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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Vote Republican For Mid-Terms 2018

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - (Pokémon) Let's Go to the polls.

The last time I wrote a KoopaTV article about asking people to vote in the mid-term elections (back in 2014, the last time mid-term elections existed), there were very good results. The Senate flipped from Democrat to Republican control. Republicans won more seats in the House of Representatives. Republicans even did better in gubernatorial elections.

I don't consider myself to be a partisan hack, but I am an ideological one. Still, in yesterday's article, I was prepared to endorse an Independent over a Republican in a particular Senate race, but I couldn't. The Independent didn't respond to this media outlet's inquiry attempt, and they don't seem to be running an actual campaign. Yeah, like I'm going to endorse that. The Republican (and the Democrat) didn't respond either, but no one really expects them to since they don't need media exposure like the Independent does. Meanwhile, KoopaTV's endorsement could've doubled that particular Independent's total vote count!

Well, the Democrat's campaign actually said they would respond, and then lied and never did.

Let's be specific: don't vote for Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.

Anyway, at least in federal-facing races, Democrats exist to raise your taxes and obstruct President Donald John Trump. Not to actually get anything done. In state-facing races, the Democrat candidate most likely wants to raise taxes, promote illegal immigration, and have their state Attorney General sue President Donald John Trump's administration over everything and anything. They're all coordinating.

Quite frankly, there is a small list of things that President Donald John Trump's administration should be sued over, so I'm not advocating for one-party rule over every state house in the United States (not that a KoopaTV article can get, say, a Republican to win the Senate election in California — you literally can't vote for a Republican). But every Democrat (except Joe Manchin sometimes?) who is acting like they're actually going to work to accomplish an outcome beneficial for you is campaigning in bad faith.

I've been talking a lot about voting lately. Voting in Splatfests. Voting in the GameFAQs Character Battle X. The mid-terms are more important than those (unless you don't live in the United States or live in Inkopolis, then yes, voting on a race war is pretty important).

Go vote! 

Ludwig didn't actually write anything in this article about what makes the Republicans good and worthy of your vote. Part of that is because it's hard to generalise the hundreds or thousands of political battles that will be decided today (despite Ludwig generalising about Democrats), and part of that is because many Republicans also suck, but just a little less than Democrats.

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