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Friday, January 13, 2023

Trying Nintendo of Europe's Ring Fit Adventure Custom Fitness List

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - This is way more like it. Let's exercise to that!

Last week, I wrote about the scandals surrounding Nintendo (of America) releasing an article about getting moving and energetic with a certain list of videogames. This list went out of its way to omit Ring Fit Adventure (a prior version of the list in 2021, which served as the first draft of the 2023 list, included Ring Fit Adventure).

I'm very pleased that Nintendo (of Europe) listened to the message of my article that was critical of their American counterpart, and this week, they published this article: “Kick-start the year and get moving with Nintendo Switch Sports and Ring Fit Adventure”. This article went into significantly more depth about getting active with only those two games, Nintendo Switch Sports and Ring Fit Adventure. Nintendo correctly identified Ring Fit Adventure as the “more intensive” and “full-body” option, and also advocated for people to try out the Overhead Press, the Wide Squat, the Leg Raise, and the Mountain Climber exercises.

It's very good that Nintendo (in Europe, anyways) continues to advertise and promote Ring Fit Adventure, which is still a fantastic Japanese roleplaying game controlled with actual, physical fitness exercises and movements. While the game doesn't appear to be on sale at this moment in Europe, it somehow was on sale in select retailers last week while Nintendo (of America) refused to promote it. I managed to convince fellow KoopaTV staffer Witch Princess to buy Ring Fit Adventure at one of those select retailers. She hasn't played it yet because she's had a bad hip, and I know from experience that exercising—and you should consider playing Ring Fit Adventure to be exercise—with a bad hip is a bad idea.

But since she won't, I will. I'll play in Custom Mode with the four exercises, in that order, that Nintendo of Europe suggested in their article!

Before creating and starting the Custom playlist, I got 500 reps in Multitask Mode that I donated to a fellow on the Fediverse that just completed Ring Fit Adventure's Adventure mode for the first time. That's the mode that is the JRPG. Custom is just the exercises without the RPG part, though the reps you do are still added to your character save file and still contribute to earning Titles (achievements).

I then made my playlist of Overhead Press, Wide Squat, Leg Raise, and Mountain Climber. The first three are set to 20 reps (the maximum, and the default; the other options are 8, 10, 14, and 16) while Mountain Climbers are set to 50 (again, the maximum and default; the other options are 20, 28, 34, and 42). Let's note that these maximums are much lower than what Ring Fit Adventure expects you to do when playing Adventure mode's Fitness Gyms, if you play that at Level 30 (the highest difficulty) like I did. It'd be 30 instead of 20, and 60 instead of 50. The leniency of the score calculation and amount of time you need to hold a pose in for one repetition is also easier.

Ring Fit Adventure Custom Fitness List Wide Squat change reps
Perhaps I should've taken the opportunity to set the number of Wide Squat reps to a lower number...

Every time you start a Custom mode list, you'll be asked to do a Dynamic Stretch. Doing one of these is greatly appreciated, especially when I've otherwise done no physical exercise or activity today. That said, when I was doing the Ring Fit Adventure Game Gym Minigame Tier List, I set each of the 12 minigame activities as its own list, so the game wanted me to Dynamic (and later Static) Stretch that many times. I only did it once.

Twenty Overhead Presses are fairly trivial, and I got a perfect 100 point average. You stand up straight, hold the Ring-Con above your head, and... press. It works your upper arms and chest, and is considered an Arms Fit Skill ...And then the Wide Squats came. Wide Squats are Squats... but more difficult because your legs are wider (still works your legs and glutes). I did the first Wide Squat... and immediately following it, my left hip started reacting in PAIN. Same with the second. Around the ninth one, my muscles or bones or whatever were making CRACKING noises. But I got to the end of the 20 reps with a 98-point average...which is significantly higher than what I'd do in Adventure mode. Again, Custom scoring is way more lenient and easier than the highest difficulty of Adventure.

Leg Raise has one discard the Ring-Con entirely in favour of sitting on the floor and lifting your legs up. It's helpful to have a cushion to sit on. I also got a perfect 100-point average score on Leg Raise, which is considered an Abs Fit Skill (not Legs) because it works your Abs and Core. And that leaves the 50 Mountain Climbers, which transitions from not holding the Ring-Con but looking at the monitor to not even looking at the monitor because you're on your feet and hands and your head is looking down anyway (and, of course, still not holding the Ring-Con). Actually, it's sort of strange that half of Nintendo (of Europe)'s suggested exercises don't incorporate the Ring-Con, and that they omit the Yoga Fit Skill category entirely. Mountain Climbers are a Leg Fit Skill that works your legs and upper arms, since you're aerobically extending and contracting your legs. I got a relatively poor 91-point average, which is a mere B rank. (98 to 100 were all S ranks.) It's difficult to know why I was getting sub-100 scores because I can't even look at the monitor while doing the Fit Skill.

At the end, I went through the Static Stretch routine, and the game told me my total time exercising was 4 minutes and 56 seconds, and that I lost 23.88 calories. Neither of those numbers are accurate (exercising omits the stretching time, for one), and much more real-time passed than five minutes given that I was busy writing stuff and taking small breathing and hydration breaks between the exercises and sometimes in the middle of them. I guess I should emphasise that Nintendo never suggested to actually do these four particular Fit Skills as their own exercise routine or in that order. Like, ending with Mountain Climbers is just goofy. It should end with a Yoga Skill and then transition that to the Static Stretching. But at least it did work my arms, chest, and legs. Ring Fit Adventure can do that for you, too, if you buy it (physical-only). That applies no matter where you are, and it also applies to Ring Fit Adventure's full price.

Ludwig was just looking for any excuse to publish a Fitness Log on a Friday... which you could say is a KoopaTV Fitness Friday in 2023. If you give him suggestions for custom fitness routines, he'll do them and probably dedicate article space to them. He'd enjoy that.


  1. More Ring Fit Adventure content?? Wow I cannot believe it. This must be a delayed Christmas miracle. I didn't know you could donate reps, what's the fediverse, is that a real thing?

    1. In other news I've started Pikmin 3 on ultra spicy mode and I think binging all the missions helped because I feel extremely efficient. I may even replay the game on normal mode just to see how much more I can do with a longer timespan and gained experience.

    2. Yeah, read up on my article on Multitask Mode. Donating reps (and you can donate them to yourself as well) gives the recipient money, experience points, smoothies, and ingredients, based on the number of reps being donated (it's always better to work out to the cap of 500). This is actually a very good way to get EXP in the early-game and money in the late-game.

      The Fediverse is a very decentralised social media platform.

      Did Ultra Spicy mode make you want to join Team Spicy?

    3. Ah thanks for the info

      No it did not, and I finished it quicker than the other two modes from the game. Honestly, I am beyond ready for Pikmin 4. I predict they will have Pikmin themed splatfests when the game releases.

    4. Well, Red vs Blue vs Yellow Pikmin is pretty much a repeat of Grass vs Fire vs Water Pokémon, so you'd need another idea.

      I think it's decently likely they'll do a Swords vs. Lances vs. Axes Splatfest to celebrate the return of the weapon triangle in Fire Emblem: Engage.


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