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Friday, September 4, 2020

Kamala's Continuous Californian Corrupt Cop Culture

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Enabling criminality among prosecutors’ offices across California.

It is the duty, by Californian law, for the Attorney General of California to “see that the laws of the State are uniformly and adequately enforced.” The Attorney General directly supervises all district attorneys, sheriffs, and other law enforcement officers in how they do their duties, including investigations and prosecutions.

Kamala Harris, whom is currently running for Vice President of the United States, was California's Attorney General from 2011 to 2017, and was also the district attorney of San Francisco from 2004 to 2011. She has years of experience as a prosecutor of great authority... but is it a good record?

Tulsi Gabbard memorably and succinctly summarised Kamala Harris's record as a “top cop” prosecutor in this debate clip from the second primary debate. Watch this if you get nothing else from the article:

In the span of this article, I'll cover what Tulsi Gabbard was referring to in some more detail, plus some additional facts and Kamala controversies that even Tulsi couldn't cover in her limited response time! That includes a story that KoopaTV has been following for years: the SL-9 incident.

Remember, the information in this article is Kamala Harris's record. This is the majority of her experience as a public official. This is why she believes she should be president of the United States, and what she is “proud” of:

Kamala Harris Opposed DNA Evidence That Could Prove Death Row Inmates Innocent, and Kept Prisoners in Prison Despite Wrongful Convictions

Kamala Harris did what she could as a prosecutor to put more people in prison. From advocating for truancy laws that arrested mothers if their children failed to attend unsafe public school systems to locking up many hundreds of people for marijuana violations while laughing about her personal experience smoking marijuana (while also opposing its legalisation...and of course, she didn't get locked up for her own usage).

But Kamala Harris also wanted to keep the people she put into prison in prison. A (black) guy named Kevin Cooper (no relation to Koopas) was accused and convicted of a quadruple murder (of white people) decades ago, but the circumstances have always been... sketchy. Supporters of Cooper believe that the justice system framed a poor, uneducated black guy who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time (and have an existing reason to be arrested, since he kinda just escaped prison... but not for murder!). The authorities on the case lied about evidence and have destroyed some of it. But Kamala Harris, as Attorney General, refused “advanced DNA testing” that could exonerate him.

Cooper is now undergoing the DNA testing, but for some reason the results aren't out yet. He remains on death row.

In fact, Kamala Harris so much wanted to keep people locked up that the state of California got in federal trouble for being so extremely over capacity that it violated the federal Constitution's provision against cruel and unusual punishment. When ordered to release non-violent prisoners, she fought the court, never intended to follow the order, and intended to increase the population still. For example, take the case of Daniel Larsen. The courts ordered his release due to overturning his original conviction (and finding him INNOCENT), but Kamala Harris fought against it because he filed some paperwork too late. Larsen's attorneys, in that article, claimed that the prosecution only wanted to win for the sake of winning, the fate of people's lives, families, and communities be damned.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies dark age of law winning valued more than truth
To Kamala Harris and the corrupt cop culture she has fostered in California, the truth and justice do not matter.
Winning does.

Why would Kamala Harris fight so hard to keep people locked up, even against court orders? Well, perhaps it's as Tulsi said in the video: It's free (or very cheap) labour for California. Prison-industrial complex. Modern-day slavery. I don't hold it against Kamala Harris that her Jamaican ancestors held slaves, but I do hold it against her that she's keeping people's lives ruined that shouldn't be for the equivalent of slavery. Indeed, one of the reasons, according to the Attorney General's office, for keeping people locked up was so the prisoners could fight Californian wildfires.

Kamala Harris Hid Exculpatory Evidence From the Defence and Violated Defendants’ Constitutional Rights

Before becoming Attorney General, Kamala Harris was the District Attorney of San Francisco. She wanted to use that as a springboard to become Attorney General. However, she did a bad job—in terms of upholding the Constitution—as the DA. It was revealed in 2010 that a San Francisco crime lab technician (Deborah Madden) who handled over a thousand cases was apparently taking cocaine from the lab home for her personal usage, and tainting all of those drug cases.

Kamala Harris refused to tell defence attorneys that information—by law, prosecutors have to turn over evidence to the defence that could exonerate their clients—and also had developed no policy, after years of being on the job, on how to go about conveying that information. (Even though she had to do so. It's unclear why existing policy before Kamala Harris came to the job wasn't followed, assuming there was a policy.) Even after being aware of the lab tainting, Kamala Harris still prosecuted cases for months without telling defence attorneys or the defendants. (Or the courts.)

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies lawyers prosecutors trust each other pursue truth together
Defence attorneys and prosecutors are supposed to trust one another and make sure justice is upheld according to law.
The Kamala Harris approach? Withhold information from the defence and the courts that could free defendants, but claiming they should trust her anyway.

After being exposed and penalised by a judge, Kamala Harris went on a public campaign to deflect away from her own failures, and instead attack the judge's credibility because the judge was married to a defence attorney. That ultimately didn't work. Kamala Harris also fought against providing defence attorneys information on police officers’ misconduct records, putting crooked cops above potentially innocent defendants.

