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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Psychologist Murdered at the Cosmos Space Center, Which Launched Hope Probe Amidst HAT-1 Rocket Failure

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A murder of Metis, and a meteoric miracle of Sol Starbuck: space pioneer extraordinaire.

(LOS ANGELES, California) A KoopaTV reporter (Kamek, if you must know) was dispatched yesterday to report on the upcoming HAT-1 rocket launch scheduled for today, October 8 2020, out of the Cosmos Space Center operated by the GYAXA federal space program as part of President Donald John Trump's new Space Force. He discovered the death of resident Cosmos psychologist Dr. Metis Cykes, 33. Dr. Cykes was working on artificial intelligent projects about realistic emotion sensing and display in robots, deemed Robots with Hearts. She wrote many papers about speech and emotions, and was also a notable fan of Japanese culture.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Photo of the Crime Simon Blackquill Cosmos Space Center Robotics Lab
KoopaTV reporter Kamek Koopa came to do a story on the HAT-1 Launch,
and took this photograph in the room across the fourth floor Robotics Lab in the Cosmos Space Center
on October 7, 2020, a bit around 2:15 PM local time.

Two police officers and a Cosmos Space Center employee came to investigate the Robotics Lab. Pictured inside the lab in KoopaTV's photograph, and holding the blood-covered katana, is rising California prosecutor Simon Blackquill, 21. He was reportedly a psychology student of Dr. Cykes, wishing to wield analytical psychology in the courtroom. He is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department as a person of interest. We hear they are carefully reviewing the security system video footage.

Dr. Metis Cykes leaves behind a daughter, Athena Cykes.

However, the murder did not stop the Director of the Cosmos Space Center, Yuri Cosmos, from pressing forward with the HAT-1 Rocket launch for October 8...but strange things did happen with it.

The HAT-1 Rocket was operated solely by Cosmos Space Center astronaut Solomon Starbuck, for the purpose of launching the Hope probe into an asteroid belt and collect valuable asteroid samples. However, the rocket encountered a multitude of issues after launching the probe and before coming back down to Earth—a power failure, oxygen leakage, a busted radio, cracked windows, a loose control column, and even the heat shield came off as the rocket entered the atmosphere. According to Director Cosmos, in a bit of bravery, Mr. Starbuck righted the rocket, successfully sent the probe to space, and safely returned home.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies HAT-1 rocket staff Cosmos Space Center Clay Terran Starbuck Aura Metis Cykes
HAT-1 staff, including (left-to-right):
Clay Terran (not a Cosmos employee), Solomon Starbuck, Director Yuri Cosmos, Aura Blackquill, and Metis Cykes (deceased).

Director Cosmos said that the United States is making far greater strides in space exploration than the other nations on Earth, which is how this entire rocket launch, probe launch, and rocket return miracle managed to happen all in the span of today. It's new technology demonstrating America's superiority.

One last bit of information Kamek is reporting: a moon rock belonging to the Cosmos Space Center has vanished, and no one can locate it. If you happen to have it, please return it back to the Cosmos Space Center.

Kamek has more news to report on Friday, though once again it'll be Ludwig composing the article. KoopaTV decided to cover the news because it's extraordinary, simple as that, but not enough people are covering it. You'll get videogame-related content on KoopaTV sometime... soon.

Despite being sent off on a reporting job days before, Kamek's wedding was on Friday.
Kamek was sent due to the last time KoopaTV went to California.
The last time KoopaTV did a news story in Los Angeles, it was about formerly ace attorney Phoenix Wright being disbarred.
Simon Blackquill was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Metis Cykes.

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