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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

These Pokémon GO Players Would Be Victims — If Not For Concealed Carry!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The right to self-defence must not be infringed.

I still want to avoid devolving this website into commentating on Pokémon GO every day. There are dozens of stories about this game every day. Many are actually pretty funny, but this is KoopaTV and we don't want to be like some other sites that are just talking about Pokémon GO to get hits.

HERE is a Pokémon GO story I can get behind, though. This group of Pokémon GO players, around six people, were at Las Vegas's Freedom Park a bit after 4 AM. This jerk, Elvis Campos, tried to rob the players. They just wanted to capture Magikarp en-masse because of the ridiculous requirements to obtain a Gyarados, but this Elvis man (wouldn't surprise me if he's an illegal immigrant) wanted to capture all of the electronics these players would be carrying.

This is Freedom Park. It's a desert, really. Where would you find Magikarp?
(Image from Google Maps/Earth.)

However, one of those players was carrying something else. One of those Pokémon GO players had a concealed carry permit. And he didn't just have the permit — he also had a gun. And fought back. One of the members of the group was shot in the stomach (a non-life-threatening injury), while the robber got shot in the back (your imagination as to how — also non-life-threatening).

So... what to make of this?

We published safety tips. Specifically, to avoid suspicious or unsafe areas.

Don't go out exploring at 4 AM. Like... why? Do these people not go to work? This philosophy is why Team Night Owl should've never won. But that means not only were these Pokémon GO players going around a park at 4 AM seeking out Magikarp, but the robber and his child driver (also arrested for driving under-aged) were also driving around 4 AM for an unknown reason. Did they PLAN to be robbers? Have they been around this park at 4 AM every day for years, and finally someone was actually around?

Not only are the good guys (dubious description but let's run with it) Night Owls, but so are the bad guys.

Gary Reese Freedom Park Las Vegas Google reviews dangerous unsafe desert homeless
It's widely recognised Freedom Park is a disgusting, arid area with shady people with a history of crime.
(Source: Google Reviews.)

If those players did not have a gun among them, they'd lose all of their Pokémon — and much more. This is a great “good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun.” And when the Democrats this week talk about “common-sense gun reform”, ponder about how that would keep the bad guy from getting a gun and make sure the good guys have them.

KoopaTV features and created Defend Anita Sarkeesian, a game promoting gun ownership, which features a song called “Get a Gun”, which obviously promotes the same thing. If Freedom Park was arbitrarily a gun-free zone, the story would've ended very differently — only good guys would follow those. When you go adventuring, make your concealed carry defence tool a mainstay key item, along with your smartphone.

You can't play these augmented reality games in dangerous places without any defences. You need to be able to make sure you can defend yourself and others. Safety in numbers? The robber didn't care it was going to be one or two against six. He took his chances, and the odds might've been in his favour since those six people would otherwise be incapacitated, especially with their phones on their smartphone screen and not reality. That's why there are a bunch of OTHER stories written out there about Pokémon GO players being victims — none of THEM thought about defence and were totally distracted and lured.

Quite frankly, it's a miracle the good guy with the gun even noticed he was being robbed.

If you need more information on acquiring a gun on your jurisdiction, KoopaTV isn't the place to figure that out. You need to find that information somewhere else. While you're here, however, what do you think about this story?

Ludwig previously had a lesson to not bring guns to a Pokémon battle, but that doesn't apply to this story because Pokémon GO doesn't have battling. So guns are fine.
Herman Cain wishes for you to be careful out there while playing Pokémon GO.


  1. At least Elvis will finally get to experience the Jailhouse Rock.

  2. This "game" is boring. I am strictly wifi only which really makes the experience limiting. I am about to delete this.

    1. So without data, you wouldn't even be venturing into desert-parks with suspicious characters roaming them.

    2. Good work.

      Unfortunately, not everyone else is takin' after you.

    3. I got a real game, Ghost Trick, instead. It is cheaper than buying it as a used DS game.

    4. Good job, good job.

      I have no idea how Ghost Trick controls on mobile, but it's an exquisite experience on the DS.

    5. It runs very smoothly. It's sad that this game was not rereleased on the eshop and if it is even planned to be downloadable there because then people can actually support this game through other means besides mobile. At least I know I am supporting Capcom directly with this particular game.

    6. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't get to the eShop at some point, besides time limitations.

      Miiverse should love it.


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