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Thursday, November 1, 2018

KoopaTV's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate November Direct Live Reactions

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - The most important Direct in history?

Today, Nintendo and Super Smash Bros. series director Masahiro Sakurai are out to dispel with some fictions about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Thus, we have a Direct that has perhaps more riding on it than any other in history. But it was at an awkward... 10 AM Eastern time, which results in some hardships for everyone. But with all the FAKE NEWS out there, and the future of the Nintendo Switch in the balance, this is not a Direct that could be missed. And so the KoopaTV staff reacted to it.

Pay attention to the many sub-plots involved in this log. All of our staff members, plus Discord groupie Ryu (otherwise known as MarioSun90, not to be confused with Ryu the Street Fighter) are here, since we all recognise the importance of this Direct. I'm at work trying to watch the Direct and react to it without getting caught. Rawk fully expects Banjo-Kazooie. Kamek got a flat tire. Wendy doesn't even have a Nintendo Switch. Witch Princess... wants to make a bunch of Ace Attorney references, which I suppose makes her the hero of the log!

Watch the Direct with us, embedded below, and read along our comments!

[9:55 AM] RawkHawk2010:
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Kasandra what could possibly go wrong
“What could possibly go wrong?”

[9:55 AM] Witch Princess: shrug

[9:56 AM] Ryu: I hope Sakurai brings back cool single player modes. That will make the game more enjoyable for me

[9:57 AM] RawkHawk2010: Tagging  @Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy and @Kamek  just to be totally sure they make it here!

[9:57 AM] RawkHawk2010: THREE MINUTES


[9:57 AM] Witch Princess: They'd better get over here

[9:57 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I got the room!

[9:57 AM] Witch Princess: Yay

[9:58 AM] RawkHawk2010: :yay:

[9:58 AM] Witch Princess: Ludwig I was fixing to tag you

[9:58 AM] Kamek: Something bad happened

[9:58 AM] Ryu: I'm unpausing the stream. 2 minutes

[9:58 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Watching on YouTube.

[9:58 AM] Kamek: I got a flat tire

[9:58 AM] RawkHawk2010: On YouTube?

[9:58 AM] RawkHawk2010: Link?

[9:58 AM] Ryu: oh yeah, maybe youtube will be faster

[9:58 AM] RawkHawk2010: Ludwig gimme that link posthaste.

[9:58 AM] Kamek: FREAKING À RAWK

[9:58 AM] Witch Princess: Can you fix a flat tire?

[9:58 AM] Ryu: I'll compare

[9:58 AM] Kamek: I don't have my jack

[9:58 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Go to Nintendo's YouTube.

[9:59 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: 200 thousand others managed to find it!

[9:59 AM] Witch Princess: I'm there

[9:59 AM] RawkHawk2010:

[9:59 AM] RawkHawk2010: @Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy get over heeeeeeeeeeeeere

[9:59 AM] Witch Princess: I went to the embed Rawk shared earlier first

[10:00 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...

[10:00 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Did it start?

[10:00 AM] Ryu: I have both open. Let's see which starts first

[10:00 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: It hasn't started.

[10:00 AM] RawkHawk2010: We have almost all of our people.

[10:00 AM] Witch Princess: It's 9

[10:00 AM] RawkHawk2010: Well

[10:00 AM] RawkHawk2010: Kinda. >.>

[10:00 AM] Witch Princess: Wendyyy

[10:00 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: FAKE NEWS

[10:00 AM] RawkHawk2010: (I was counting @Kamek )

[10:00 AM] Ryu: twitch wins

[10:01 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (not sure if Kamek is in a good situation)

[10:01 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: refresh

[10:01 AM] RawkHawk2010: staying on youtube

[10:01 AM] Witch Princess: @Rawk same

[10:01 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: started

[10:01 AM] Ryu: *before the launch

[10:01 AM] Kamek:

Kamek flat tire during Super Smash Bros. Direct
Pray for Kamek.
(And don't forget about him as the Direct occurs.)

