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Friday, July 31, 2015

KoopaTV on TV Tropes!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - We're a CRT, and they're an HDTV. Combined, we can cover all your needs.

I would like to announce to the world a new KoopaTV initiative: We have partnered with TV Tropes to bring you the KoopaTV TV Tropes page!

KoopaTV TV Tropes banner logo
Wendy was supposed to make this, but she... didn't, so I made this in about a minute.

...And that's all we really have to say.

Oh, right. We want you to contribute to the page! Stay tuned for Monday's Newsletter so you can learn how we will bribe incentivise you to do that. We'll have a tab on our site that will lead right to our TV Tropes page so it'll never be far from you.

We hope that our partnership with TV Tropes will allow our readers to learn more about KoopaTV in a fun, new way. Y'know, besides just reading every article on the site. Which is still recommended for the full experience. And WE add value to the folks over at TV Tropes by exposing them to an awesome website they might have never seen before. So as you can see, everyone's lives are enriched.

TV Tropes is a natural choice for being KoopaTV's partner because they also exemplify the same values of Truth & Levity that we stress so much. And KoopaTV actually does use a lot of tropes. We consider our whole website to be a work of art, which is such a fundamentally different approach than the other videogame websites you may read or come across.

Oh yeah, you have like, a few minutes as of publishing to redeem any Club Nintendo codes you may have. Go do that. Just to add to the TVs, look how my Golden Sun code ended!
KoopaTV, TV Tropes, 70TV... We're in good hands. Hopefully there's the right channel for you somewhere there!

Ludwig doesn't actually watch TV shows anymore besides The Greg Gutfeld Show on Sunday nights at 10 PM Eastern. Anyway, he's an avid reader of TV Tropes, and how he's happy to self-servedly contribute to it. You should be happy to contribute to KoopaTV the website, and you can do so by commenting or submitting other content such as guest art/posts! And you might get a Nintendo eShop code for doing so.


  1. Holy shit, I love TV Tropes!
    This is exciting!
    I have to tell someone!
    But first..
    *kissie* ^ω^

    1. *hug*

      Well, this is either gonna work out very well or we'll get cease & desisted or something.

  2. The Rewards Program page said I needed to let you know if I made an edit. I added 2 new tropes to the page.

    1. Thanks for putting the audience participation trope. That's... a simpler name than I thought it'd be, since I've been wanting a trope on the page reflecting the existence of the KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program for many years!

  3. Eh? I tried to comment saying that I made an edit but it didn't seem to take. Is that by design?

    1. “If you comment on an article that is older than 60 days, you will have to wait for a staffer to approve your comment. It will get approved and replied to, don't worry. Unless you're a spambot.”


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