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Friday, July 10, 2015 The Music Video

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Let's celebrate our success with a song ♪

Last week, we transitioned from the old domain name of to We are now ready to enter a new era of prosperity for KoopaTV, and we think such a major event should be commemorated with song.

So check out the video of "Ain't No Koopa High Enough" and have a fantastic weekend. And remember: We're at


Bringing you daily vidyagame commentary,
Packed with values; truth and levity.
Ludwig, Kamek, and Rawk Hawk too,
Throw in some Vortexica for a Fair & Balanced View!

We got fan art, op-eds, and fan pieces to see!
Videos, games, and our videogames are free!
All right out of your browser!
Come check us out, say hi to Bowser!!

We used to be KoopaTV dot Blogspot dot com,
And we thrived but it was banned by Chrom.
Now we got dot org and that means dreams,
We can put out the best content as a team!!

And the best part? (The best part?)
Of what we have to offer?
The articles aren't sung by anyone!
You can read them without your ears bleeding!!

Our dot org has more thrills than a dot orgy,
Our dot org is cheaper than dot organic,
Our dot org will give you a dot orgasm,
Our dot org is where you’ll find the best dot organisms!!

Maybe put an h-t-t-p colon slash slash in front of that if you want.
Elite Beat Agents Kamek Ludwig Von Koopa Rawk Hawk suits ties
By the way, this was the picture contributed by Summoner Sky.
(She might change her identity later, though.)
Rawk, me, and Kamek as Elite Beat Agents.

Ludwig is obviously the singer in the video. You can financially support KoopaTV by buying KOOPATV'S GREATEST HITS from the KoopaTV Store, which features many of KoopaTV's great original songs! This is KoopaTV's 600th published article!

A very special non-KoopaTV employee live-reacts to our music video!
Of all the Artistic Corner articles from 2015 on KoopaTV, this was awarded as the best.

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