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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ever Notice How Indeedee are Similar to Teletubbies?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Cursed content warning...

You can go ahead and blame's Pokémon of the Week series being of Indeedee over the weekend for this. Otherwise, I wouldn't pay Indeedee, from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shieldgames that I refuse to buy—any second thoughts. But man, look at those hips...that shape... they're so familiar. Something is welling up inside of me, repressed from decades past.

Indeedee is the Emotion Pokémon. Its horns give it special empathy powers, and they are extroverts that gain energy from others being happy. Male Indeedee are said to be good valets (or butlers), and female Indeedee are allegedly good babysitters (or maids). Do I think, say, King Dad would leave Bowser Jr. in the care of an Indeedee and feel confident about it? Nah.

But millions of Earthlings have left their kids in the care of these things called Teletubbies that highly resemble Indeedee. I've seen their work on television a few times. (I'm implying usage of television as a babysitter.) They're really dumb, but they physically resemble Indeedee. Like Indeedee, the Teletubbies’ horns have special powers and are actually antenna for receiving broadcasts. Teletubbies also say their own name a lot, much like many other Pokémon. Indeedee are Psychic types, and those are commonly associated with aliens (which the Teletubbies are). They all got big bellies/wide hips. See for yourself:

Indeedee Pokémon Teletubbies Teletubby Tinky Winky Laa-Laa
Male Indeedee = Tinky Winky the Teletubby
Female Indeedee = Laa-Laa the Teletubby

Laa-Laa, much like female Indeedee, is also said to be very motherly and nurturing, being the group mom of the Teletubbies. (As much as a weirdo baby alien can be a mom.) She likes to give big hugs, like Indeedee's Play Nice move. She loves carrying around a big orange ball (which is at least half of a Poké Ball, right?), and kids love playing with balls.

Tinky Winky fits male Indeedee's valet role perfectly, which is why he's always carrying around that red handbag. It could be his master's red handbag and he's carrying it around for him... or it could be what he carries around his master's stuff in. ...Either way it works. In fact, Tinky Winky's antenna is shaped like an upside-down clothes hanger, perfect for master's suit jacket. (And, not that I'd know, but upside-down clothes hangers still hangs clothes while upside down. As long as you're not trying to... hang the hanger.)

So, yeah, Indeedee and Tinky Winky + Laa-Laa of the Teletubbies are visually and temperamentally similar. Now, I'm not gonna go beyond that because that'd be an unprovable conspiracy, but just for one final note: Galar is supposedly based off the United Kingdom, and Teletubbies originated from the United Kingdom as well...

KoopaTV would not recommend the usage of this website as a babysitter for your children. That is actually a really bad idea. Anyway, Ludwig now has a bunch of Teletubbies stuff in his browser search history, since he wanted this article to be well-researched. If you don't even know what a Teletubby is, that's...well, you're better off for it. Don't try looking it up or anything. You'll regret it.

Ludwig claimed in the opening that he's repressed the Teletubbies series for decades, but Baby Sun was a focal point in an article from three years ago.


  1. ...I need to unsee this. I need to unsee this entire article. Did a demon possess you and ghostwrite this? Sentences like "Laa-Laa, much like female Indeedee, is also said to be very motherly and nurturing, being the group mom of the Teletubbies" and "Tinky Winky fits male Indeedee's valet role perfectly, which is why he's always carrying around that red handbag" should not exist.

  2. sorry why did u write this?

    1. mental illness on full display

    2. It's not m-mental illness! I just had a sudden... spark of creativity and ran with it.


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