that another 200,000 Americans will die because of the virus in the two months remaining in 2020, which is absolutely and mathematically absurd. He also scared people saying there will be a “dark winter.” What does that even mean? Who knows. Winters are supposed to be dark. It's defined by the sun being out for the least amount of time. Anyway, Joe Biden has no actual plans that are different from the President, which probably means that he expects the vaccine to come soon, too, so he won't have to deal with it throughout his own presidency, if Joe Biden actually wins.

National Security

The segment opened up with news that Russia and Iran (and China) are interfering with the elections, which is nothing new. We knew that. This very article is Koopa Kingdom trying to influence the American election. Any smart foreign country will do that, because America tends to influence other countries by waging wars and providing coercive foreign aid.

Then it went into a stupid discussion about foreign countries supposedly buying off the candidates and the President's tax returns, which don't matter. Joe Biden's family supposedly is receiving millions of dollars for political favours (and he's portrayed here as a cunning genius, which totally goes against the rest of the debate's characterisation of Joe Biden as a typical incompetent politician who hasn't accomplished anything in 47 years), while President Donald John Trump's businesses pre-presidency were selling things in other countries, like any other international business does.

Joe Biden says he'd non-specifically make China “play by the international rules.” He didn't explain how he'd do that, but he's been saying that while he was Vice President, as well. Clearly, Joe Biden is demonstrably incapable of getting that to happen. At least the President enacted tariffs, though those are kind of painful to a lot of industries. When Joe Biden was asked what his plans specifically are, he said that middle-class families are sitting at the kitchen table wondering how they'll afford their mortgage or whatever and totally avoided answering the question, and Donald Trump called Joe Biden out on it around 38:35:

“That is a typical political statement. Let's get off this China thing, and then he looks: The family, around the table, and everything. Just a typical politician when I see that. I'm not a typical politician. That's why I got elected. Let's get off the subject of China and let's talk about sitting around the table. Come on Joe, you can do better.”

Joe Biden typical politician sitting around the table called out by Donald Trump debate
CAN Joe Biden do better? Nah... That's the point.

Still on National Security, they discussed a substantive issue in North Korea. Under the President, the United States is making real diplomatic progress. During the transition in 2016—2017, former President Barack Hussein Obama said that North Korea would be the biggest threat President Donald John Trump would have to face. Obviously, United States-North Korea relationships have gotten better than they were when Joe Biden was in charge. “Having a good relationship with leaders of other countries is a good thing.” To which Joe Biden said that America had a good relationship with Hitler before World War II happened, which is a bizarre thing to say, and demonstrates that Joe Biden has no idea how diplomacy works. That's fitting but concerning, since the Democrat Party is the new war party.

Healthcare and American Families (and non-American families)

This was the ObamaCare segment. President Donald John Trump kept claiming that the Republicans will have a better healthcare plan (that covers pre-existing conditions) when ObamaCare is eventually removed, by legislation or by the Supreme Court. He didn't specify what this plan would involve, besides stating that it'll be great. The Republicans have had many years to actually come up with and agree to a plan, and... we're still waiting. Meanwhile, Joe Biden says he'll have ObamaCare with a plug-and-play public option, and call it BidenCare, which doesn't have the same ring to it. He also claims he won't have socialised medicine, which goes against what most Democrats wanted during the primary.

Understand that a public option will inevitably lead to the government taking over the whole healthcare industry, because the government isn't a fair competitor versus private industry... or they'll be so incompetent like the Post Office they'll beg for private companies to enter—though let's be clear, private mailing companies suck, too. (But the United States Post Office still has monopolies in some areas.)

Joe Biden then very strangely said that the minimum wage should be federally increased as a “bail-out” for small businesses, which makes no sense at all (increasing the costs of doing business makes it more difficult for small businesses to stay in business, not easier), and President Donald John Trump said as much, believing that minimum wage standards should be set at the state level, because states have wildly different standards of living and a one-size-fits-all plan doesn't work.

For some reason, a segment on American families was asking about illegal immigrant families, which are, by definition, not Americans. Neither party has a good record on this, but Koopa Kingdom has some advice for America.

