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Monday, September 5, 2016

KoopaTV Endorses Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Well, you saw this coming. But we'll tell you exactly why.

Are we the first videogame site to endorse Donald J. Trump for the general election? ...Will we be the only one? Well, we'll try to start a trend.

If you know anything about KoopaTV, you'll know we aren't afraid to get political here. It's a site feature, really. And, countless times over, it's ended up relating back to gaming anyway, so it's not totally off-topic.

Whether you want to avoid it or not, the results of this election will have a large impact on the gaming industry and the way you play. The presidency of the United States can affect that stuff in such a large way, mostly (see in the “Why You Shouldn't Vote For The Others” section for a directly bad example) indirectly. But those factors are important. As Bernie Sanders kept trying to do in his KoopaTV guest post, things like the economy and whether or not you're sent to a war you shouldn't be in affect how you play games.

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Now that we have that out of the way, why Donald J. Trump for president? 

Why You Should Vote For Donald Trump

First, allow me to clear the air: Donald Trump is basically KoopaTV personified. He's brash, bold, and goes on tangents all the time. He isn't corruptible: He can't be bought out (we're saying we can't be, either, but that's honestly probably not the case), and special interests don't want to go near him. You think donors want to be associated with a loose cannon? Trump also makes a point to be unpredictable, and so do we. Readers have no idea what we're going to publish day-to-day, and neither do we!

Honestly, I genuinely agree with Donald Trump on a lot of issues. But you should expect me to. The other members of KoopaTV's staff, who are centrists or centre-left in their leanings, also agree that they would prefer Mr. Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Here's my quiz results I took just for this article. I took detailed stances if I had 'em: I side with Donald Trump Gary Johnson Darrell Castle September 2016 results Ludwig Von Koopa
The right-side results are after I input how important issues are to me. These were answered without irony or sarcasm.
(Consider the left to be raw scores, and the right to be weighted.)

We lean towards having the United States focus on itself, rather than international affairs. Yes, we oppose ISIS — partly for personal reasons — but that's about the extent of it. Donald Trump has expressed good judgment in wanting to “knock out ISIS [...] and fast” and then “get the hell out of there.” He didn't want to invade Iraq. He supported and called the Brexit vote, which according to our British staffer, Vortexica, is having a positive impact to Great Britain. (Donald Trump is not only a foreign events prognosticator, but also an excellent judge of character, as shown when he called from the beginning that “George Zimmerman is a bad guy.”)

It is so important that borders are established and enforced. Over in Koopa Kingdom, we have border security, and we assume that everyone is an invader or adversary until proven otherwise. This is to protect the citizens of Koopa Kingdom. They are our first priority. What the hell should we care about other people for? It's enough of a challenge running Koopa Kingdom as it is. Do we want good relations with other kingdoms and countries? Sure! We want to trade with them too, since they have resources that we do not. However, we don't want to get screwed in our deals with other nations. We don't want to be taken advantage of.

Donald Trump feels the same way about America. He sides with the people, and with America First. He's a unifier, not someone who wants to tear people apart. He doesn't want to put people out of work. He wants people to be working again. He knows what that involves, as a successful businessman and billionaire. Lower taxes. Less burdensome regulations. He even has supported an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Unlike some other Republicans (such as his vice presidential pick, Mike Pence), Donald Trump really does not care about social issues. That's a good thing. They don't really matter, and most of them aren't handled federally anyway.

The only social issue KoopaTV cares about is free speech, and its survival against the poison of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, a poison Donald Trump is adamantly against and may possibly function as a panacea for. This is important, since this politically correct/social justice movement descending onto our lives — and the videogame industry — is compromising values, creativity, and freedom of expression. Donald Trump is fighting to preserve those things, while his main opponent and her affiliates wish to shut them down. Donald Trump will fight these threats when they appear, but hopefully he focuses on economics and keeping America out of foreign idiocy.

Let's face it: Donald Trump would be a much better pro-America negotiator than all of these political hacks. Which nicely transitions into our next section.

Why You Shouldn't Vote For The Others

In the upcoming weeks (I think?), I'm going to put together an index of every article we have about Hillary Clinton, and make it a tab on the site.

But the two most important ones for our purposes right now is that Hillary Clinton is the only presidential candidate to actually attempt to directly regulate the videogame industry. And if her regulations actually occurred, they would be a complete disaster. It's called the Family Entertainment Protection Act. I'd ask you to look it up, but that KoopaTV article has all of the provisions of the failed law, and what their impacts would be. Just click and read.

