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Monday, January 23, 2023

My Sephiroth amiibo arrived! Photos inside!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - He's so... cool!

On January 13, 2023, Nintendo released the amiibo for Sephiroth and Kazuya Mishima Wins. I don't care about the latter: It's Sephiroth I'm after. So I ordered his amiibo from Amazon, and even though they said it'd be delivered the first week of February, I just received it over the weekend. I now have a Sephiroth amiibo! He's really cool, and contrary to an image someone showed me to dissuade me from buying a Sephiroth amiibo, his face doesn't look horrible. Looks normal! And just like his official artwork, he has one wing.

Sephiroth amiibo face eyes close-up real photo picture
Sephiroth looks fine. Dazzingly handsome, even.

Not only does Sephiroth ooze cool, he can be used as a Figure Player (or FP) in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! Now, he's not a world-destroyer right away... not for a long time, in fact. Not by publishing this article, either. He's been nothing but humiliated for a while, in fact. I even edge-guarded him with Little Mac (and I don't mean my amiibo Little Mac), which given how Sephiroth's recovery works, I wouldn't recommend doing in a real fight.

Sephiroth Figure Player FP amiibo menu screen Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
I nicknamed my Sephiroth amiibo Sephiroth, because getting him feels like catching a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon, and I never nickname those.
Note Sephiroth's lack of a wing as a Figure Player in this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screen.

Anyway, I'm happy. If you want your own Sephiroth amiibo, they're sold out in many places. (Kazuya Mishima Wins is in greater stock.) So... maybe that'll change with greater supply in the future. Here's some more pictures in a collage:

Sephiroth amiibo photos from front back side angle view Cloud Strife
Oh, did I mention I got a Cloud amiibo a while ago?
You can adjust the placement of Sephiroth's sword, Masamune, to go in-between his hair locks or outside of his hair altogether.
...Masamune has to bend a bit for the latter, though. (The default is between Sephiroth's hair, which doesn't seem safe for the hair.)
Sephiroth's wing also has some minor movement flexibility, but it's revert back to form.

Just don't look at the Sephiroth amiibo from this angle:

Sephiroth amiibo under beneath jacket pole support column beam structure butt underwear pants
This pole is actually not going into Sephiroth's butt, but is in fact more like a snug stool.
If you looked at it from a more proper angle, you'd see that.

Sephiroth and Cloud will stand next to one another on Ludwig's amiibo shelf, eternally hating one another's presence. Cloud must have been much happier without Sephiroth, though he'll continue to be happier than Sephiroth because Cloud's amiibo doesn't require a support pole, unlike Sephiroth and his comparatively scrawnier legs.


  1. I think both his face and Clouds look a bit uncanny valley, but it could just be the lighting. Some things will never look right unless you are actually holding them in your hand. Having said that, i wonder how many more amibo Nintendo will end up making. The only thing i can see is more special variants of already existing characters, or amibo for side characters. All the main characters are pretty much already done with. Although, if they continue to sell as well as they have been, I'm sure Nintendo will figure out some way to continue pumping them out.

    1. I'm still upset that Nintendo of America's amiibo site ( hasn't been updated in years. Shows how little they care.


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