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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Republicans Need to Get Rid of MIKE LINDELL

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The disastrous CEO of MyPillow.

You may know him as the MyPillow guy whom starts off his many advertisements with a friendly introduction: “Hello, I'm Mike Lindell, inventor of MyPillow!” KoopaTV was even “sponsored” by MyPillow back in 2018, and we also memed with Mike Lindell for a Splatfest. But by 2019, I was declaring that MyPillow is “a scam” and “their product sucks.” As of this year, I despise the Minnesotan CEO's commercials and think they make Fox News Channel nearly unwatchable—though he only sponsors their opinion content and not their news portions.

It's the Fox News opinion shows that President Donald John Trump is a fan of and watches often, and it turns out that Mike Lindell is a huge Trump supporter. In a display of nepotism, the President put Mike Lindell in charge of his re-election campaign for the state of Minnesota as of June 11, 2020. Does Mike Lindell have any political experience? No, but he keeps the President's favourite television shows on the air (after many other sponsors have left) and loves to speak his praises, so that's good enough. In return, Mike Lindell promised a landslide and had 100% confidence that the President would win Minnesota in 2020. After all, this was doable. Candidate Trump, after all, came within 1.5% (or around 45,000 votes) of Hillary Clinton in 2016, which is big for a state that hasn't voted for a Republican since 1972. This was also way closer than the 8 to 11 point loss that 2016's polls were projecting.

Of course, Mike Lindell's campaign management blew it, and the President lost Minnesota in 2020 by 7.2%, or over 230,000 votes. The President also lost several counties that he had won in 2016. While the President did get more raw votes in Minnesota than he did in 2016, his opponent, Joe Biden, did a much better job turning out the vote than Hillary Clinton did, which was what Mike Lindell was supposed to be doing. He actually lost by MORE points than what the polls were projecting (a Biden 3 to 6 percentage point victory)—and in almost every OTHER state, the polls were WRONG in how much they were projecting the President would lose by. (In other words, the polls were wrong everywhere, but only in Minnesota did Trump do worse than what the polls suggested, as opposed to do better than what the polls suggested.) You gotta be a special kind of screw up for that to happen. But it gets worse.

Donald Trump presidential elections in Minnesota results 2016 2020 margins Mike Lindell campaign manager Joe Biden Hillary Clinton
Clueless Mike Lindell caused President Donald John Trump to LOSE Minnesota in a landslide, not win.
For the future of the Republican Party, he needs to be ditched. Plus, his own character is quite poor...

Mike Lindell is apparently one of very few people who believe that there was so much voter fraud specifically in Minnesota that that's what could explain President Donald John Trump's loss. Not even the President, whom has filed many, many lawsuits in different states, has filed a lawsuit in Minnesota contesting the results or the vote.

We think it's fine for the President to sue everyone and demand recounts and investigate fraud allegations and voter irregularities. It undermines people's confidence in the elections for these to swirl around, but the court system is designed to have the truth come out. (Even if the truth is that the allegations are actually baseless and there's no evidence of them.) On a tactical level, there's a lot of reward and little risk for the President to do what he's doing, so it makes sense to just throw lawyers at things and see if anything sticks. Plus, it apparently helps him fund-raise.

Mike Lindell, however, is one of the last people who should be talking about fraud. Mike Lindell wasn't spending much of his time promoting a positive message about the President's accomplishments in the Minnesotan suburbs and really working to get out the vote and change people's minds. Instead, Mike Lindell was busy promoting the oleandrin poison from the toxic plant, oleander, as a Chinese Communist Party Virus miracle cure to the public, as well as to the President Donald John Trump administration and the Coronavirus Task Force. Similar to allegations of outcome-changing voter fraud in Minnesota (and so far, everywhere else), as well as claims that MyPillow has several health benefits backed up by a faked clinical study, Mike Lindell had no evidence for this cure working or even being safe. But medical people will tell you to stay away from poisonous plants, and the United States Food and Drug Administration rejected Phoenix Biotechnology Inc's application for oleandrin to be able to be marketed as a dietary supplement (because the company also wants it to be a clinical drug and it can't be both... and the FDA has doubts about its safety). As of publishing, the therapeutics and vaccines in development don't use oleandrin. By the way, Mike Lindell is on the board of that company, and was on the board prior to his claims about oleandrin being a CCP Virus cure. I don't usually embed videos from FAKE NEWS CNN, but Anderson Cooper does a good job giving the story on Mike Lindell in this extended and wide-ranging interview, and you can see just what kind of person Mike Lindell is:

What's the difference between when Republicans say there is malfeasance when Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, got on the board of a shady Ukraine oil and gas company despite having no qualifications for it, versus President Donald John Trump's big donor, Mike Lindell, getting on the board of a shady American pharmaceutical company despite having no qualifications for it? Sure, one's a foreign company and one's a domestic company, but they're both unqualified people with no useful skills (and coincidentally were both cocaine/drug addicts) besides having connections to people in power at the highest levels of government to influence some kind of hot-button policy.

Yes, shame on President Donald John Trump for providing Mike Lindell this kind of power, but now there is an opportunity for the Republican Party to get rid of grifters and incompetent people. Everything about Mike Lindell is designed to tug at the average Republican—Christian, a fan of the American dream, loves a comeback story—and then get at their money without delivering beneficial results. He's a con artist.

You could interpret this article as KoopaTV calling for Mike Lindell to be cancelled, but he's free to keep running his company. He's even free to single-handedly keep Fox News Channel afloat, though his ads should be less annoying and more honest. This is for the good of the Republican Party and the whole United States of America. Note that Ludwig partly blames Mike Lindell for the President losing his re-election, and Ludwig endorsed President Donald John Trump and urged readers to vote for him.

Ludwig is fine with people making claims without immediately presenting evidence, but they ought to back it up at least later. And not make evidence up.
This is the closest you're going to get to a dedicated KoopaTV article about the election being rigged.

All of those lawsuits went nowhere, and Joe Biden is the next president of the United States.


  1. hahaa sucka mike flinder lose!

    1. I'd think you'd be happy that I wrote an article dedicated to attacking a Republican.

  2. I agree, and it's such a shame too. Hopefully Biden keeps his unity promise, and denounces AOC's 'hitlist'
    I've only just discovered KoopaTV and I love it, but there needs to be more articles detailing the unjust horrors of Shigeru Miyamoto.

    1. Joe Biden will only keep his promise if the Republicans win a Georgia senate seat in January. Though I don't think AOC's list is gonna get anywhere.

      We also have lots and lots of articles about Miyamoto. One of my favourites was this one:
      But there's lots and lots more. Probably less and less as time goes on because his role is doing less and less as he's getting closer to retirement. Now he just shows up in the corporate management Q&A with Nintendo investors and makes no sense.

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