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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Version-exclusive Regular Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Now we know which version Rawk will get.

In last week's... wait, no, TWO WEEKS AGO's episode of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon news drop, we learned about some version differences: In-game events, and a whole 12 hour time-skip

But people still want to see something that's been missing, besides cover legends: Version-exclusive Pokémon. Because that will substantively affect your playthrough more than swapping Raticate for Yungoos in a boss fight, right? ...Despite the whole trading thing. Whatever. Just watch the info video. Version-exclusive announcements also means new Pokémon, so if you'll just trade through everything, you can at least appreciate the new announcement:

Coming to only Pokémon Sun:

Introducing Passimian, the Fighting-type lemur; and Lycanroc's Midday Forme!

What's Lycanroc? It's the wolf evolution to Rockruff, that otherwise forgettable Rock-type puppy. ...Actually, it's still forgettable, even if it evolves. Lycanroc also has a Midnight Forme, but only in Pokémon Moon. They have vast temperament differences, with the Midnight Forme looking like something out of Sonic Unleashed.

Meanwhile, Passimian is named after Prosimians, which are not monkeys with college degrees, but rather refers to lemurs. Rawk told me that — he's a huge fan of lemurs. Personally, I think it's a passable reference. Its name is also a reference to its new ability, Receiver, which has its fainted partner in a double battle transfer its ability to Passimian. Perhaps there will finally be a use for Final Gambit Shedinja?

Meanwhile, Pokémon Moon has Oranguru, a Normal/Psychic type. Oranguru is very sagely, and is obviously a guru of Oran Berries. Oranguru is also learning how to use human items, including Poké Balls:
Oranguru sometimes act on their own initiative and will use items that only humans normally use. From a Trainer’s perspective, they can be hard Pokémon to handle at times. Allegedly, there have been sightings of Oranguru using Poké Balls!”
I'd be mildly terrified of walking through a forest one day and see an Oranguru playing Pokémon GO, so I'll just avoid those kinds of areas.

Passimian Oranguru Pokémon Sun Moon version exclusives lemur orangutan
Left: Passimian, exclusive to Pokémon Sun.
Right: Oranguru, exclusive to Pokémon Moon.

Ah, but there are new FEATURES in this announcement, as well. ...And it's a good thing I put emphasis on “FEATURES” rather than “new”, because these really just return from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y with different names. These include customising your protagonist's look (which we already knew about...for months...), including hair, eyes, and clothing. It also includes Pokémon Amie, now rebranded as Pokémon Refresh.

Now instead of grinding your Pokémon with touch screen commands to make them do miracles in battle, you'll be cleaning them after dirty battles. This has the same happiness and miracle-making effect, and also can heal negative status effects. I wonder if your Pokémon will become clean again if you deposit them in the PC... or... the Pokémon Bank?

Speaking of which, Pokémon Bank is going to get updated for Pokémon Sun/Moon, and there will be some Pokédex feature that sounds like it should be there to begin with.

Pokémon Sun Moon hair customization trainer Alola long straight female girl
Long and straight hair is the correct hair choice for any female Pokémon Trainer.
You can be as great and good-looking as Champion Cynthia! (The trainer next chooses Blonde hair, so...)

Lastly, those Z-move things we mentioned once or twice are gonna have some Pokémon have EXCLUSIVE moves. Pikachu gets some thing where they toss the rat away into a garbage can, while Eevee will break Little Cup with EXTREME EVOBOOST.

Eevee Z-Move Extreme Evoboost Pokémon Sun Moon font summon
Oh... it's not all capitalised? Well, then, uh, Eevee will break Little Cup with Extreme Evoboost.

This move increases all of Eevee's stats SHARPLY. That's Attack, Special Attack, Defence, Special Defence, AND Speed! It's the ultimate stat-up move.

By the way, you realise that Eevee can learn Baton Pass? It's by level-up. It's destined to Baton Pass all of those boosts. Maybe you'll see Eevee with an Eviolite (Eevee-o-lite?) in mainstream competitive teams Baton Passing these boosts to a Pokémon of your choice. Perhaps a Mega Diancie, to take advantage of her Magic Bounce. That'll stop dudes trying to use Roar or Haze!

So, what have we learned? New, cool Pokémon designs. A deeper battle system, with even more possibilities. The possibilities for your own character have opened as well.

...OH! There was another bit of news before that KoopaTV didn't dedicate an article to. It was concerning more Ultra Beasts, which are ALSO version-exclusive. UB-02 Absorption (muscles dude) is exclusive to Pokémon Sun, and UB-02 Beauty (cutie) is exclusive to Pokémon Moon. These aren't Pokémon, so... no catching.

Ludwig is still quite confident in his early decision to choose Pokémon Moon. Vortexica pre-ordered Pokémon Moon back in August. Currently, the 3DS game Ludwig is slowly playing through is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Spirit of Justice, and you can see his updated progress on that, along with other games and events, on his Miiverse account at NNID PrinceOfKoopas.

Mega Diancie shows up in Capture the Confederate Flag, and dominates Arkansas to great effect. Imagine that with massive stat boosts!
Oranguru really bothers Girafarig.
The next info release is here, featuring the Starters again.


  1. I'm still going for Moon, too. The new Refresh feature seems interesting. It sounds like Pokémon Amie with a more practical use, especially if it means you don't have to use items to steal status ailments then.

    1. Personally, I didn't even use my items to restore status, unless it was the Poké Flute. I just let 'em stay like that.

      Not 'cause I'm CRUEL, but because I don't like using items if I feel like I don't have to. >_>;

      ...So yeah, this should make my Pokémon happier, for sure. Building a better relationship between me and them.

  2. Pokémon Moon continues to be the best out of the two versions. Lemurs are nothing compared to orangutans.

    1. Hm, best I get to this comment before Rawk does. He's pretty slow at responses, so...

      ...Anyway, you don't want to see Yungoos as the Totem Pokémon?

  3. Girafarig's dual typing gets overshadowed yet again. First Meloetta and now this orangutan.

    1. I did briefly think about Girafarig when I saw the Normal/Psychic typing.

      So you'll get Sun out of protest?

    2. Well my husband's name does translate to lion in English so might as well get the version with the lion on the cover. Nearly all my versions I buy are the "A" versions anyway with the exception of Leaf Green, Pearl and White 1/2 and also owning Crystal alongside Gold. (Never had the original first gen games as carts and not even as VC).

    3. (Doesn't seem like "nearly all" then...)

      Or your husband can get Sun, and you can get Moon.

    4. We only have one 3DS. He did briefly play Pearl for a while. Pokebank might help with the lack of second 3DS though. Might be fun to do a simultaneous run together.

    5. You're not using the 3DS all the time, right?

    6. I'm barely playing on it at all. Pregnancy fatigue is back in full force.

    7. So...then it'll work out. For the wrong reason, but...


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