The second important article is that she's an outright liar and a criminal hearkening in the Dark Age of the Law, and it doesn't serve the interests of the United States to elect that kind of individual as its leader.

We also have a personal reason at Koopa Kingdom not to want Hillary Clinton as president. She is the most eager to go to war out of any candidate running, and Koopa Kingdom has territory north of the United States in Alberta, Koopa Kingdom. (Formerly Canada.) Let's just say... we wouldn't want a muscular Hillary administration (bad imagery) trying to take all of our progress away from us. I already think President Barack Hussein Obama is out to get Koopa Kingdom in our own lands. There's little doubt Hillary — who is much more of a warmonger than Obama is — would at least attack Alberta to “liberate” it. That is, unless we donate a lot of money to the Clinton Foundation. Do they take gold coins?

She's been wrong on pretty much every decision and viewpoint she's made in her life.

Then there are the third and fourth party candidates, Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party) and Jill Stein (Green Party). Despite what criticisms we may have of them, we would like them to participate in the presidential debates.

Jill Stein is a lot more honest than Hillary Clinton, but the only thing we really know about her was that when she was running for president in 2012, she got arrested a bunch of times. Since she probably doesn't want to be known for just that, she has an issues platform page on her site. Basic summary is socialise everything and have the government make decisions for you, while making as many things “free” as you can. That's not good, feasible, or keeping in line with what America should be about. If you are an honest progressive fighting for your cause, Jill Stein is on your side. Hillary is only on her own side.

As for Gary Johnson? It's hard for me to categorically criticise him since KoopaTV can pass off as a libertarian-oriented site. The problem with Gary Johnson is that he's a Libertarian (capital L), but not necessarily a libertarian (lowercase). People who follow Libertarian stuff know that Gary Johnson is a “moderate” Libertarian. He approaches it as a leftist. That's why he insists that private business owners can't choose who their customers are, or that he is more angry about someone saying “illegal immigrant” than he is about Hillary Clinton being a criminal.

Gary Johnson is basically an open borders kind of guy. Totally wrong on immigration, which endangers America. He has mis-aimed priorities. And his vice presidential pick, William Weld, has something against gun ownership.

Rebuttals To Common Arguments Against Donald Trump

There are a lot of arguments that people have against Mr. Trump's candidacy. The following are some of those from the top of my head, and my responses to them. Many are myths or grounded in mis-information.

Donald Trump is a racist! How can you vote for that?

The reason most people who believe that Trump is a racist claim so comes from his immigration policy. These critics contend that, because Mr. Trump wishes to deport people who have come into America illegally, that he believes in the racial superiority of white people over the races of people who are in the country illegally, which are supposedly all Hispanics. They point to Mr. Trump's claims that the country of Mexico sends sub-par people, many of whom are murderers and rapists, illegally over to the USA, as Trump hating all Hispanic people.

This assumes that there is no possibly valid reasoning for wanting to deport people who have entered the country illegally other than race. In fact, Donald Trump's immigration plans mostly target white people from Europe (that source is disgustingly biased against Trump and distorts his intentions, so warning with that) who have over-stayed their visas. Donald Trump's immigration task force will put tracking down visa overstays at a higher priority than an average, non-violent Central or South American family who happened to tunnel across to America.

(Would a seal kiss a racist? Would a racist attract that kind of attention from someone outside of his own race?)

Critics also point to Trump's comments about a judge of Mexican descent who is biased against him in the civil court system as Trump being racist. Essentially, Trump felt that the judge was biased against Donald Trump not because Trump was wrong on the facts of the case, but because the judge wasn't being impartial against the backdrop of the mass perception that Trump may hate him and Mexicans as people. It's a cause and effect thing.

Mr. Trump happens to have non-white people in high places in his own organisations, because Donald Trump focuses on merit.

Donald Trump is a sexist! How can you vote for that?

I don't know why people claim this. It might be because he's running against someone who might be the first female president, and anyone who can possibly oppose that is sexist?


People think that because Trump may have made some jokes about women in the past means he's actually a sexist, and that this would affect how he manages things. Just look how fine, empowered, and upstanding his daughter is. Compare to Chelsea Clinton. A daughter like Ivanka Trump wouldn't come from a sexist dad.

Mr. Trump happens to have non-male people in high places in his own organisations, because Donald Trump focuses on merit.

Donald Trump is an ableist! How can you vote for that?

This is getting repetitive and fast.