Who built the cages Donald Trump Joe Biden presidential debate 2020 immigration
Who built the cages?
The Obama Administration...

Race in America

Joe Biden has never taught his children on what to do when a police officer pulls them over in a traffic stop, which probably makes him an inadequate parent. Joe Biden then said he has plans to help black people get education and achieve wealth. In all of Joe Biden's many decades in power, he hasn't done any of those things. He and his vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, did the opposite, imprisoning many many black people for petty crimes and corruptly keeping them in prison. He also referred to black criminals as “predators”, but denied calling them “superpredators.” To me, that's like Mario Bros. versus Super Mario Bros., which is a topic I should write a dedicated article about in the near future.

President Donald John Trump has funded historically black colleges and universities (and for more than what they were asking for), has done criminal justice reform, and pre-CCP Virus lockdowns, presided over the best economy—bolstered by opportunity zones—for black people (and really anyone else) on record.

Then President Donald John Trump repeatedly said he was the least racist person in the room, which was rather rude to Kristen Welker.

Joe Biden said that he supported a drugs bill in the 1980s that apparently 100 of 100 senators supported that disproportionately ended up imprisoning minorities, which demonstrates that politicians in both parties make mistakes, and often bipartisan measures are the worst ones. Joe Biden said that he couldn't do the reforms the last time he was in power because he had a Republican Congress... yet President Donald John Trump was able to get his prison reform bill done with a Republican Congress (plus Democrats) as well. It's pretty clear who the more effective and competent leader is in actually accomplishing good things for the American people, since Joe Biden's bipartisan actions were horrendous.

Climate Change

This was sort of a joke segment. President Donald John Trump bragged how much cleaner the air and water is in the United States compared to China, Russia, and India's filthy air, though he didn't articulate his plans to keep it clean besides planting more trees. Joe Biden also talked more about the economy than about the climate. Neither candidate really wanted to talk about climate change, just the economy.

Joe Biden did say that he never said he opposes fracking, and asked the President to put the tape of Joe Biden saying he opposes fracking on his website. The President said he'd do so the next day, so check these ads out, released the next day, which was mentioned on his website, as promised:


This segment was the final question. It probably would've had more content, except the candidates kept going over time throughout the debate so this was basically the closing statement. The last question was, “Imagine this is your inauguration day. What will you say in your address to Americans who did not vote for you?”

The President clearly lost this segment, since his answer included, “We are on the road to success, but I'm cutting taxes, and he wants to raise everybody's taxes, and he wants to put new regulations on everything, and he will kill it. If he gets in, you will have a depression the likes of which you've never seen. Your 401(k)s will go to hell, and it'll be a very sad day for this country.”

Dude, the premise of the question was that you won the election months ago. You're being re-inaugurated. Why are you still talking about Joe Biden? Obviously incoherent statement from the President. That said, he beat Joe Biden in every other segment, so it more than balances out.

Melania Trump wearing black mask COVID-19 coronavirus
By the way, Melania Trump looks great in a mask. Like Lamiroir of Borginia.

Ludwig greatly preferred this debate over the previous one. It turns out that the guy with the better ideas actually allowing for an exchange of superior ideas and accomplishments versus inferior ones comes across looking better, as opposed to wasting people's time with a shouting match. ...But there's a whole half of America that disagrees with that assessment, so if you're part of that, feel free to tell Ludwig how wrong he is in the comments section. (Positive thoughts are also welcome.)

Here is the dedicated article on Mario Bros. and predators.
2020 is over. Did 200,000 more Americans die from coronavirus?


  1. The first debate was so terrible that it made the second one look like a Lincoln-Douglas debate in comparison. I have to hand it to Kristen Welker for actually moderating and being pretty fair to both despite being a Democrat. Some of the topics were disappointing as I feel that they have either been asked enough times already or they devolved into issues the average voter does not really care about, but at least the president delivered fairly well on each save for the last one.

    1. I wanted more foreign policy discussion than just one topic, and most of that one was about Hunter Biden and Trump's hotels. You Americans need to take other countries more seriously.

    2. By the way, Welker isn't registered to any political party now.


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