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Monday, October 26, 2020

$310 in (total) Prizes for Mario Tennis Aces North American Open November 2020

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Achieving victory through tennis.

Today Nintendo and Battlefy announced the next and third edition of their Mario Tennis Aces tournament series: the Mario Tennis Aces North American Open November 2020, taking place on November 14. Register here.

Mario Tennis Aces North American Open November 2020 online tournament
I'm getting real sick of these Mario-infested logos.

The rules are the same as the September 2020 (the second one) and July 2020 (the first one): Competitors are put into a big single-elimination one-set-is-best-of-three-games, with each game being first-to-seven-points. Legal stages being all four Marina Stadiums, chosen at random. All characters allowed, with standard gameplay (with the metre mechanic) on.

What makes this tournament interesting, besides the inherent appeal of Mario Tennis Aces, is the prize structure:

Compete in the Mario Tennis Aces North American Open November 2020 tournament for a chance to win:

Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive 4,000 My Nintendo Gold Points (ARV $40 US)
First Prize: Three (3) First Prize winners will receive 3,000 My Nintendo Gold Points (ARV $30 US each)
Second Prize: Four (4) Second Prize winners will receive 2,500 My Nintendo Gold Points (ARV $25 US each)
Third Prize: Eight (8) Third Prize winners will receive 1,000 My Nintendo Gold Points (ARV $10 US each)
That's a total of $310 in prize money distributed across 16 people, which is very small compared to the prizes distributed for the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament that Nintendo and Battlefy held last weekend (and next weekend), which I'll have a write-up (with fighter usage stats) on next week. That said, Nintendo wrote the distribution in a confusing way, so let me break it down for you, assuming a bracket of 512 people. (There were 775 in the July tournament, which is a 10-round bracket, and 408 in the September tournament, which follows a 512-person bracket of 9 rounds.)

If you get 9th place, which means you reach Round 6 (you beat 5 people, and there's a decent chance your first round will be a ~Bye~, or freebie) but lose, you'll get the $10 in My Nintendo Gold Points. Winning Round 6 but losing Round 7 means you get 5th place, which gets you $25 in Gold Points. Winning Round 7 but losing Round 8 gets you in 3rd place, which gets you $30 in the Nintendo eShop spending money. Losing in the finals (Round 9) will also get you the $30, but winning the entire tournament will get you the equivalent of $40.

For context, I got to Round 4 and lost in the July tournament, but only got to Round 2 and lost in the September tournament. That July tournament probably constitutes as already-lucky bracket placement—I'm pretty mediocre at the game, though I do like it a lot. But maybe one can get luckier (although with some level of skill backing it up) and get within striking distance of the prize.

If you want to lean closer towards consistently winning via skill instead of luck, you ought to join the Mario Tennis Aces Club Discord server, the largest Mario Tennis Aces Discord server around. They have guides and play the game frequently, and they like helping new players. (And if you're not new but you still need improvement, they can help you there, too.)

Here's the tournament registration link again!

Maybe Ludwig should take his own advice sometime and actually practice playing Mario Tennis Aces before playing in a tournament for it. Then he could actually perform well. By the way, you need a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online to play online multiplayer games such as Mario Tennis Aces, and KoopaTV is about to give away a spot to its KoopaTV Nintendo Switch Online Family Group to the winner of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Round 34 next week. Are you doing all you can to ensure your victory?

The next Mario Tennis Aces Open is on the second-to-last day of February 2021.


  1. Not the most enticing prizes, in my view. Gold points offer discounts on some games that most people don't either want or already have while platinum points can be redeemable for physical rewards.

    1. Nah, you're totally out of date on your information here. By years.

      I've referred to Gold Points as useless because they're acquired at a very low rate (much lower for physical purchases) after buying games. But winning them in thousand-point increments like these tournaments does make a real difference in giving yourself free spending money on anything in the eShop, including Ace Attorney.

      You're right there are some, but very few, physical rewards for Platinum Points, but who the hell wants a Super Mario Zipper Case manufactured in China?

    2. I forgot about that since I hardly buy anything off the eShop. It looks like at this rate, I will be able to purchase a full price title in 10 years.

    3. Reminder that Gold Points also expire! After 12 months.

  2. listen to upside down by jack johnson on the curious george soundtrack!

  3. Round 1: ~Bye~

    First set is Versus Peyton in Round 2. He has only three bars of Internet quality which is yikes. He also didn't know how to join a room so I figure he's a newbie. (He said he just started playing "again" yesterday, has 10 or more hours.)

    Game 1: Clay Court. Paratroopa (me) vs. Blooper (Peyton)

    1-0 (my first serve)
    2-0 return ace
    6-0… here he wasted all of his Zone metre
    Well alright.

    Game 2: Hard Court. Koopa Troopa (me) vs. Green Yoshi (Peyton)

    1-0 (he served first)
    7-0 (body shot)

    Round 3: Versus aalexrdz . Unlike Peyton, he has 60 or more hours of experience in the game, though most of his gameplay time is clearly on Pokémon Sword. The room he made is the total opposite of the tournament rules, so I made the room instead.

    Game 1: Clay Court. Bowser (me) vs. Bowser Jr. (aalexrdz)
    My first serve. But he drop shot.

    1-4 my trick shot got body

    Bowser can't hit drop shots

    Game 2: Marina Stadium night. Koopa Troopa switch.
    0-2 horrible start he got full metre I got none

    I didn't practice with Koopa Troopa before playing this.

    Koopa Troopa's movement is really weird when switching off Bowser and not using Koopa Troopa since I lost with him in the September Open.


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