There's good reason defendants shouldn't trust crooked cop Kamala or her ilk. Take George Gage's story. In 1990, he had married a woman, Wanda, who already had children, including a young girl named Marian. By 1998, Marian accused Gage of sexually abusing her, including rape. The Californian prosecutors had access to Marian's medical records that indicated no such rape took place, but they did not provide that evidence to the defence team. They also had a statement from Wanda stating that Marian is a pathological liar who “lives her lies.” They prosecuted him anyway and pretended like this evidence did not exist, but also refused to have it shown in trial.

Through a series of outrageous bizarre activities, Gage was convicted, but the judge in the case obtained the medical records and didn't wish to sentence him because it was a miscarriage of justice. Basically, a higher court put the case to another judge that didn't care as much, and Gage was sentenced to 70 years in prison. He remains there to this day, and he still doesn't have the medical records to mount a decent defence for himself. Gage has tried to appeal his case, but Attorney General Kamala Harris has stood in his way, fighting against Gage in his quest to get a fair trial. She is fully aware about the suspect circumstances, but Kamala Harris does not care.

Kamala Harris Police-Prosecutor Office Corruption... and the SL-9 Incident

The SL-9 Incident that happened in Los Angeles (a city in California which, as Attorney General, Kamala Harris had jurisdiction over) gets special attention in this article because KoopaTV covered it as it happened, including the fall-out. And Kamala Harris was the Attorney General during the corruption, and became senator of California starting right before the corruption was revealed... like she knew it was coming. Let's review.
  • September 2014: Businessman Joe Darke is suspected of a string of serial killings
  • February 2015: Joe Darke is arrested, briefly escapes, is accused of killing Los Angeles prosecutor Neil Marshall, and then is re-arrested. He's then found guilty and given the death penalty. He was executed. This is the SL-9 Incident. The detectives on the case weren't satisfied with how it went, and most were demoted or transferred in retaliation.
  • February 2017: The SL-9 Incident evidence would be permanently transferred away two years after it ended, so Los Angeles Detective Bruce Goodman (who was on the original case) tried to re-open it so he could resolve his doubts about it. He was killed by Police Chief Damon Gant, and in the trial, it was revealed that Damon Gant falsified evidence used in Joe Darke's conviction and that, in fact, Gant killed Neil Marshall.
The Los Angeles prosecutors office, in league with the police department, has been riddled with false evidence and testimonies for decades, even well before Kamala Harris became Attorney General. However, Kamala Harris did absolutely nothing, and that corruption continued under her watch. She opposed internal investigations of police departments and prosecutors’ offices across California. She reformed nothing.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Damon Gant having lunch with District Attorney General
This was right after the new Californian Attorney General (Xavier Becerra—and he's just as friendly to corrupt cops as Kamala Harris) was sworn into office, since Kamala Harris left to be a senator.
Makes sense that the police chief would want to be all buddy-buddy chummy-chummy with him.

In fact, she must've been pleased as long as the ends justified the means, so she overlooked (and possibly encouraged) controversies from prosecutors like Manfred von Karma and Miles Edgeworth. When she was campaigning to be district attorney, she attacked the incumbent's low conviction rate, because a perfect record at any cost is what prosecutors like Kamala Harris value, even if these are innocent people. If she cared about innocence, Californian citizens wouldn't have had to suffer from her prosecutors hiding evidence from their defence attorneys.

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A lot of the examples and positions cited in this article are ones that Kamala Harris claims to no longer support, now that she is running to be one heartbeat away from becoming President of the United States and most Americans will find her past actions to be abhorrent. But this is also the experience that she touts as why she's qualified. If what you've read disgusts you—and the corruption in the Californian criminal justice system still persists to this day (which may be why Miles Edgeworth left the country and created a new identity altogether), in part thanks to a combination of her indifference or even enjoyment towards the suffering of others—consider not voting for her presidential ticket in November 2020, or any other future election she may try to participate in.

If you'd like to witness this corruption for yourself, and really get a sense of how it affects people, you should play the Ace Attorney games. In fact, they are all on sale right now on Nintendo eShop (3DS and Switch) at prices like 50% off Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on the Switch, making it only cost $15. For three games! Everyone who wants to be properly educated before they cast a vote (or wants to play really, really great games) should buy and play that. They're fantastic narratives and really get you to feel emotions for the stories presented. You play mostly as Phoenix Wright, a defence attorney struggling in the Californian legal system that Kamala Harris helped build. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is also available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, though the compilation is not on sale on those other platforms as of publishing.

Ludwig admits that he actually got really angry while writing and researching for this article. He firmly believes that Kamala Harris should not be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office of the White House (which is another way of saying that she should not be allowed to be President of the United States). Unfortunately, due to Joe Biden' and cognitive issues, it's not unlikely that if he wins the election, she will be president during the term, or the term afterwards. If you enjoyed this article or found it useful or helpful, please consider sharing it. Please also consider subscribing to future KoopaTV articles so they'll be e-mailed to you.

Kamala Harris is inadequate on other issues as well. For example, she doesn't understand how taxes work.
Kamala Harris's presidential competition, President Donald John Trump, has actually signed legislation that has freed the kind of people that Kamala Harris loved to keep locked up.
If you're wondering, Phoenix Wright has been disbarred for forging evidence as of April 2019. (Kamala's prosecutors haven't been disbarred for doing the same thing.)
The last time the Ace Attorney series was on sale on the Switch was at the end of July.
The Ace Attorney games are on sale again at the end of November 2020.
Months later, yet another Los Angeles prosecutor, Simon Blackquill, was convicted of murder.


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