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Monday, August 10, 2015

Jareditton Presents: Music Video Reaction

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A super-scrumptious salute to a super-scrumptious song.

KoopaTV continues our celebration of our new domain name. Or, rather, we celebrate someone else's celebration.

You should remember Jareditton as that amazing guy on YouTube who Let's Played through Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!. You can watch that entire thing here, and you should. This time, he amazingly reacts to our amazing music video:

If you can't view that for whatever reason or want to go directly to his YouTube video, click here. But now, just a small reaction to his reaction. (Okay, it ended up being detailed and also awesome. You better keep reading.)

First of all: Style guide. It's KoopaTV. Note the capitalisation. (And on another note, please note there is no space in between "Koopa" and "TV".) We've been trying to be super-consistent with that syntax, so please pick up on it, y'all!

Second: Jareditton's ear bleeds before the music video starts playing because he's on Facebook and there is a super-annoying notification sound. While you can turn that off (note that it's opt-out and you may bleed to death before you're able to opt-out), it's better to just not be on Facebook to begin with under any circumstance. Jareditton is just another victim of Facebook's terrible policies.

Now for the third point. No, we're not to the video's substance yet. Just want to point out that Jareditton resembles Youngster Joey from Pokémon Gold/Silver. Hey, he took thirty seconds to start the reacting — I get to make three tangents. One tangent per ten seconds.

Youngster Joey Jareditton comparison Pokémon Gold Silver YouTube picture photo
...At least I think so. Though Youngster Joey lacks a real nose, while Jareditton's face looks like a Mii's.

Fourth, and now for "substance" so I'll stop naming numbers: Jareditton loves our music video, which is a very common, typical reaction to anyone who listens to "Ain't No Koopa High Enough". My voice is beautiful. He's also right that our games are fun, and he would know since he's played 'em.

Jareditton's reaction to his own name popping up in our music video.
I guess you could say that his reaction therefore represents a conflict of interest?
Jareditton also wisely says "Screw Chrom" when he's mentioned in our song. And he declares that our domain name is "beautiful" and our staff is "excellent".

...In fact, our video is SO good that Jareditton, um... yeah.

Jareditton Captain Vul orgasm Halberd sprite joy
Looks like someone is having a "dot orgasm".

Jareditton loves us, and we love him too. "You guys are, like, my favorite guys ever because you guys are super cool." That's one of the best endorsements we've ever had. So we'll return the favour: KoopaTV endorses Jareditton, and we're adding him as an affiliate!

Looks like Rawk has something to add as well.

Jareditton Mii Pokémon Rumble World Miiverse
“Hello Jareditton!”

So...That just about does it. If you have your own reactions to our music video, or would like to congratulate Jareditton, then let us know in the comments.

You can subscribe to Jareditton here! Probably a good idea. Isn't it so KoopaTV to have a reaction to someone else's reaction to itself? It matches the site's reactionary nature. Keep reading KoopaTV daily to get much more of that. 

Did you subscribe to him? Either way, help his charity stream out here!

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