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Friday, July 17, 2015

EVO 2015 and Splatfest July 17-19!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - A weekend of gaming. ...What Iwata would've wanted.

My apologies for not publishing this article early in the morning, but I've been so busy watching EVO 2015 and Super Smash Bros. Melee and that I didn't really have time! And then I remembered, "Oh, I better let the KoopaTV players know so they don't miss the rest of it."

Check out this Smashboards post for the schedules of every game, and streams, at the biggest fighting game tournament ever. Many many thousands!

Update 7/19/2015: The stream for top 8 Super Smash Bros. Melee is here.

EVO Championship Series 2015 Pac-Man Super Smash Bros. For Wii U quarterfinals Nintendo EE
Sponsors include: CAPCOM, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft!
Commentator EE face-palming Pac-Man, of course. Also, look! It's an Iwata cameo! Rest in peace.

Are you more of someone who wants to play games rather than watch high-level play? Then definitely play Splatoon this Saturday because the next Splatfest will be going on! (Splatoon is also available in non-tournament forme on the EVO floor.) Roller coasters vs. water slides!

Splatoon Splatfest Rollercoaster versus Water Slide milk
Water slide? Looks more like a milk slide, which is even better.

But yeah, I'm Team Water Slide. I was Team Cat last Splatfest, and I'm not too happy about how it ended. Team Cat's members were more skilled than those mutts, but Team Dog still won because of, pft, popularity.
Miiverse Splatoon in-game post Team Water Slide Ludwig
(As of November 2017, Ludwig has an A+ in Splatoon's Ranked Battle.)

Yup, I have a B in Splatoon. Still pretty low of a grade for my standards, but I think I get an A+ in KoopaTV so far. I mean, last week I released a super-awesome music video and all, so check that out if you haven't. Or again, if you have. Meanwhile, I'll... actually have to split my time between playing Splatoon and helping Team Water Slide, and watching all the amazing Super Smash Bros. action at EVO!

By the way. If you subscribe to the EVO stream(s) on Twitch, your $12 money will go to a scholarship for the game design centre for New York University. So it's a good cause for good quality watching. You can watch without the subscription, too, but I hear it's a worse experience. ...Still, at least you can see wot's going on the screen (see the first screenshot this article), and that's good enough!

By comparison, $12 could buy you a domain name like, so Ludwig thinks that buying a domain name is more important than buying a subscription to EVO's Twitch channels. Regardless, Ludwig hopes to see you in Splatoon on Saturday!

Ludwig wrote earlier in the year that APEX 2015 was the biggest Super Smash Bros. tournament ever. These records keep getting wrecked. 
Ludwig also wrote about EVO 2014 last year, and Nintendo's involvement in it.
Ludwig writes in detail about popularity and skill differences and their implications.
Meanwhile, Europe's Splatfest was on Eating vs. Sleeping, and Ludwig had a problem with the results.
EVO 2016 didn't get a real article to itself, but a passing mention of how bad it was for SSB4 here.
EVO 2017 wants you to vote for its ninth game, and Ludwig has a special request.

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