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Monday, November 12, 2018

Kamek is Saving the People of New York in Spider-Man PS4!

By KAMEK - We're Live!

As promised. Tonight Kamek is proud to present to you a small adventure into Spider-Man (for PS4).

I've been making personal progress with the game when it comes to story mode. I'll be doing my best to avoid plot and stick to what the game has to offer in terms of the city.

Watch the video on demand here:

Watch Kamek Saves New York from kamekkoopatv on

(RIP Stan Lee. And Spider-Man. Multiple times.)

Kamek displaying a rare side of him we don't see often:

Kamek once wrote an article about why Amtrak shouldn't exist and why trains are bad. Well, here's his point being proven:

Kamek will do his best to continue to produce gaming content while compositional pieces such as articles are being worked on!


  1. Whoops for like 50 minutes Kamek was streaming in a totally different Twitch channel than where he claimed it'd be streamed at. <_<


  2. The only thing that could make this game better is if the Raimi suit is added through the DLC. Considering that Stan Lee said the first film was his favorite Marvel movie, it would be ridiculous for it not to be included.


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