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Friday, July 3, 2015

KoopaTV's Blogspot Independence: Announcing!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Our own domain name. Finally.

Remember how Vortexica said on our two-year anniversary that we needed our own domain name? And a month earlier I said I was too stingy to buy KoopaTV a domain name?

Well, we would like to announce that KoopaTV is now moving to

KoopaTV July 4 Independence Day banner celebration domain name change

We are having our independence from our address! We are no longer beholden to our Google overlords! And that's a good thing, given their history of outright censorship of property such as KoopaTV.

Disclaimer: was purchased using Google Domains and we are still using Blogger to publish KoopaTV. ...So we're actually even more beholden to our Google overlords than before. 

So... What exactly are the benefits of our domain name? Well, it's shorter, so you can fit the whole url into a 3DS or Wii U 16-character message! Also, there is e-mail forwarding, which means I've updated our Contacts page and various pages throughout KoopaTV with our fancy new e-mail addresses. In addition, buying our own domain name means people can take us more seriously, in the "we're going to be sticking around for a while" sense.

By the way, ".org" really does sound authoritative and important, doesn't it? And it's true, we ARE an organisation. Great sites use ".org", like Wikipedia or TV Tropes. So that should also make people want to share our articles more, 'cause hey, the ".org" just sounds like we know what we're talking about a lot more than some fly-by-night "".

Anticipate the change sometime July 3rd or July 4th. I'm not immediately switching from after this is published 'cause the site might be down in transition and if people can't read this then this article is pointless, right? Regardless, all pages and images should be nicely redirected to And if they're not, then that's a problem!

Update later 7/3/2015: As you can probably figure out, we made the switch. Let us known if there are any problems.

Let Ludwig know about any problems that occur from the transition so he can address them. Or YOU can address them if you join KoopaTV's staff as an IT guy! Have a great Independence Day!

Check out our music video to celebrate our new domain name here!
TV Tropes is so great that KoopaTV has opened up a TV Tropes page!
One year later, Ludwig evaluates how the transition has impacted KoopaTV.


    LET'S DO IT.

    1. Amusingly, 10 pizzas costs way more than the cost of the domain name. lol

      LET'S DO IT

  2. Replies
    1. I actually messaged the webmaster of that and he said that we couldn't have it since his businesscards all still say even though they moved websites.

  3. Replies
    1. Pft, I betcha wish you were

    2. I'm quite happy with my .com. :P
      Besides, I'm not an organization.

    3. You're a commercial enterprise!

      How about ? That's unrestricted too.

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah!
      Want to be on KoopaTV's e-mail list so our articles show up right to your e-mail?


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