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Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day to Incineroar and Clawroline

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - KoopaTV* wishes them well.

While Incineroar's American football team failed to win Super Bowl LVI (that's fifty-six) last night, he does have two things going for him. Number one, it's still his Zodiac Year (of the Tiger). And number two, it's Valentine's Day and he did well enough for himself that he's impressed a new babe to be his girlfriend: Clawroline.

Who is Clawroline? You might remember her from the Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer shown at the February 9 Nintendo Direct. I called her a “furrybait boss” but have later learned her name. Clawroline. Lovely.

Anyway, here's my commemoration to Incineroar and Clawroline for Valentine's Day 2022:

Incineroar Clawroline Happy Valentine's Day card KoopaTV furbait furry tiger leopard Kirby Pokémon
They're purrfect for one another!

Incineroar is known as the Ring's Raging Flame, while Clawroline is known as the Lethal Leopard of the Beast Pack. Both panthera types have made quite a name for themselves among legions of adoring fans due to their hard work and flattering feline figures. Incineroar focuses on working his muscles, while Clawroline specialises in her long retractable claws. They play off one another's energy to try to be the best big cat they can be when they get to work out together, though often they need to be apart due to their work being in different worlds. At the end of their respective long days, they catch up by playing with yarn balls and resting on fluffy rugs together.

Clawroline Incineroar Kirby Cross Chop Forgotten Land boss battle dive bomb
They found love in their mutual hobby of trying to clobber that there Kirby.

Let's hope that Incineroar and Clawroline find lasting love for years to come! And hopefully y'all reading (and writing) this can find someone to share love and mutual interests with.

*Ludwig is only speaking for himself, and the rest of KoopaTV's staff has either not approved or actively disapproves of this proliferation of furry content.


  1. Been meaning to comment on this but couldn’t figure out what to say. In the meanwhile I had the realization that the fine folks over at a certain rule website are going to rather fancy this article. A whole lotta great ideas have been procured. I don’t think it’s good for the marriage.

    1. Well, I'm proud that KoopaTV is the source of great ideas to a wide variety and range of... interests!

      As for the marriage... well, there is no marriage! They're boyfriend and girlfriend! Marriage is a step that hasn't happened.

      ...And it turns out that it probably won't happen thanks to Leongar.


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