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Friday, February 18, 2022

Ring Fit Adventure Fitness Log Week 64: A Trainer is like a Tailor

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - They both make you fit.

Welcome to this week in KoopaTV Fitness Friday, where I'll try to spare you snow-related rants. I guess snow is better than fog. Unfortunately, the world we'll play in today, World 64: Fitness Master Lv. 358, is a snow world—different than the green fields of World 63 last week. Fortunately, we don't have to shovel it. Unfortunately, we went from the world that World 64 is based on, World 41: Extra Fitness Lv. 251 and its “Field Day” of a bunch of returning NPCs with unique dialogue hosting events (which actually have gameplay implications), to... Ring saying this generic stuff and no other dialogue until the boss at the end of the world.

Ring Fit Adventure World 64 Fitness Master Lv. 358 worked really hard appreciate improvement
Ring's other dialogue here was “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single rep!” (The quotation marks were included.)
No other dialogue until the boss fight, so the other screenshots will be...uh...sparse.

With the idea of amusing dialogue but a memory (or I could go play the Triangle Strategy demo?) I went to the first course, Shivering Valley. Cold indeed. Mostly a flight level, with ground segments just to have monster fights (there's no aerial fighting in this game). The second monster group dropped a Garnet stone, which is good, because back in Extra Fitness once the bosses and gyms started dropping Rose Quartz, I was missing the Garnet I needed all the way until Fitness Master began. Case in point: There's an unmissable Treasure Chest after that monster fight and before the last (and fourth) flight segment containing... a Rose Quartz!

The next course is the Wintry Watchtower, which really does involve a tower (and climbing it). Midway through the trek was a Treasure Chest containing one Dragon Fruit. I completed the course and got access to Town and General Store Number 58, and it turns out that that last Garnet I just picked up randomly is the last Garnet I'll ever need! And now I'm 98% done with both my Tops and Shoes clothing Catalog, but only 95% done with my Bottoms clothing Catalog. That difference is from me needing Rose Quartz (and Zircon). I'm sure I'll collect a lot of the former in this world. Let's continue south towards some overworld Treasure Chests. The first contained stones... but they were two Amethysts, which are unnecessary. And now I gotta do an Aerochute (Advanced) Game Gym. At least it's only night-time there and not foggy, and the reward is five Black Tea Leaves, good for some money-doubling Black Tea. Also, somehow I got a new record of 4,850 points, up from 4,800. I guess the maximum is 4,900, but they're all S ranks.

That gave me access to a second overworld Treasure Chest containing one Strength Drink, and yet another Game Gym... for Core Crushing (Novice). Why Novice at this stage? Because it's in FOG... Ugh. So much for my opening about snow being better than fog. Doesn't matter when it's foggy anyway. The fog doesn't make much of an impact despite the robots that need to be crushed coming from the background—the minigame's terrible controls are the issue. I only got 10,300 points, but that's still enough for a passing A rank and to earn one Rose Quartz stone. I used it to buy the Arms Master III shirt, and now I'm 99% done with the Tops Catalog—and I've bought every single Top from the General Store, so I suppose the last outfit is a late-game story event.

Anyway, this gave me free access to using the warp portal at the bottom left corner of the overworld map to warp to the area at the top right, which features a four Rare Hoplin fight for EXP, as well as Snowflurry Valley. There's a distinctly unpleasant mix of fog and snow. (I was going to include a screenshot, but it's almost exactly the same screenshot as the first time we went through this, in World 18: The Iceman Flexeth.) After clearing the Valley there's another overworld Treasure Chest with a Defense Drink, and behind that is the Shoulders Set Fitness Gym offering 500 coins for an A rank. Let's...try it as the last thing today...