[10:01 AM] Ryu: I'll spoil all of you

[10:01 AM] Witch Princess: Noo

[10:01 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: an error occurred

[10:01 AM] RawkHawk2010: kamek fix that shit lmao

[10:01 AM] Ryu: nooo flat tires

[10:01 AM] RawkHawk2010: EVERY FIGHTER

[10:01 AM] Ryu: oh no

[10:01 AM] Ryu: noooo

[10:02 AM] Witch Princess: Phoenix Wright

[10:02 AM] Ryu: grinch was right

[10:02 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: refresh

[10:02 AM] RawkHawk2010: Well.

[10:02 AM] Ryu: (I told you I will spoil)

[10:02 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Little Mac

[10:02 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: It's him.

[10:02 AM] Witch Princess: Ken

[10:02 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Ken turns up the heat

[10:02 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Is he an Echo?

[10:02 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: an error occurred

[10:02 AM] Ryu: Actually, Ken was leaked by multiple people. so who knows

[10:02 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: was that incineroar

[10:03 AM] Witch Princess: I avoid all leaks

[10:03 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Hope Twitch isn't blocked

[10:03 AM] Ryu: AHA

[10:03 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ew

[10:03 AM] Rawk

[10:03 AM] Witch Princess: Oh

[10:03 AM] Rawk

[10:03 AM] Rawk

[10:03 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I wanna stop watching.

[10:03 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: he looks so stupid

[10:03 AM] Witch Princess: Incineroar looks weird

[10:04 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Well

[10:04 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: That better not be everyone.

[10:04 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: .....

[10:04 AM] Witch Princess: I think it is

[10:04 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: That's

[10:04 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: That's where Ken was in the Grinch leak banner. o.o

[10:05 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I'm pretty sure. >.>

[10:05 AM] Ryu: so when's Minecraft?

[10:05 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Probably coming up.

[10:05 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: We're probably getting Steve.

[10:05 AM] Ryu: *last

[10:05 AM] Witch Princess: Please no

[10:06 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Punch-Out!! stage audience still 64-bit.

[10:06 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: "last new challenger"

[10:06 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: LAST?

[10:06 AM] Witch Princess: "Last new challenger"

[10:06 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: As in "recent" or "final"?

[10:06 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: What the fuck.

[10:06 AM] Ryu: How the Grinch made many people upset

[10:06 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Fail!"

Incineroar Super Smash Bros. Ultimate run the ropes back body drop fail lariat Lucas
We think Incineroar is the middle option.

[10:07 AM] Ryu: ALL OF THEM

[10:07 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "all thefighters"

[10:07 AM] Witch Princess: Seriously Incineroar looks weird

[10:07 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: No Jigglypuff.

[10:07 AM] Witch Princess: Rip Rawk

[10:07 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: .................................

[10:07 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: .............................................................

[10:07 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: At start.

[10:07 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: All 74.

[10:07 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: amiibo plug

[10:08 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: huh

[10:08 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: We have 32 more minutes.

[10:08 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: just 74 right away?

[10:08 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: welp

[10:08 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: and the roster is revealed.

[10:08 AM] Ryu: Vergeben was real

[10:08 AM] Witch Princess: Inklings already have an amiibo

[10:08 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: jesus tittyfucking christ

[10:08 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: K. Rool amiibo.

[10:08 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: No trophies.

[10:08 AM] Witch Princess: Well so do all mario characters

[10:09 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Spirits.

[10:09 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Chibi-Robo?

[10:09 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: watch banjo be here

[10:09 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Piplup.

[10:09 AM] Witch Princess: Maya should be a spirit character

[10:09 AM] Ryu: new story

[10:09 AM] Witch Princess: Mia too

[10:09 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: TAILS

[10:10 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Spirits are living stickers.

[10:10 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: From Subspace Emissary.

