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Thursday, October 15, 2020

KoopaTV's 2020 USA Presidential Endorsement

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This was more tough than I thought it would be.

I know that the timing of this should've come sooner, since a lot of you Americans are already voting thanks to early voting and mail-in ballots, phenomenons driven by both laziness and the Chinese Communist Party Virus plaguing the United States. (And I'll get into the CCP Virus more later in the article, since it's on a lot of voters’ minds.) Still, there just hasn't been good timing until now, since the presidential debate that was supposed to be tonight got cancelled, which leaves a great publishing opportunity for an endorsement article.

I'm sure you all are eagerly waiting to hear whom Koopa Kingdom wishes would become the President of the United States. The National Security and Counterintelligence Center has already said that Russia seeks the defeat of former Vice President Joe Biden, but Iran and China wish for the demise of current President Donald John Trump. They also said other foreign nations (like Koopa Kingdom) have opinions, too. It's time to just tell you outright instead of leaving you guessing. For transparency, Koopa Kingdom endorsed candidate Donald Trump in 2016, and declared that we would've shut down our site had Hillary Clinton become president.

KoopaTV 2020 presidential endorsement Koopa Kingdom United States Donald Trump Joe Biden Jo Jorgensen
Presidential candidates, left to right:
Joe Biden (Democrat Party), Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian Party), Donald Trump (Republican Party).

It should be abundantly clear that Koopa Kingdom wants Joe Biden, the Democrat, to lose. He is a policy-weak, doddering warmonger. His vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, is pretty much pure evil and has a horrible record of misdeeds. They are on the wrong side of nearly every issue, if they're willing to even state what their set of issues are.

It is far more interesting to see which of the other two major candidates we would rather actively support: President Donald John Trump of the Republican Party, or Dr. Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarian Party?

On many major issues, the Republicans (but only with Donald Trump as the leader; not traditional Republicans) and Libertarians directionally agree. Ending the endless wars, diplomacy-first, and bringing the troops home. Criminal justice reform. School choice. Reducing the size of government, as well as the tax burden. Grow the economy, which has many benefits ranging from very low unemployment to re-integrating ex-inmates back into society.

Dr. Jorgensen's argument is that President Donald John Trump isn't as committed to bringing real change as the Libertarians would. He's all lip-service, but he hasn't done all of his promises yet in one term. And, yeah, the Republicans can be very shaky at times. THE WALL isn't even close to being fully built, and President Donald John Trump sometimes has some weird—and inexcusable—authoritarian tendencies like stating, “I like taking the guns early. [...] Take the guns first, go through due process second.” He's still claiming that he is a big Second Amendment person. Meanwhile, he's promising law and order, but apparently only if he gets re-elected, doing little right now about riots in cities.

I should also note that we haven't been entirely pleased with the President's first term in office at KoopaTV. We were very neutral during his first year in office, but his second year and third year were met with mostly negative coverage, driven by other authoritarian attitudes on topics like violent videogames.

However, let's not pretend that Dr. Jorgensen is a perfect alternative. Like Libertarians before her, she doesn't actually possess plans or detailed views on issues. She wants to eliminate the income tax, which is a laudable goal and one I agree with, but she bizarrely is also against the FAIRtax AND is so proud of the following stupid answer that her campaign is sharing this clip around? ...On multiple occasions? Like, what the hell is this:

LIBERTARIAN VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SPIKE COHEN: Do you support a FAIRtax? And for those who don't know, a FAIRtax is a kind of nationwide sales tax that also includes a prebate for families based on family size. It's a restructuring of how taxes are created.
LIBERTARIAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE JO JORGENSEN: Uh... sure, I'm for a fair tax! As long as it's at 0%. There's no such thing as a fair tax.
SPIKE COHEN: Hahaha. Literally the best way to answer that, thank you.
Rather than eliminating the income tax and replacing it with a national sales tax (the FAIRtax would also get rid of the estate tax, corporate income taxes, the capital gains tax, and the payroll taxes that crush lower income workers), Dr. Jorgensen wants to eliminate the income tax and replace it with... nothing. How would Jo Jorgensen fund the government? Even if the government is smaller and spends less money, it still has Constitutional obligations, like national defence. She's not giving an answer to that, because her answer to the FAIRtax question (and it's obvious from her answer she has no idea what it is but she isn't willing to admit that, instead going for a stupid answer based on how it's named instead of the policy it represents) indicates she's a non-serious candidate, almost as bad as Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris not knowing how tax refunds work. And candidates who know they have no chance of winning aren't obligated to actually come up with any realistic proposals. It's upsetting, because the FAIRtax is a fantastic idea that any civil libertarian ought to support, since it gets rid of the IRS and tax returns (which is also why President Donald John Trump should support it), and the violation of privacy and manipulation of society that the current income tax code represents.

