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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dragon Quest X and XI: First Games on Nintendo NX?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - What if "NX" is really Roman lettering, too?

It looks like Square Enix is on a roll: After decidedly winning E3, they still have more to announce little over a month later. Their E3 conference left a little sour jab at Nintendo with their now-famous quote that they have diverse offerings for "every viable platform" yet not a single game announced was on a Nintendo platform. That changes now, because Square Enix reportedly announced Dragon Quest XI is coming to the 3DS (well, pretty much all of the games in the main series are playable on Nintendo portables) and also to the Nintendo NX, along with the porting of Dragon Quest X. (Then they tried to mask their announcement by saying it was merely "under consideration".)

Remember: The Nintendo NX isn't even officially announced yet, making these Dragon Quest games the first ones that have been confirmed to appear. Or even the first to be considered, since it's only speculation from fans that The Legend of Zelda on Wii U will appear on it ala Twilight Princess appearing on both GameCube and Wii.

Isn't it interesting that Square Enix is the very first company to do this? Is it a sign of strong third-party support for the Nintendo NX? And is it confirmed to be on the console side of things, rather than the portable? After all, Dragon Quest XI could've been for the "Wii U and NX".

Speaking of the NX and Dragon Quest XI, notice something... weird now?

Nintendo NX Roman Numerals N TEN name conspiracy
The NX... is in the name of Nintendo.

With all of the Roman numerals going on in the Dragon Quest series, I just had to notice it. The "NX" is also in Roman numeral format. They used to use "N" for "zero" waaay back in the day because they didn't have a real numeral for zero. "X" is, of course, 10. Seen in Dragon Quest X (you know, the game that is supposed to be the subject of this article), Final Fantasy X... but NOT Mega Man X. Don't make that mistake.

So we're left with "null 10"? "010"? Or maybe "0010". Or "000000010." Those are all "two" in binary, and you can consider the "do" in Nintendo's name to be the abbreviation for "ditto", another symbol of "two".  I dunno, man. What I do know is that the "N Ten", or "NX" is right in Nintendo's own name, as seen in the image above.

This clearly means something big. This is a revelation. I just don't really know what it means by myself. But maybe you do, or your friends would. So share this to all your buddies, and together, we can solve the NX mystery!

Maybe Ninten has the answers, besides representing MOTHER 3's soon-to-be-release.
So EarthBound Beginnings really WAS a stealth NX announcement at E3?!

Sorry that Ludwig hijacked what must be great news about Dragon Quest to go into conspiracy theories about what the NX is. If you're a Dragon Quest fan, be sure to let Ludwig know what he's missing by not going into further detail about it.

Of course, whether or not these Dragon Quest games will come outside of Japan is another story.


  1. Maybe it's N-10, for the 10th generation of consoles, skipping over 9 just like Microsoft did with Windows 10! (I don't know, this isn't a serious theory. xD)

    On the topic of Dragon Quest XI, I love what it's doing with the 3DS's bottom screen! It's like an old-school RPG while the fancy 3D graphics are on the top!

    1. Is the difference between the action displayed on the top and bottom screens purely cosmetic mirroring, or are there interactions between the two screens? (Because the latter would be an interesting gameplay element!)
      ...But yeah I do like the bottom screen graphics better.

      Rawk and I had a talk after this article was published suggesting that a lot of people do think that's a serious theory:

      RawkHawk2010 11:41 pm
      but hasn't everyone already been saying that?

      Nintendork 13 13 11:42 pm
      No one's said that.
      They think it's fucking
      "Nintendo Cross"

      RawkHawk2010 11:42 pm
      All I've seen is people saying that
      This ain't new dude.

      Nintendork 13 13 11:42 pm
      Yes it is. >_>

      RawkHawk2010 11:42 pm
      no it ain't

      Nintendork 13 13 11:42 pm
      Yes it is!

      RawkHawk2010 11:42 pm
      Everyone thought Nintendo was borrowing Microsoft's strategy
      Of skipping to "10" in a numbered series because it sounds nice.

      Nintendork 13 13 11:43 pm
      Microsoft never called it the Ten Box.

      RawkHawk2010 11:43 pm
      Windows 10.
      No Windows 9.

      Nintendork 13 13 11:44 pm
      Wot about Internet Explorer 9?

      RawkHawk2010 11:48 pm

    2. So far, it appears purely cosmetic (which I have no problems with), but some people suggested it could have a gameplay use. Someone made a Super Paper Mario comparison and suggested the viewpoints would make different things visible.

      Wow, I didn't realize anyone else thought of the Microsoft thing. Huh. Like you, I've heard the "Nintendo Cross" theory most often.
      Microsoft skipped straight to Windows 10 to distance itself further from Windows 8.

    3. That'd be awesome. :D

      Rawk never actually gave any names or locations or anything that people have thought about the Microsoft thing. I still think he's making things up, as he does pretty frequently.
      Yeah Windows 8 sucks so it makes sense why Microsoft would distance itself from it. But the same can't apply to Nintendo. OBVIOUSLY the successor won't be named after the Wii again, so they'd "distance" themselves by default and wouldn't have to go for the 10 thing to do it.

      Nintendo can't just skip a console generation by having a 10 in the name. All that'll do is confuse people and make them look really stupid in the ninth generation version of this article when it's made.

      (Most people — most gamers and pretty much every non-gamer that's part of that blue ocean — aren't even aware there have been eight generations of game consoles now, so who are they trying to impress?)

    4. Well, when Microsoft released the "Xbox One" as the third console with the Xbox name, and Nintendo revealed the "New Nintendo 3DS" to have the fun of asking for a new old Nintendo 3DS or a used New Nintendo 3DS, etc., I wondered if they were in a competition for most confusing/illogical names. So saying it would confuse people doesn't really damage the theory. :P

  2. Princess Kumie's Wii U checklist:
    Splatoon: check
    EarthBound Beginnings: As a ROM, not official.
    Zelda Wii U: Pfft, I wish. Hurry up, Nintendo.
    Smash Bros. U: Not my most wanted U game, but I'll definitely grab it soon.

    Am I missing anything?

    1. ...
      Well, there are a lot of games on the Virtual Console/eShop that would interest you.

    2. Liiiiike?
      Help me out, Luddy~! ;^;

    3. I'm not buying a cheap EarthBound wannabe. Hmph! *turns back to you*


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