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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Garden Story Coming to Nintendo Switch

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It's cute and has much-needed grape representation.

There was a 23-minute Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase today. I didn't watch it live, but in the read-out of the more than 20 games mentioned in it, one stuck out to me: Garden Story, developed by Picogram (it's unclear to me if this is a small company or just one person's online handle with they/them/their pronouns) and published by Rose City Games. It caught my eye mainly because of the art/character design. Take a look:

Described in press materials (and one's own mind) as “wholesome”, Garden Story has you playing as the grape Concord, Guardian of The Grove. The community is “broken” and needs to be restored, which includes gardening, building, and fixing things. There is an invasive “Rot” that needs to be stopped, as well as inhabitants you ought to do favours for and fruity and froggy friends to make. It's actually a big theme that Concord helps others and others help Concord, and this isn't an individualist affair.

Garden Story Concord Maraschino beta shore guard duty help
Concord is asking this Shore-guarding fellow, Maraschino, for help. (Or is sorry to bother them.)

Garden Story will be releasing sometime in 2021 for an unknown price. There's a demo on Steam that I haven't tried as of writing this. Perhaps I should get on that and report back my thoughts. But Garden Story has actually been developed for years (since 2018) and has been announced since last year, so it's good that Nintendo is giving space for people—including me, who otherwise hasn't heard of it before—to know it exists.

Ludwig has a highly favourable opinion of purple-coloured grapes, so that likely is a strong influence on why Garden Story captured his attention. He will either be a lazy Koopa and assume the demo will be on Nintendo Switch, or he'll go to Steam and play it through there. By the way, this probably won't be the last thing on KoopaTV you'll read about announcements from that Indie World Showcase, since there was one other announcement that another staffer is very interested in...!

Also in the Indie World Showcase: Subnautica is coming to the Switch.


  1. Ngl that game gave me Stardew Valley vibes and basically that whole genre of game falls under the category of "not my thing." Card Shark seems interesting and Evergate looks pretty good if short though. I was going to think about trying whatever that game's name is that ends with a III because I'm curious how an MMO runs on the Switch, but then I discovered it wasn't one.

    1. I've read the publisher endorse people's opinions that it's a cross between Stardew Valley and The Legend of Zelda.

    2. I mean...Stardew already has LoZ-ish elements as I understand it, with the dungeon exploring and suchlike?

    3. Legend of Zelda is more of a puzzle solving experience in terms of dungeons. Stardew Valley dungeons are simple: best the monsters, uncover the stairs. It's actually strikingly similar to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series in that regard.

    4. Hrm, fair point. I still wouldn't want to deal with the Stardew Valley bits though.

    5. lehdicus lehdicm lehedcis.... u really stupid huh?

  2. I played the demo, and it seemed like an interesting (and cute) game.

    1. They ignored my tweet asking if the demo is coming to the Switch. ;-;


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