[10:10 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "Aces"

[10:10 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: gimme Malos

[10:10 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: CAPPY

[10:10 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Rattly

[10:11 AM] Witch Princess: Rawk how angry are you right now

[10:11 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: depends

[10:11 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Cranky vs. Zelda Falco

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit battles Falco Revali Cranky Kong Captain Falcon

[10:11 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: i wanna see spirits

[10:11 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Bokoblin is similar to K. Rool.

[10:11 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Spirit battles.

[10:11 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Okay so this is Event Matches: The Mode.

[10:12 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Ya.

[10:12 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: What the fuck was Chrom doing

[10:12 AM] Witch Princess: Chrom

[10:12 AM] Ryu: Mii fighters lol

[10:13 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Sonic cosplaying as the Able Sisters.

[10:13 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yeah so at least Event Matches get the attention they deserve.

[10:14 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Well, I like this.

[10:14 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: "puppet fighter"

[10:14 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: MELIA

[10:14 AM] Witch Princess: Cappy o.o

[10:14 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: I loved the event matches

[10:14 AM] Witch Princess: Wendy!

[10:14 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: whoa

[10:15 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Experience points ala amiibo

[10:15 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Dixie evolves into Dixie and Kiddy.

[10:15 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: THEY EVOLVE

[10:15 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: MICAIAH

[10:15 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: DOC LOUIS IS AN NPC

[10:15 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: DIALOGUE

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doc Louis training Spirits gym dojo
Lookin' good, baby!

[10:16 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So is Slowpoke.

[10:16 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Shadow Queen Peach.

[10:16 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: That's pleasing

[10:16 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Comment from someone on MS2: "They turned Smash into a mobile game"

[10:16 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Mumkhar

[10:16 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Yoshi intro from Melee is his Final Smash.

[10:17 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Medli = Strong-Wind Immunity

[10:17 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Well, I'm good with that.

[10:18 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ACTUAL MATCHMAKING?

[10:19 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Oh yeah Global Smash Power.

[10:19 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: (it sounds like 103 stages was right btw)

[10:19 AM] Ryu: why? I like SD

[10:19 AM] Witch Princess: Penalty

[10:20 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (single player skill means your multiplayer matchmaking)

[10:20 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: So I'll stop being matched with Mexicans?

[10:20 AM] Witch Princess: Apparently

[10:20 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Smash Tag collection.

[10:20 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Smash tags are MacGuffins.

[10:21 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Short messages.

[10:21 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: PRESET

[10:21 AM] Witch Princess: Now you won't have to change your name to "FIXLAG"

[10:21 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: NOO

[10:21 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I WANNA ADVERTISE KOOPATV

[10:22 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Battle Arena looks like ARMS.

[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Reggie is Jeff

[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: from EarthBound.

[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: jerk

[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Eww mobile.

[10:22 AM] Witch Princess: We have Discord so no thank you

[10:22 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: lol

[10:22 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Smash World.

[10:22 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[10:23 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: r.i.p. shadow

[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Assists.

[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: who

[10:23 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Fatal Frame

[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Fatal Frame girl.

[10:23 AM] Ryu: lol

[10:23 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: DAMMIT

[10:23 AM] Rawk

[10:23 AM] Ryu: Sakurai

[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: haha

[10:23 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: rip Issac

[10:23 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: BLACK KNIGHT

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Black Knight Assist Trophy Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance pose sword down
Was it too early to make a memorial for the Black Knight?

[10:23 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Also they totally reused Master Hand for that

[10:23 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: "Know your place."

[10:24 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: LOL

[10:24 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: YES

[10:24 AM] Rawk

[10:24 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: FUCK YEAH

[10:24 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: SPRING MAN

[10:24 AM] Witch Princess: Nooo

[10:24 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Dr. Wily

[10:24 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...

[10:24 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: uh

[10:24 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: wat Tiki

[10:24 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Flies & Hand.

[10:24 AM] Ryu: Tiki isn't really from FE Awakening

[10:24 AM] Ryu: ...

[10:24 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Who is Vince?

[10:25 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: From Art Academy?