  1. Overhead Arm Spin (x60)—I quickly got the best Title for Overhead Arm Spin because it's an easy-to-do five-range Arms Fit Skill. But I haven't done it for a long time because I've wanted to build up my Bow Pull rank. So I started off getting 100s and then slowly drifted my average score down to 90s... and then lower... You really gotta make exaggerated movements with the Ring-Con.
  2. Shoulder Press (x40)—Shoulder Presses are a legitimately good work-out. Put the Ring-Con on your shoulder and press it down with the arm on that shoulder. But as a Fit Skill it's healing, so we never use it in-game. 20 reps per side.
  3. Hinge Pose (x28)—Before I was saying Hinge Pose is buggy and bad, but since I've incorporated it into my standard Fit Skill repertoire, I've learned the key is to make sure the Ring-Con is exactly perpendicular to the floor, or parallel to your other hand touching the floor. In other words, straight up... and then hinge it down. Then it works.
  4. Standing Forward Fold (x16)—Well, I got 1/100 points on the first four of these, and then I paused and redid the calibration and got 100/100 on the remaining twelve. So I'm wondering why the game even let me start it. One of the more poorly programmed Fit Skills in this game, but it's never seen outside of these Fitness Gyms because it's healing.
  5. Warrior II Pose (x28)—Welcome back, Warrior II Pose. Lovely to finish with ya.

I got an average score of 94 points, which is good enough to pass. Fine with me! I stopped for the Sunday.

Back on Monday to... Freezing Freeway. Seems cold. But if that was uninviting, there's the next course, Rail to the Chief, which is... worse, despite not promising to be cold in the name (though it is). It's full of Squat-, Back Press-, and Chair Pose Hold-powered railcarts that lead to the next course (the chief's place). There's also a missable Deep Red Smoothie treasure chest if you really suck at making a jump.

Ring Fit Adventure Chair Pose Hold Rail to the Chief

The next—and penultimate for World 64—course is the Chief's Foyer, which is a miniboss fight with no dialogue associated with it. There's miniboss music! Anyway, the opponents are the Garnet Pitbell and a Dark Scuttlebell+. You can hit both foes with a three-range Fit Skill... or you can ignore the Dark Scuttleknell and just focus on pwning Garnet Pitbell because the fight ends when it's knocked out. And... with a smoothie like the Deep Red Smoothie while wearing an outfit like the Arms Master III or the Flame Contender III, I actually 3RKO'd the Garnet Pitbell with one-range Red Fit Skills. Sure, there was a SUPER ATTACK I had to MEGA AB GUARD (and even though I kind of dropped the Ring-Con for the first several seconds, I still properly defended against it with a “Good!” for scratch damage) for three-quarters of a minute, but it was a very fast affair. The Dark Scuttlebell+ didn't even do anything.

Time to finish up this world on... Wednesday! Still wearing the Flame Contender III. We're raiding the Chief's House, where Armando hangs out. He's impressed that my muscles make for the ultimate protection against the cold weather (to the point that they're comparable to an outfit), and he's eager to spar with me and make my muscles even better. (As soon as I get through his house's obstacles of rolling spiked logs up the stairs.) ...And it seems like the fact that this is the first dialogue I get all world since Ring's intro line means that they gave Armando some actually... good lines, including what ended up in the title of this Fitness Log.

Ring Fit Adventure Armando boss fight dialogue trainer is like a tailor both make things fit
Armando goes fully into this comparison for the rest of this fight.
And it's clever, continuing his characterisation of being unexpectedly good with wordplay.

Armando's actual fight involves himself, a Garnet Belldog+, and a Garnet Matta Ray+. I'm fine ignoring the Belldog, but Garnet Matta Ray+ is annoying to keep around because of its cleric status, so I might as well use a three-range Fit Skill to target all three enemies to dispose Armando's buddies. With the Flame Contender III and a power-boosting drink like Pomegranate Tea, I 2RKO'd the two Garnet monsters to leave just Armando. Once I got Armando to below half health, he generated a special SUPER ATTACK that I had to Overhead Press against for about 42 seconds—a giant red energy punch. No big deal at all. I beat the rest of Armando's HP and won a Rose Quartz stone. He said that even the best outfits will wear out without maintenance... just like a muscular physique. I guess he's been cooped up in his cabinet from the cold. As for myself, it's time to move on to a warmer world.

Ring Fit Adventure Week World 64: Fitness Master Lv. 358 Exercise Log
Another quick three day world.
...This is the last of its kind for the rest of the game.
Even so, this took more time than World 41 because Field Day made some monster fights not happen in certain courses.

Ludwig is going to have to work quite hard for the last five worlds in this game. They're long and he needs to put in that time. Hope you can tolerate that for the next several weeks! (Might affect Ludwig's time to write long in-depth articles.) He doesn't think that the trade-off of having only the last boss fight have dialogue is really worth it. Things throughout would be nice.

Ludwig actually went and finished World 65 in three days as well.

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