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Friday, July 31, 2020

Ring Fit Adventure Quick Play mode to get your Core Into Shape... Sorta says my Chiropractor?!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - ...Well, the Ring Fit Adventure part is all me.

Along with emotional pain (not to mention events in the Super Smash Bros. community), the month of July has also been one of a lot of physical pain. Specifically in my lower back (back bone), neck, and shoulders. Having a shell complicates a lot of things. Therefore, I started seeing a chiropractor for the first time in my life.

Basically, since I've been so sedentary, my brain kind of stopped sending any activity to my spinal cord, and my body has just been deteriorating, and that causes pain. I'm also a natural stiff, and my muscles aren't relaxed.

Along with doing “adjustments” or “spinal manipulations” (making really loud cracking sounds as my joints are moved in dramatic ways, though it's not painful) via regular visits, the chiropractic doctor says I should regularly be doing exercises in my “core” so my brain remembers it exists again, and then I'll be able to help myself. He suggested consulting YouTube for examples. But I noted I have something better: Ring Fit Adventure!

Paper Mario The Origami King Picnic Road Green Toad flagpole works the core
Going up and down a flagpole is what passes as viral core exercise content right now in the Mushroom Kingdom.
I don't think that's the best approach! (Especially since that evil Mario apparently suggested it.)

By the way, the only reason that I've been so sedentary is because I STOPPED playing Ring Fit Adventure by the end of April 2020 to save the Extra Fitness post-game content for 2021 (the year when the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will actually be heldI'm participating as a member of Team Koopa), and you people should've told me in the comments section that was a bad idea. Instead, that article got zero comments and no feedback, so I've basically undone all of the benefits of months of playing Ring Fit Adventure to get in shape, and ended up worse than when I started.

King Dad has noticed that I've stopped playing Ring Fit Adventure, and he's upset that I've stopped exercising. He's even more upset that I'm re-exercising only because I'm paying a chiropractor to tell me to do that, instead of listening to Lord Bowser's free advice.

When you start up Ring Fit Adventure, there is a Quick Play mode with many options. One of those are Sets based on different body regions. Sure enough, there is a Core Set. Each Set has a Casual mode and a Hardcore mode.

Ring Fit Adventure Quick Play Core Set
Yeah! This looks exactly like what the chiropractor ordered!
(I wonder if he would want me to try the Back Set and Shoulders Set too?)

I went with Casual first, because I've been rusty for three months. Casual Core Set has:
  1. Bow Pull (x8)
  2. Overhead Lunge Twist (x8)
  3. Pendulum Bend (x8) 
  4. Seated Ring Raise (x22) 
  5. Russian Twist (x22)
That was actually pretty nice. I was expecting a lot worse (compare to the Core Set Fitness Gym in World 21 at level 30 difficulty, featuring 40 Bow Pulls to start off with), but this only took a couple of minutes. I got an average score of 98 points.

Well... let's see what Hardcore Core Set has.

Ring Fit Adventure Quick Play Core Set hardcore difficulty mode exercises
I articulated an expletive that I won't repeat on the website when I saw there are TEN activities.
Even the nastiest Fitness Gyms in Adventure Mode only got up to six.

  1. Bow Pull (x16)
  2. Overhead Lunge Twist (x16)
  3. Pendulum Bend (x14)
  4. Seated Ring Raise (x36)
  5. Plank (x14)
  6. Russian Twist (x36)
  7. Hip Lift (x14)
  8. Knee Lift (x36)
  9. Warrior III Pose (x12)
  10. Revolved Crescent Lunge Pose (x12)
Alright... Hardcore Core Set was far more difficult than Casual Core Set. I actually worked up a hardcore core sweat! And got an average score of 97 points, mostly driven down by Hip Lift's wonky detection.

I guess if I do the Hardcore Core Set every day for the rest of my life, I'll probably solve my back issues. ...And maybe I'll do the other sets if a doctor tells me I have problems elsewhere in my body. Yeah, that's a very reactionary mindset, but there's just so much to consider I think it's more efficient to wait for someone to tell me to do something.

By the way, nothing in Quick Play is recorded to your Ring Fit Adventure profile. You don't even get to select it—the playable character has a randomly-decided gender/skin colour.

If you DO want your actions associated with your profile, you should instead look to Custom Mode instead of Quick Play. Custom does associate with your profile, and from what I can tell, it will, unless you define your own “playlist”, randomly generate a Core (or whatever) activity “playlist”. These can even include minigames. This random generation will be different every time you try it, so maybe that's the more fun approach if I get bored of the Hardcore Core Set?

For your information, Ludwig isn't going to write about him doing Core exercises every week on KoopaTV, so expect Fridays to still be normal articles. But also expect Ring Fit Adventure to be at the top of Ludwig's most recently played games again if you're his Switch friend. Let Ludwig know if you have any tips or suggestions on how to take care of himself. ...Though make sure that they can also apply to Koopa anatomy and not just human anatomy. (...Though Ring Fit Adventure itself makes no attempt to claim it's appropriate for non-humans.) By the way, Ring Fit Adventure is allegedly becoming more and more in stock at retailers.

Anyone who was Ludwig's Switch friend could obviously see that he didn't touch Ring Fit Adventure since July 2020. That's changing in January 2021.
For much more detail on Custom mode and its Fitness Lists, click here.
Ludwig later goes to physical therapy.


  1. We gamers are usually a sedentary bunch, you know. Not sure what you were expecting, though I do applaud all of the Ring Fit Adventure content you've covered.

    1. Why can't my body just maintain the status quo if I do nothing? >_>

    2. Heyy lheticus you are shit mate

    3. Sam wtf stop harassing other commenters.

      Quite frankly I expected you'd harass me and not them. >.>

    4. ...Eh.

      Well, I'm not gonna DELETE the comments or CENSOR them because KoopaTV is dedicated to FREE SPEECH, but there are advantages to a non-toxic comments section.

  2. Hey mate my back hurts cause of the amount of sports i play so ouch !!! Hurts!!! My knees also might go out and I have has lots of concussions !!! Not good !!!i might die young cuz of cte.

    1. You could adjust to non-head-involving sports if you're scared of CTE. Baseball is great if you ever wanna try a USA sport.

      I actually thought being in top physical condition would be a preventing factor for back pain. Is likelihood of back pain a bell curve, measured from zero physical activity to tremendous physical activity?

    2. Im not scared I already have it. Baseball trash boring sport. My back hurts because it just do ouch !! Im not scientist i dont knoww why .

    3. ...oh. ...Yikes. ;-;

      Uh... are YOU seeing a doctor/chiropractor regarding your pain? (They might know science too.)

    4. No i just deal with it

    5. ...C'mon, with your Canadian healthcare system there's no need for you to deal with it all by yourself...!


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