[10:25 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: lmao Guile

[10:25 AM] Ryu: lol Guile

[10:25 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: GUILE THEME

[10:25 AM] Ryu: Virtua Fighter? lol

[10:25 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Well, Guile's Theme is a track.

[10:25 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: wow damn Virtua Fighter

[10:25 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: WAT

[10:25 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: RATHALOS

[10:25 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Rathalos is old. :stuck_out_tongue:

[10:25 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: No Ashley seen.

[10:25 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: :frowning:

[10:26 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Wanna note that.

[10:26 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: I'M SLOW DAMMIT

[10:26 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Multi-Man Melee = "Century Smash"

[10:26 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: "Don't Delete!"

[10:27 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Video creation.

[10:27 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (but can you get their mp4?)

[10:27 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Sakurai Checklist now Sakurai Comic Book.

[10:27 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Smash tags are in-game currency.

[10:28 AM] Witch Princess: Oh

[10:28 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Buy music and spirits.

[10:28 AM] Witch Princess: I was gonna ask "No more Gold?"

[10:28 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: (slavery? l

[10:28 AM] Ryu: they change their voice?

[10:28 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: German Ivysaur lmao.

[10:28 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: FRENCH IVYSAUR

[10:28 AM] Witch Princess: Lol

[10:28 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: LOL

[10:29 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: You can turn off that corner-screen radar.

[10:29 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Yay.

[10:29 AM] Ryu: Make your own balance

[10:29 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Handicap.

[10:29 AM] Ryu: -3 on Bayonetta

[10:30 AM] Witch Princess: Voice

[10:30 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Mii customisation actually confirmed.

[10:30 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Ribbon Girl, so she's not becoming playable either.

[10:30 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: RIBBON GIRL MII

[10:30 AM] Ryu: Labo lol

[10:30 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: LOL

[10:30 AM] Witch Princess: Chibi Robo

[10:31 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: AHHHHHHH

[10:31 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: What the hell was that robot to the left? >.>

[10:31 AM] Ryu: DLC confirmed

[10:31 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Ray MK III?

[10:31 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: DLC

[10:31 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: The Toy-Con Robot.

[10:31 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: inb4 banjo

[10:31 AM] Witch Princess: Oh

[10:31 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: You better hope you're not a Spirit.

[10:32 AM] Ryu: Season pass

[10:32 AM] Ryu: 5 confirmed

[10:32 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: 5 fighters eh

[10:32 AM] Ryu: at least

[10:32 AM] Witch Princess: Why make you have all the content when we can make you pay for it?

[10:32 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Through Feb 2020.

[10:32 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: huh

[10:32 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Nintendo doing DLC right

[10:32 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: I'm not confident.

[10:32 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: dat Sakurai blink

[10:32 AM] Ryu: I thought he was going to go sleep

[10:32 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: .....................

[10:32 AM] Ryu: AHA

[10:33 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Probably more Fire Emblem stuff.

[10:33 AM] Witch Princess: Hey Pyra

[10:33 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: It got its own part of the Direct!

[10:33 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Limited Time Offer.

[10:34 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: If you buy it now.

[10:34 AM] Ryu: so there's no story mode? He didn't show all modes

[10:34 AM] Witch Princess: We can't buy it now

[10:34 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: uhh I already preordered it

[10:34 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: what

[10:34 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: wat

[10:34 AM] Rawk

[10:34 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: IT'S

[10:34 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: lmao

[10:34 AM] Rawk

[10:34 AM] Ryu: Take that leakers

[10:34 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: PIRANHA PLANT?

[10:34 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: IT'S A DRONE

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Piranha Plant Pipes Up! title introduction card
It's a drone, huh? Rawk, go read my article about people like you who talk down to “NPCs.”

[10:34 AM] Witch Princess: Lol

[10:34 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: This is the best troll character

[10:34 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: WAIT

[10:34 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: NOW IT IS

[10:35 AM] RawkHawk2010: lmao

[10:35 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: FROM SUBSPACE EMISSARY

[10:35 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: IT IS IN

[10:35 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: BUT NOT WALUIGI?

