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Friday, November 11, 2022

Gimmighoul, the Tricky Devil, Tricks People Into Thinking It's Pokémon's First Mimic

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I don't like anything about Gimmighoul.

In a reveal quite reminiscent of Meltan's, Professor Willow (from Pokémon GO) and... Mr. Jacq (a Paldean biology teacher; not even a professor) had a recorded call together to discuss the common Gimmighoul (Chest Form) and the very rare and elusive Roaming Form Gimmighoul. It's so elusive it's never been caught before, and the Roaming Form's type, height, weight, and ability are listed as unknown question marks. Here's another video:

What is known about Gimmighoul is its Chest Form, where it hides inside a treasure chest and somehow uses “ghost energy to control its [ambush[ ] target, forcing them [person or Pokémon] to collect coins.” Because Greavard isn't enough of a Ghost-type menace. Its Chest Form is apparently infamous for being mistaken for a treasure chest full of actual valuables, as opposed to a housing for this tricky devil and its coin collection. And I do say tricky devil as a specific reference to the first boss of Dragon Quest XI: Tricky Devil. Check this out:

Tricky Devil emerges from treasure chest Dragon Quest XI gif

Tricky Devil ALSO likes to hide in treasure chests and playing pranks on people, and its design is quite reminiscent of Gimmighoul. Well, a better version of Gimmighoul. Same general shape and antennae, except Gimmighoul looks like an alpha-stage design without the colours or detail filled in. By the way, the official site specifically uses the phrase, “When Gimmighoul senses a person or Pokémon draw near, it ambushes them.” “Draw near?” That's a specific Dragon Quest phrase and reference!

Dragon Quest XI S Dundrasil ruins treasure chest
Say, you think a Gimmighoul could've been in that treasure chest?
Nevermind, that's a treasure chest from Dragon Quest XI S; quite similar environment than the one in the video above.
A better game than Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet will be.

Because it lives inside a treasure chest, you have some brain-broken people (perhaps under the influence of Gimmighoul's ghost energy?) claiming Gimmighoul is the Pokémon franchise's first, proper mimic (in the JRPG trope sense, not in the sense of Mr. Mime's occupation).

I made two MORE .gifs to demonstrate this:

Voltorb Poké Ball Mimic Kanto Power Plant Pokémon Red gif

Pokémon Black White Foongus Pokéball Mimic Route 10 gif

All items in the overworld are in the look of a Poké Ball in games like Pokémon Red or Pokémon White. BUT... as you can see, sometimes it's actually a wild Voltorb or Foongus and not a free item. That's the mimic archetype right there. A monster posing as an item but will actually fight you when you try to pick it up. And a Spore from Foongus or Self-Destruct from Voltorb could feasibly be quite dangerous. I wonder what crippling trick Gimmighoul may play.

Who will be the first one to catch a Roaming Form Gimmighoul? To be fair, you can't Mean Look or Arena Trap (Diglett IS confirmed to be in Paldea) a Gimmighoul, because Ghost types are immune to the effects of trapping conditions. So even if you think you're clever with that, Gimmighoul will still roam away. I guess you need to be lucky and accurate with your Poké Ball throwing.

If you think mimics can only take the form of those who hide out in treasure chests, then you're a mimic purist, which Ludwig clearly isn't. Are you aware of those form purist/rebel alignment chart memes? If you do disagree with Ludwig on what counts as a real mimic or not, you should make one of those that applies to the mimic archetype. Maybe even submit it as a guest post or guest art to KoopaTV.

And next week, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet have released.
Gimmighoul evolves into Gholdengo.


  1. I mean, in that sense yeah. And really it could be argued that they're not actually even a proper Mimic since they want to actually fill their chests with coins? But I do still like the idea of a treasure chest Pokemon, myself.

    1. Unique to this game is that beating wild Pokémon will have them drop things besides experience points, so maybe Gimmighoul drops very interesting materials.

    2. Oh? So that's how they're implementing the whole theme of the region being treasure. Interesting indeed. Well, my preorder is already all set, the game is downloaded and everything. I even finally at least REACHED Cynthia in Brilliant Diamond. I'm ready and raring to go!

    3. "reached" as opposed to... "defeated"? >_>

      Well, don't expect the staff here to be, uh, as enthusiastic as you are.

    4. Yeah, I couldn't get past her Milotic and I don't feel like grinding in that game more any time soon.

    5. So you didn't even get to Garchomp!

  2. Nearly fell over. I saw the words "trick" and Ghoul" and i thought this was ghost trick announcement.

    The Gimmighoul itself looks cute and unique, but the Chest form just looks bland., It would be better if the gold coin or whatever it has, was pokeball colored. That way, they could do the same trick they pulled in previous games but with a new Pokémon. They'd only have to do it once, since the Pokémon is supposed to be rare, but i think it's fun getting into surprise battles when you think you're just going to mindlessly collect items.

    1. I really want to know if Paldeans normally keep things in treasure chests anyway.

    2. Well, if you had the option to keep something in a drawer or a chest, which would you choose? I rest my case.

    3. I think you are just saying that to be funny. That is, your mind says drawer, but your heart says chest!

    4. This is how you get cursed in The Thousand-Year Door.

    5. Nah, the chest would need to specifically be painted black for that. ;)

    6. and you'd have to open it with a key! You don't have to lock a chest that stays in your house, you don't even need to open it. Just leave the stuff in there forever.

    7. That's how you end up with worlds where every chest can be opened with a universal "Chest Key", or without a key at all.

    8. Not to mention worlds where random adventurers think that it's totally legal to just walk into your house and take your stuff!

    9. Which is why mimics are so important. They're a defence!

      A locked door would also be a defence, but, eh.


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