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Friday, November 16, 2018

KoopaTV Presents: Witch Princess's Short Stories!

By WITCH PRINCESS - Surprised? Stories brought to you by me!

How in the world am I supposed to adjust to this new schedule? I guess it's for the best. It is I, The Witch Princess! I've decided to give you all more content! One article is unacceptable.

I must say that Vortexica's KoopaTV Adventures was very weird, but charming. I thought I'd show off my writing talents by creating a sort of...successor to that. Believe me, we miss him and his work. We wish he'd come back. However, if he suddenly does, I guess we'll have to figure something out with both of our series.

...Anyway, I was planning on posting a story today, but I hate rushed content with no quality. Sorry, that's just not me. Since these are short stories, a week is all I need to work on them. (Gotta balance my time—I have a job casting spells!)

All of the staff will be in the stories, of course! Enjoy!

Witch Princess Mii Harvest Moon
You'd better read my stories!~♪

Look forward to the short stories starting next Friday! Oh yeah, maybe Witch made this article too anticlimactic...sorry!

Here's the first short story... Witch Princess and the Potion. Look in the related article section (where you're looking now) of that article to find the second one when it's out!

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