[10:35 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: That front smash is long as shit

[10:35 AM] Witch Princess: Petey

[10:35 AM] Witch Princess: Final Smash

[10:35 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf

[10:36 AM] Ryu: but if I get the fighter pass, I'm paying for it anyway

[10:36 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Best reveal

[10:36 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Register by Jan 31.

[10:36 AM] Witch Princess: I thought they said "couple months after lunch"

[10:36 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Events in North America.

[10:36 AM] Witch Princess: I was looking at my phone at the time

[10:37 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: "What happened on that Fateful day?"

[10:37 AM] Ryu: finally, he talks of that mode

[10:37 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Adventure Mode?

[10:37 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Pigma spirit.

[10:37 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Cutscene?

[10:37 AM] Ryu: Voices?

[10:37 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: well then

[10:37 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Fox?

[10:37 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: AHHH

[10:37 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Zelda's voice.

[10:37 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Whyyyyyyyyyy

[10:38 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: VISION

[10:38 AM] Ryu: Shulk doesn't talk

[10:38 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: A million Master Hands

[10:38 AM] Witch Princess: Rip

[10:38 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: rip

[10:38 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: NO

[10:38 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: KING DAD

[10:38 AM] Witch Princess: Rip

[10:39 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: wtf Kirby

[10:39 AM] Ryu: Kirby is going to save the day again

[10:39 AM] Witch Princess: Go Kirby go

[10:39 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: KIRBY FOR GAMEFAQS CHAMP?

[10:39 AM] Ryu: Lyrics

[10:39 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: lyrics

[10:39 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: AHH

[10:40 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Jump Up, Super Star! 2.0.

[10:40 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: whoa

[10:40 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: PLUMBER GOT KILLED

[10:40 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: map

[10:40 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: ...AND CAPPY'D

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light Mario red eyes evil
On post-Direct examination, Mario kind of always looks like this to me.

[10:40 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: YIKES

[10:40 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: NIGHTMARE FUEL

[10:40 AM] Witch Princess: He's evil

[10:41 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: LAPRAA

[10:41 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: ok

[10:41 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: LAPRAS

[10:41 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: I know I'll be spending hours on that alone.

[10:41 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: SHANTAE

[10:41 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: AHHHHH

[10:41 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: OCELOT

[10:41 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: IT'S THAT DUDE

[10:41 AM] Ryu: Space Emissary bosses

[10:41 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: FROM SSE

[10:41 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: GALLEOM

[10:41 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: World of Light

[10:41 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: GALLEON?

[10:41 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: okay

[10:41 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: end

[10:41 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: guys

[10:41 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I'm more than impressed.

[10:41 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: wait nintendo tree thingy?

[10:42 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Wendy buy a Switch.

[10:42 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Like

[10:42 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: WENDY

[10:42 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: BUY A SWITCH

[10:42 AM] Witch Princess: Buy a Switch

[10:42 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: I'm very convinced now

[10:42 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: rip

[10:42 AM] Rawk

[10:42 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Fuuuuuuuuuuuu

[10:42 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: lol no sound

[10:42 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: oh there we go

[10:42 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Guys like

[10:42 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: help I have a meeting at 11

[10:42 AM] Witch Princess: Uh guys your audio's not working

[10:43 AM] Witch Princess: Oh

[10:43 AM] Witch Princess: It's good now

[10:43 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: World of Light looks exactly like what I fucking wanted.

[10:43 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I've made posts about it!

[10:43 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: and like

[10:43 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: You leaked it?

[10:43 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: ok

[10:43 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Wendy buy that bundle.

[10:43 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Reminder that XC2 as a whole got its own call-out.

[10:44 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Is that Smash Switch available for purchase yet?

[10:44 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: I'm totally buying that

[10:47 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I watched Incineroar's anime episode last night.

[10:47 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Guess it was appropriate.

[10:47 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: AURA BLAST

[10:48 AM] Ryu: That cat's recovery sucks

[10:48 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Incineroar mediocre recovery.

