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Monday, November 28, 2022

Join the Splatoon 3 Splatsville Showdowns (Dec 2022 and Jan 2023)!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - First NoA-sponsored non-invitational Splatoon 3 competitive event!

As 2022 is ending and 2023 will begin, I'm happy to discuss the newest collaboration between Nintendo of America and eSports platform Battlefy: the Splatoon 3 Splatsville Showdown! It'll happen on December 2–3, 2022 for Event 1, and then there is Event 2 on January 13–14, 2023. It takes place online. The events have the same ruleset and prizes, so you should see there being two events as two opportunities to win. (One Grand Prize per person.)

NintendoVS Splatoon 3 Splatsville Showdown 2022 2023 key art banner December January
Official NintendoVS banners for the two Splatoon 3 Splatsville Showdowns.

What can be won this time? Well, the Grand Prize (given to first and second place) involves a Splatoon 3 Splatsville Showdown Trophy, 10,000 My Nintendo Gold Points, a Splatoon 3 jacket, a Splatoon 3 backpack, a Splatoon 3 pin set, and Splatoon 3 tech decals. The First Prize (AKA third/fourth place) is the same, sans trophy and only 7,500 My Nintendo Gold Points, while Second Prize (AKA fifth/sixth/seventh/eighth place) gets First Prize but 5,000 My Nintendo Gold Points.

But I didn't mention Grand Prize's real gift, which skyrockets the ARV (approximate retail value) for the whole tournament into the tens of thousands of dollars: Each member of the Grand Prize-winning teams get one round-trip airline ticket to Boston, Massachusetts... or two tickets, if the winner is a minor and needs their legal parent or guardian to accompany them. They (and if a minor, their legal parent or guardian) also get three nights lodging in Boston at a nearby hotel.

So, what's in Boston? Nintendo refuses to provide actual dates for when this air travel and hotel stay would happen. However, they are willing to say that, in Boston, the teams “may be invited to participate in the Splatoon 3 North American Championship 2023 tournament!” It is my very well-educated guess that this mysterious Boston trip will be to the PAX East event, which traditionally occurs in Boston in March. (Note that Battlefy and Nintendo refuse to confirm the accuracy of my guess when presented with it.) There is also past pre-pandemic precedent of Nintendo flying out winners of Battlefy-hosted competitive events to PAX East. However, when Nintendo announced the Splatoon 3 Splatsville Showdown (November 14), PAX East 2023 still did not have an actual date yet. (Funny enough, ReedPop had given a date for E3 2023 in June 2023 by September 2022, but not for PAX East.)

However, days later on November 17, ReedPop announced PAX East 2023 would take place from March 23, 2023 to March 26, 2023. Nintendo would still say winners “may” be invited, since the PAX East 2023 schedule doesn't exist yet. It's possible that Nintendo won't be able to secure the Splatoon 3 North American Championship 2023 tournament happening at PAX East 2023, which might mean it just never exists, since there's no mention of this championship anywhere outside of this Battlefy event.

As for the competitions themselves, they're similar in format to what Nintendo and Battlefy have set up rather recently for Splatoon 2. The event takes place over two days. Day one is a ladder round, where over the span of three hours, you can choose how many matches you play (as long as it's a minimum of five) and are matchmade using a find battle button on when the time period opens. Since Splatoon tournaments are team-based, each team has a captain, which may be a different person than you, so the captain is the one pressing buttons. Once you're matchmade, your captain uses the match chat with the other team's captain and set up a Private Battle room which you'll all join. Play a best-of-three Turf War, have the team captain report the results on, and then repeat for the ladder period. The top 16 teams will then move on to the Bracket Round the next day.

Your ladder round performance will determine your bracket seeding—the team that had the best score will get the best seed. The single-elimination Bracket Round consists of best-of-five Anarchy Mode battles on stages that Nintendo/Battlefy will announce when the tournament occurs. The Bracket Round will move on to a Top 4 (which, if past is precedent, will be livestreamed by Nintendo of America) which is double-elimination. The top two scorers in the Top 4 will get that Grand Prize with the Boston trip, while the bottom two scorers will get the First Prize. The four teams who lost in quarter-finals of the Bracket Round will get that Second Prize, which is almost as good as the First Prize!

That's pretty much it. Be sure to join a team (or start one and get members) before the tournament begins. If you miss December's at the end of this week, you can still join January's. Note that Version 2.0.0 of Splatoon 3, featuring the new Chill Season 2022 and a slew of new weapons, balance changes, bug fixes, and Undertow Spillway in Turf War hopefully becoming a better stage, begins the night of November 29. You'll definitely want to become accustomed to how the competitive metagame changes because of this update before the tournament starts.

I'll write my thoughts on that patch in a separate article, after I've had enough time with it! But good luck in the tournament if you participate. It's free! But remember you need to register on

Ludwig himself isn't part of a team, and he doesn't plan to be. ...He's not good enough to carry your team, and in fact, he might need to be carried himself if he joined. If you ask him to be on your team, which many people already have, he'll likely decline. But he'll still monitor what happens with the Splatsville Showdown.

Intermission! There is a Turf War ladder-only event brought to you by NintendoVS and Battlefy in-between the December and January Showdowns: The Splatoon 3 Turf War December 2022!
The Splatsville Showdowns are done. Find out the winners and Ludwig's thoughts on them... and how they're based on skill.
Nintendo announced the Splatoon 3 North American Championship 2023 would be at PAX East a week before PAX East begun.
For the next competitive-based Splatoon 3 events sponsored by Nintendo, check out the Splatoon 3 Championship 2023 Qualifier Events in June 2023. Winning gets you to Nintendo Live 2023.

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