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Friday, November 6, 2020

Glastrier and Spectrier: The Dangerous Tundran Horses!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Spectrier is problematic, and in a familiar equine way.

You may remember KoopaTV's write-up on the Pokémon Sword-exclusive Pokémon Galarian Ponyta. We raised attention to the fact that Galarian Ponyta absorbs surrounding life energy for its own beautification, which basically makes Galarian Ponyta a destructive and vain monster. Unfortunately, Galar is a very cursed place, and there are more life-destroying horses around... Legendary ones, too. And they're above ground and wreaking havoc. (Unlike the other Legendary Pokémon that are stuck in cavernous dens.)

There is an area of Galar called the Crown Tundra. Why is it a tundra? Because a ruffian Pokémon called Spectrier—the Swift Horse Pokémon—went around and “absorb[ed] ambient life-force emitted by other creatures.” Sounds very similar to Galarian Ponyta, except a lot more intense. The Crown Tundra used to be an area called the Crown Plains, with lots of forestry and greens and grass and wildlife and ruled by the King Pokémon, Calyrex. That is obviously no longer the case.

Pokémon Sword Shield Spectrier appears Crown Tundra life force energy background
Spectrier is responsible for absorbing all of the life energy in Freezington!
Everything is dead. (It must've been named Freezington after this happened.)

There is also another horse, Glastrier, but other than it being wild and chilling, it doesn't seem particularly malicious. Just very cold. ...It's probably responsible for freezing much of the tundra, although perhaps inadvertently. Still, all of these horses aren't very good mates to have around, except Mudsdale. I may like Pocket Card Jockey, but it's pretty clear that the horses like Galarian Ponyta and Spectrier are destructive monsters and should be locked up somewhere. Not getting new plushies, that's for sure.

Compare these Legendary life-wrecking horses to some other Legendary Pokémon, like to the wonderful vegetation-growing Tapu Bulu, whom is a perfect bovine and should probably be worshiped and revered. Bovine are much better friends than horses. Comment in the comments section if you (dis)agree.

The cold climate is harming cows, even freezing them!
Gen 9 has life-force-absorbing dogs.


  1. Thankfully there is an option to have oxen drawn carts instead. My best friend was bitten by a horse and was hospitalized. I guess there is something to your claim that bovines are better friends.

    1. Also my mother compared me to a cow. Normally women hate being compared to cows for some reason but not me. I pumped up loads of milk for Squirmy and I was likened to a cow for that. What a compliment.

    2. What a heart-warming scenario~! :D

  2. looks like where i live rn


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