[10:48 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: P.S. I'm more than okay with no trophies given the alternative.

[10:48 AM] Witch Princess: I like Lucario

[10:48 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: wow that recovery for Lucario

[10:48 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: I hope Jigglypuff isn't as derpy as she was in Brawl

[10:49 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Incineroar is a tiger Rawk Hawk.

[10:49 AM] Witch Princess: Lol

[10:49 AM] Ryu: Puff never really changed much

[10:49 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Rawk Hawk would have that Side B.

[10:49 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Just wanna put that out there.

[10:50 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: Well

[10:50 AM] Witch Princess: Oh great now I can't unsee that

[10:50 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: From like Brawl to Wii U?

[10:50 AM] Witch Princess: Thanks Ludwig

[10:50 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Or whatever the move is where he spawns the rail.

[10:50 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: So Shantae was a Spirit?

[10:51 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: k gotta go

[10:51 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: k bye.

[10:51 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: ciao

[10:51 AM] Witch Princess: Bye

[10:51 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Keep log going if you want.

[10:51 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: yea

[10:51 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: Until they show Let's Go.

[10:51 AM] Witch Princess: Mkay

[10:51 AM] Ludwig Von Koopa: STAY SAFE KAMEK.

[10:51 AM] Witch Princess: ^

[10:52 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Man, guys.

[10:53 AM] Witch Princess: It's so windy I can hear the wind blow against the house

[10:53 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I love how this Direct kicked off as complete garbage but did nothing but get progressively better.

[10:53 AM] Witch Princess: Aaaaand now it's raining

[10:53 AM] Ryu: Sakurai warned us. He told us he didn't have many characters left, but they didn't listen

[10:53 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: u rite.

[10:54 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: And there are also only 103 stages but people didn't believe me. :shrug:

[10:54 AM] Ryu: The DLC will make up for it.

[10:54 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I'm okay with Rex being a Mii costume, in all honesty.

[10:54 AM] Witch Princess: I thought there wasn't gonna be any DLC

[10:54 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Because that looked exactly like him.

[10:54 AM] Witch Princess: What was I thinking

[10:54 AM] Witch Princess: Lol

[10:55 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Even Tennis had DLC, so I was pretty convinced this would.

[10:55 AM] Witch Princess: Maybe Wright for DLC?

[10:56 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I'm so glad there's such a big single-player component.

[10:56 AM] Witch Princess: Yeah that looks good

[10:56 AM] Ryu: I will play the plant

[10:57 AM] Witch Princess: Incnineroar looks op

[10:57 AM] Witch Princess: *Incineroar

[10:59 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Maybe Ace Attorney people are spirits.

[10:59 AM] Ryu: That Bayonetta stage isn't good for vertigo people

[10:59 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Literally anyone can be a spirit, it seems. :open_mouth:

[10:59 AM] Witch Princess: Well if they get in the game somehow I'll be more happy

[11:00 AM] Witch Princess: But yeah, I'm satisfied

[11:01 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: ya

[11:01 AM] Ryu: Is Piranha Plant iconic?(edited)

[11:01 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Yes.

[11:02 AM] Ryu: What if they had Goombella instead?

[11:02 AM] Witch Princess: I guess everyone thought they were trolling at first lol

[11:02 AM] Witch Princess: I mean I thought that

[11:03 AM] Witch Princess: And I guess almost everyone else here

[11:03 AM] Ryu: I thought it was a special mode where you played as minions

[11:04 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: For all we know Rawk Hawk is a Spirit.

[11:04 AM] Witch Princess: Sounds good to me(edited)

[11:04 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I need to go back and watch all that because I only saw half those dudes.

[11:05 AM] Witch Princess: Shadow Peach is there

[11:05 AM] Witch Princess: So maybe you are there Rawk

[11:05 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Kamek is almost certainly there.

[11:05 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Ludwig and Wendy are already playable.