Dr. Jorgensen also doesn't plan to fund the government with tariffs, since her trade plan involves “dismantling all tariffs”. As the “free trade candidate”, she apparently plans to do absolutely nothing about CHINA, since she lacks any mention of China on her site as of writing besides saying China sometimes has less regulations than the United States. On immigration, she wants to stop deporting illegal immigrants and abolish the notion of what it means to even come to the United States “illegally”, opening the border for millions of immigrants to overwhelm the labour market and depress your wages. (They're also quite a security threat, which will be unchecked since her America would lack any mechanism to do security checks.) She wouldn't do anything to challenge Big Tech and their oppression of American free speech and their enormous power over your life.

What about the coronavirus? That's the biggest issue for many many people, and it's a popular opinion that President Donald John Trump's administration screwed up America's response. They think he has failed in being a leader during a crisis, and even he himself has contracted the virus. People don't like to hear this, but the majority of the problems surrounding the CCP Virus have been individuals’ own poor decisions, with policy dictated by their state's governor. The most, really, the federal government can do is to allow for easy information sharing (which this President has done), set immigration policy (the President shut down travel from China and Europe, which Joe Biden opposed, since his plan was to refer to the President as xenophobic), have a massive stockpile of personal protective equipment and other supplies to give out (which was a failure, but that isn't the cause of anyone's death, as far as I'm aware. Everyone who has needed a ventilator has gotten one), and help fund and approve of research and development for a vaccine and therapeutic treatments (which this administration has done in an innovative manner with Operation Warp Speed, which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris oppose. They would delay the vaccine because they don't trust any vaccine created while President Donald John Trump is president—they'd rather spread anti-vaccination rhetoric than do what's right for your country).

Partisans claim that President Donald John Trump has somehow personally killed over 200,000 Americans (because that's how many have died from the Chinese Communist Party Virus), but that's just not true. For example, they're saying that President Donald John Trump is responsible for KoopaTV hero Herman Cain's death because Herman Cain died from COVID-19.

But it was Herman Cain's own decisions as an individual that lead to his unfortunate demise. It does no one any good to ignore reality and the facts. I know it seems callous to say that, but we're truth-tellers here. The only way you could give personal responsibility to the President over a CCP Virus death is if he spread his own virus to other people and they died, but there's no evidence or even allegation of that happening.

By the way, Jo Jorgensen's plan would be to eliminate the Food and Drug Administration entirely because she views it as a bureaucracy that slows everyone down from achieving medical progress. Take that as you will.

Given the highly individualistic population the President has had to deal with (one that is distrustful of authority figures telling them to stay in their homes to avoid disease), the most individualistic population on Earth, I'd think there would be even more death than there already is. And, quite frankly, the people dying are more likely to be Republican voters anyway. (The vast, vast majority are over the age of 65.) I'm not saying they deserve to die, but I do foresee a scenario where the President loses his re-election because his voting base went and died. The idea he purposefully killed off his own re-election hopes is crazy. Though if you agree that the Chinese Communist Party Virus was biological warfare, then yeah, he failed to protect the American people. (Everyone else in the world failed, too. Joe Biden would've also failed. Perhaps even worse.)

In this article, I attacked Dr. Jorgensen's lack of plans and realistic ideas as why her candidacy can't be taken very seriously. In several other articles, I've described the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket as irreparably flawed, thanks mostly to what a vile person Kamala Harris is. (Which was on full display in last week's vice presidential debate.) And while President Donald John Trump isn't perfect and also often has not been specific on what he'd actually do during his second term in office, he's still the best choice given what he's accomplished and his natural instincts on most issues, moderated by a political party that not only has the power to actually accomplish things, but also has a backlog of (positive) legislative priorities that they would be able to achieve if provided power. Most importantly, he wouldn't go invade Koopa Kingdom, and it doesn't seem like the newly established Space Force is going to be a problem for us. (They can barely get a rocket to work.)

KoopaTV therefore endorses President Donald John Trump for re-election.

There are many other issues that Ludwig could've touched on in this article but didn't, which probably demonstrates what he does and does not consider to be a priority topic of discussion. Or maybe it's just so obvious that it's not worth discussing. But if you'd like to discuss anything, please comment in the comments section! You'll get a reply.

Ludwig covered the final presidential debate here.


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    1. btw that first graphic is the worst designed thing i have ever seen holy moly that mad emy eyes bleed you need a graphic design department i think my 12 year old cousin could have made something more appealing than that u have text over the pictures of the candidates and the colours are disgusting please work on this in the future

    2. It's worse that the Teletubbies/Indeedee?

  2. Um. I'm not going to put an actual fascist in the WH. Trump's aptitude for tyranny makes your "King Dad" or w/e look like A) a teddy bear and B) downright thoughtful. Trump isn't hardly a human being at this point. He's been subsumed by the desire for power. And people like that MUST NOT be allowed to succeed wherever possible.

    1. King Dad is always thoughtful!

      But if you want to prevent power-hungry people from getting in there, then I guess you better support the Libertarians, who have a platform of gaining power to leave you alone.

      Kamala Harris's whole personality and professional background is doing and saying anything to gain power, after all.

    2. lheticus is more intelligent than u koopa! pog!

    3. I don't like this "Trump is literally a fascist" line of thinking. It's a cheap smear.


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