While I have no idea if Donald Trump has disabled people (or whatever we're supposed to call 'em) in high places in his own organisations, I can safely say that disabled-people-specific issues won't come up during a Trump administration, and if they would, he'd probably side with whatever helps people.

Donald Trump has no political experience!

This is a good thing. I'll defer to Herman Cain:

Donald Trump is an authoritarian and wants to be a dictator!

I mean... he SAYS he doesn't. Whether or not you want to trust him is up to you.

I will say this, however. Donald J. Trump has come very strong in favour of the Second Amendment. Tyrants tend to be AGAINST gun ownership among the people. If Donald Trump truly wished to ascend to become a dictator, why would he want more guns, not less?

Donald Trump is way too rash! He'll start World War III!

...Nah. If you actually listen to his statements on foreign policy, you'll know that he actually does not want that. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who has never seen a war she doesn't want to enter. Donald Trump is a non-interventionist and has railed against the neo-conservative military-industrial complex, though not in those words.

Here's an example of Donald Trump, in his own words, in what is my favourite moment in the entire 2015–2016 primaries from any candidate in any party:

Donald Trump actually wants to be friends with Vladimir Putin and play nice with him, as opposed to shooting down Russian planes and going to war with them, like Hillary Clinton wants to do. We at Koopa Kingdom feel much more comfortable negotiating with a President Trump than a President Hillary.

I think it's safe to extrapolate this and other instances (such as Trump's opposition to Hillary Clinton's intervention in Libya that destabilised Libya and lead to the Benghazi terrorist attack) to suggest that Donald Trump would prefer staying away from world conflicts that don't involve American interests.

Donald Trump is a fraudulent and terrible businessman!

Distortion artists spread around this claim that if Donald Trump just put all of his money from his dad's inheritance in the S&P 500 Index instead of starting businesses, he would be richer. They use this “analysis” to claim that he is a bad businessman. The analysis is fraudulent, and assumes that Trump doesn't live the lifestyle of a billionaire and doesn't eat.

Ask whomever spouts such analysis what they would prefer: A millionaire stashing their millions in an un-managed index account to just sit there, or a millionaire growing those millions into billions by building beautiful structures, creating actual value, and solving people's problems? Let's see what Goofy Elizabeth Warren, the hypocrite liberal champion who rails against big banks yet refuses to support auditing the Federal Reserve, thinks:

Once upon a time, liberals were against such hoarding. My, have times changed. It's not your dad's Democratic Party.

People also seem to make the claim that only bad businessmen have any of their companies go bankrupt. Anyone who makes this claim doesn't know any people in business and isn't even aware of the basic facts of entrepreneurship in America. Yes, a handful of Donald Trump's business ventures — out of nearly half a thousand — have gone bankrupt. However, think of the fact that the majority of new businesses go out-of-business within a short amount of time.

Donald Trump himself has never gone bankrupt. He's run remarkable companies across a stunning amount of industries. He's a business legend. If you think you can do better, then go ahead and try. Come back when you succeed. (KoopaTV will probably be out-of-print by then, though.)

As for the idea that Donald Trump is a fraudster? People bring up the Trump University case, and KoopaTV already did what the mainstream media would not and debunked their lead case subject, Cheryl Lankford, in this article.


In the end, Donald J. Trump is the anti-establishment candidate, and is an agent of change. America needs a change, and he's actually a change in the correct direction. He's an outsider to both main parties, in an era where both parties horribly rig the electoral and governing process.

KoopaTV whole-heartedly endorses Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America. Be sure to vote November 8! ...We'll remind you between now and then. ...A lot.

Ludwig Von Koopa Plushie MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Donald Trump red hat Bernie 2016 pin Koopaling
Ludwig is the ULTIMATE anti-establishment voter!

Ludwig has grown over the past year to ever-so-slowly appreciate Donald Trump. In fact, he was once totally against a Trump presidency! Donald Trump has truly won Ludwig over, though the other staff members have had different starting positions. If you would like to dispute anything in this article, feel free to in the comments section below.

RawkHawk2010 was always pro-Trump in the staff, and formally expressed this when he returned to KoopaTV in early 2016.
KoopaTV had previously endorsed Rand Paul for the Republican nomination.
KoopaTV had previously endorsed Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.
Ludwig was supposed to endorse Gary Johnson as a Libertarian, but that didn't pan out.
Two weeks later, the Hillary Article Index is born!
Donald Trump became the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! The endorsement paid off.
Ludwig tries another hat on for size, because red hats are a bad thing...
Skip ahead to the 2020 presidential election, and KoopaTV endorses...


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