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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Pokkén Tournament DX Full Version/Sale Available for Limited Time

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Alright...

You always could, and still can, download a limited demo of Pokkén Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch. It features a tutorial and the ability to play 15 battles—with a computer player and/or a local friend. Once you pass that, your demo is useless. The demo only has the ability to play as (normal) Pikachu, Empoleon, and Charizard, with the only support sets being Snivy+Lapras, and Reshiram+Cresselia. (Lady Cresselia is fantastic, of course.) You could see me having this tutorial early on in my Switch-owning career.

But now Nintendo is making available, for less than seven days, the full version of Pokkén Tournament DX, where everything is selectable for as many battles as you want. This even includes things like a full title screen animation, minor character customisation, and story mode. You just need to be a Nintendo Switch Online member.

It also features an advertisement for buying the DLC before you can actually start playing anything.

Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack waves Aegislash Blastoise Rayquaza Mimikyu Mew Celebi
Nia, for your information, is the in-game tutorial lady. She has really nice hair.
But her constant repetitive commentary is irritating.
I wouldn't give her any Levity points in the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program.
Why does Blastoise have such long limbs?

That's not a great experience. Huge turn-off, actually. I suppose when they'd normally advertise the DLC, it'd be right after you bought the game—and maybe right after you've spent money you're at the most ripe opportunity to be up-sold to spend even more money, though just a lesser amount than the big purchase you just spent. Think poorly negotiated minor add-ons after you decide to buy a car. What's a few hundred dollars for this seemingly useful feature after you've put down thousands? In this case, the Battle Pack is $15.

Much like when Nintendo did this with Splatoon 2 three months ago, the base game is 30% off during the demo time period and for the week after. Though that demo excluded the story mode. It's slightly difficult to justify the single-player mode in Pokkén Tournament DX as a “story mode”, but Nintendo is doing the right thing by not blocking it off. Online multiplayer isn't as populated as Splatoon 2's is, however. Uh... by the way, the single-player mode has HORRIBLE voice-acting. Here's an example (with commentary added in by someone who isn't me), which made me stop playing this game, quite frankly:

I don't really understand the game's rankings after the battle. I can get a perfect match against the computer player (no damage taken) and I get poor ranks for Offense and Defense in Battle Results. Why? Is it because they don't like my awesome battle technique?

Pokkén Tournament DX Tutorial press this button over and over again
Spamming random face buttons WORKS. At least against computer players. Nia's best advice.

Anyway, it's not like this game offends me for existing like ARMS does. It's just totally not my style of game, with the very button-specific combos and stuff.

Pokkén Tournament DX Nintendo Switch Machamp synergy burst attack Charizard
I can't complain too much about a game that gives me ample opportunity to obliterate that overrated Charizard.
(Though if Charizard wasn't overrated, it wouldn't show up in this game to begin with...Which is what I'd prefer...)

Ludwig didn't have exhilarating fun with Pokkén Tournament DX and its free version, but, whatever, he has plenty of opportunities for fun in his life with the games he has already mentioned just this week. He also associates Gengar in this game with disgraced Super Smash Bros. community member D1, so that doesn't help. You can feel free to remark about the game in the comments section, or try convince Ludwig you have better hair than Nia. Oh, and if you do want to buy a game on sale, check out the games here that Ludwig name-drops that are on sale for the rest of this month...


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