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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

2020 Presidential Debates: Trump vs. Biden, Night 1!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A historical night and exchange?

I'm already supposed to have published KoopaTV's endorsement for president of the United States for 2021, but, you know, game-related stuff happened and I'm obligated to write about that first.

For now, you'll have to be in suspense for who we're supporting in the FIRST general election debate, between Republican Party incumbent President Donald John Trump, vs. Democrat Party challenger Joe Biden! Excluded from the debates, because it's a two-party racket, is Libertarian Jo Jorgensen.

Word on the street (which street? Not mine... someone else's) is that President Donald John Trump didn't even practice or rehearse for the debate, while Joe Biden has been studiously preparing. That's probably a disaster waiting to happen and I don't recommend taking the President's approach here for any upcoming important event in your life, even if he feels like he gets all of the practice he needs fighting the FAKE NEWS media. (He obviously doesn't, unless he thinks he comes across well to the voters after exchanges like these at the bottom half of the article?)

There's two ways to evaluate a debate performance. One, the candidates’ substance. If you remember the Democratic National Convention vs. the Republican National Convention, it's clear which campaign has the capacity to run on substance. The second is the candidates’ delivery/personality, which is unfortunately what many Americans make their decisions on. Practice and rehearsal can help both factors!

...Well, the debate was a totally unappealing crapshoot that probably didn't change anyone's minds, which is bad for the President because he's behind in the polls. One of President Donald John Trump's strategies was supposed to portray Joe Biden as a lost old senile fool. That didn't happen, since President Donald John Trump CONSTANTLY interrupted Joe Biden, even during the “you're not supposed to interrupt anyone during their two-minute answer” segments. In other words, Joe Biden didn't have an opportunity to say something silly like he's done repeatedly during the primary debates, because Joe Biden didn't really get to talk. (Though when he did talk, he didn't say anything useful or answered the question. “I'm not going to answer the question. [...] That was a really productive segment, wasn't it?”)

I'd love to talk about substance with the debate, and very occasionally there was substance (like comparing Joe Biden's record locking up many “super predator” black people in the 1990s to the FIRST Step Act which has freed thousands of black people from prison), but there just wasn't much substance that was able to get out there.

Interestingly, President Donald John Trump actually said that man-made climate change is a thing, but he doesn't seem to want to do much about it.

I've seen a lot of Trump supporters saying that the President was doing a one vs. two debate, against both Joe Biden and the moderator, Chris Wallace. This is a stupid way of thinking. If Chris Wallace didn't do actual moderating, the cross-talk would never cease, and there wouldn't be equal time. How can you call Chris Wallace “biased” for holding candidates to the debate rules they've agreed to? His questions were fine and fair.

Joe Biden Donald Trump first presidential debate 2020 pen yelling cross-talk voters elect you
Neither politician could answer coherently (because of his own actions and constant interruptions) on how the viewer's life will be improved.

What will Joe Biden do as president? He said he'd raise taxes and increase regulations and probably shutdown the economy again, but rehire people to make electric car charging stations or something. He'd make the vaccine take longer because he doesn't trust the scientists currently working on the vaccines.

What will President Donald John Trump do with four more years? ...I dunno, he didn't say, at all, despite ample time to talk about it. The military will distribute vaccines in early 2021 and then everything will be wonderful, I guess, and the economy will be spectacular again. Sure, let's say President Donald John Trump has done more in 47 months as Joe Biden did in 47 years. What will he do differently, or at all, with another 48 months?

Let's not talk about this debate ever again. Next week: the match of the vice presidential candidates!

If you do want to talk about the debate, despite what Ludwig just wrote in the sentences above, you can go ahead and write about it in the comments section. Ludwig will reply. He'll be dismayed, though. Maybe he should've written about the Pokémon news today instead.

KoopaTV also judged the first debate between candidate Trump and Hillary Clinton back in 2016. That was a better experience than this.
The next debate was between the vice presidential candidates. Click here for the write-up.
There was a second debate between Trump and Biden, and it was MUCH better.


  1. peak comedy content honestly can't wait until these two comedians hit the stage next gonna be great

    1. I'm terrified that President Trump is going to look at last night and think to himself, "I did a great job! High ratings!"

    2. thats the reality tv star in him coming out!

    3. Supposedly, the debate commission is going to implement new features to stop this from happening again.

      Stay tuned...?

    4. just dont have a moderator there is literally no point.

    5. There'll probably fist-fight on the stage then, since Biden's promised that sort of thing.


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