[11:06 AM] Witch Princess: Too bad Witch Princess isn't in the game

[11:06 AM] Witch Princess: Guess I'll just be a Mii

[11:06 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: lol

[11:06 AM] Ryu: Am I the only one still watching Treehouse? lol

[11:06 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: I am but I'm not paying an extreme amount of attention to it.(edited)

[11:07 AM] Witch Princess: It's on in the background for me

[11:07 AM] Witch Princess: I'm not looking at it either

[11:09 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: ^

[11:10 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: @Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy Assuming you can acquire a capture card, I'm looking forward to the prospect of you streaming that World of Light mode.

[11:10 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Or the Spirits stuff in general.

[11:11 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: Should be gud.

[11:11 AM] Witch Princess: Yesss

[11:11 AM] Witch Princess: I'd watch

[11:11 AM] Ryu: You get the Rex mii costume if you order the fighter pass(edited)

[11:12 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: This Direct appears to be love-it-or-hate-it big time.

[11:13 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: DK Vine hates it. :pikachu_lips:

[11:13 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: ha

[11:14 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: it isn't that bad

[11:14 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: now I'm done with that

[11:14 AM] Ryu: because they wanted Banjo

[11:14 AM] Sooper Sekrit Agent Wendy: lol obviously

[11:14 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: They also wanted Dixie.

[11:14 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: And she's a Spirit.

[11:14 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: so yeah

[11:14 AM] Ryu: I guess the Smash part is over

[11:14 AM] Rawk
Hawk2010: But I care about characters outside of the mere idea that they're playable.

[11:15 AM] Witch Princess: Mia would be a good spirit

[11:15 AM] Witch Princess: Because she is one

[11:15 AM] Witch Princess: Plus it's Ace Attorney!

Post-Direct, KoopaTV is happy to confirm that Wendy has ordered a Nintendo Switch, and Kamek has repaired his flat tires. No one caught Ludwig taking an hour off work watching a Nintendo Direct on a work computer. (Or, if they did, he isn't aware of any consequences.) Both Rawk and Witch Princess are in good spirits... hm, maybe that isn't the right word to use.

This is possibly a better Direct, and a much better log, than the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate one in August.
It was actually the best Reaction Log of 2018.


  1. I think if about five to ten minutes were cut out, it would have been the best direct we have had in a while. The parts where Sakurai talked about the menu as well as the Spirit Mode section seemed to have overstayed their welcome. The first two character reveals were a little anticlimactic, but I am just satisfied knowing that the leak was indeed fake. No one, however, would have ever expected Piranha Plant to become a fighter. Even if no one asked for it, I give Sakurai props for including an unique character with its own distinct move sets instead of just another sword wielder. Lastly, the adventure mode is truly what made the Direct so great. I was not entirely sold on on this game beforehand since I really did not play Smash 4 as much as I would have liked, but this new mode has persuaded me to perhaps give the series another go.

    1. I'm satisfied with the length of the content in the Direct. Spirits needed to have detail put into it since World of Light builds off that, and we all seem to agree that that mode is looking wonderful.

  2. Thankfully no Sora in the base game but I'm not in the clear yet, since it is unknown who the DLC characters are for the Season Pass. I still run the risk of spending my own money on something Sora related. So I need to work extra hard to try to win points here. Thankfully the Breath of the Wild Expansion pass can be purchased on Amazon so it should apply for Smash Ultimate's Season Pass as well. This is in case I win any Amazon points.

    Here is proof for Breath of the Wild:

    1. As I said in the log, I'm not confident in the Season Pass here. That's because I would have been disappointed if there was a Season Pass for Super Smash Bros. 4 and I had bought it.

  3. I was waiting to learn about a story mode, but it sounds like the story mode isn't going to have much story.

    1. "The new Adventure Mode is more about fun than story."

      I mean... it doesn't have to be either/or...!

    2. I know. :(

      People have been saying that his explanation in Japanese made it even clearer that there won't be much story than the translation did:

      Though that person does say it's partly their interpretation.

    3. Guess we'll have to leave it to our imagination and make our own story...!


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