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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 now available...!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The PlayStation 5 is not actually available in Europe yet, but whatever.

I had a thought to title this article, “Reasons why you should buy an Xbox Series X|S and/or PlayStation 5 at launch” and then just have a blank article. However, another KoopaTV staffer (Kamek, returning from his honeymoon) said I'm actually obligated to talk about the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 5 instead of publish a gag article. Besides, scalping (buying and then reselling a product to someone else at a higher price because there is more demand than there is supply) is a good reason to buy them at launch, so the truth is that it shouldn't be totally blank.

I've already declared that I'm not buying into either of these. But that's not very interesting to talk about.

Neither the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series have compelling launch titles, so there's no reason to get them at launch. What does exist is also available on consoles from the previous generation.

For Microsoft, I have the impression that they don't really care if you get their new console(s), which is why trying to figure out the differences between them is so confusing, especially on naming. They just want you to have a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass with whatever platform you choose. (And you can have that on an Xbox One as well as an Xbox Series, with Microsoft making no distinction on their website besides “Xbox Console” vs. PC vs. mobile.) Xbox's presentation for the Xbox Series gave a very “stick to your Xbox One” impression. The Xbox Series X is $500 and the Xbox Series S is $300.

For Sony, they wanted to make a big distinction between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, deeming the difference to be a seismic generational shift. This was laughable and mocked. They tried again a few months later, which made it very obvious that there is no compelling game at launch that would make you want to get a PlayStation 5... well, certainly not in 2020 and probably not for most of 2021, either.

Both consoles have a bias against owning physical games. The whole Xbox Game Pass strategy is digital distribution. The PlayStation 5 has a Digital model at $100 less ($400) that retains the same power as the full-priced PlayStation 5 ($500) with a disc drive. That's just the way all the console manufacturers are doing it nowadays.

This article could've gone by a lot faster and provide approximately the same message if it was just a blank gag article. That's truth and levity, folks, besides the scalping point. Still, you can comment in the comments section if you agree or disagree with the logic presented in this article, or if you're disturbed by Ludwig's increasingly vocal pro-scalping stance. By the way, KoopaTV is probably more friendly towards Microsoft than Sony, for a variety of reasons. Ludwig doesn't care about the graphical performance differences between the consoles.


  1. I don't like the digital approach, I like things that I can hold, and it's fun to build a sort of collection. Regardless, I wouldn't buy anything at launch that's this expensive. I'll wait until they release PaRappa 3.

    1. Right, you gotta pay a premium if you want a non-digital collection.
      PaRappa The Rappa 3 might never happen, so you might skip out entirely!

    2. Based on the failure that was project rap rabbit, I guess people aren't clamoring for PlayStation rhythm games. I mean why shoot some generic enemy in the face, when you could rap with onions and chickens over who gets to use the toilet first?

    3. I dunno, see below Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory comment. That'll probably sell!

  2. People need their Xbox Series X|S and/or PlayStation 5 for the eventual Kingdom Hearts mainline sequel that will still have Disney not have a point in the main storyline.

    1. The keyword there is "eventual"...!

      Certainly not at launch. Instead, you get KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory. ...On Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (and Switch). Nothin' 'bout Series X|S or PS5!


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