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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Donald Trump doxxed Lindsey Graham!?

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Where I come from, that's unacceptable.

Obviously, us politically-minded folks at KoopaTV haven't ignored Donald Trump's skyrocketing in the polls.

RealClearPolitics GOP polling average July 9 to July 19 Donald Trump data Republican presidential nomination
Look how many columns that table has!

The only thing rising faster than Trump's poll numbers (and the number of Republican Party candidates running for president) is Donald Trump's... total lack of control. Alternatively, it's completely deliberate. I mean, we're writing about him right now! (Rand Paul attributes that attention as the reason why Trump is rising in the polls. Well, do I have to endorse Rand Paul again?)

It's been internally noted (and I'm sure also noted on the KoopaTV fan discussion forums across the Internet) that Donald Trump appears to be the personification of KoopaTV. The man speaks the truth. The guy presents it with tremendous levity. Seriously, he's speaking what people are thinking but he's doing it hilariously. Exactly like KoopaTV.

But there's a difference between Donald Trump and KoopaTV, besides the whole he's-a-person and we-are-a-website thing:

Donald Trump, at the end of the speech (everything before that is trashing Lindsey Graham for being a loser and begging Trump for a Fox News endorsement), doxxes Senator Lindsey Graham (candidate for president and also a failed Visual Competition contestant) by telling the crowd Graham's phone number. We could've embedded a video with the phone number censored out, but this has more impact.

Update 7/22/2015: The original video we embedded here was deleted by the user, so we replaced it with this one. Perhaps it's getting Content ID'd?
Update 8/5/2015: And now the uploader of THAT got their account deleted by YouTube. Screw it, go find it yourself. 

...Besides that one time that KoopaTV doxxed a different presidential candidate thereby doing exactly what we're criticising Donald Trump for doing, KoopaTV is completely different than Donald Trump. (And Herman Cain never trusted us with any information, we just took it from Georgia's Secretary of State website.) We would never dox people we don't like, which means we just spill their personal information to anyone.

KoopaTV has ethics along with it's Truth and Levity. We're also pretty respectful of the people we disagree with. Donald Trump literally is a bully on Twitter.
This is all very comparable to the videogame industry, where doxxing is a huge problem because the industry has this problem where if you disagree with someone, you have to ruin their life. And of course, doxxing is the first step for swatting someone. That's also prevalent in online gaming.

People across the ideology spectrum in the videogame industry have been and continue to be doxxed by angry or terrible people. It's an awful practice, and now it seems Donald Trump is their candidate of choice. On this issue, anyway. It seems like a problem that's more prevalent within videogames than other industries, which probably means there is just something wrong with videogame fans (or haters) than there are other folks.

By the way, we'll agree with Donald Trump on one thing: John McCain is a total loser and he really is only revered as a "war hero" now because he got captured. While we should appreciate and respect anyone who chooses to defend their country, John McCain has managed to use his "I went through torture in Vietnam!" card to weasel his way from criticism of his awful policy and all-around uselessness. And apparently being captured makes him a foreign policy "expert", also known as trying to ruin America by making it go to war with every country, including Koopa Kingdom.

You know who the real war heroes are that we appreciate? Our fallen Troopas, who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. You don't have to die in order to be a hero — you just have to not waste your life in vain. If you fight for something, then you better stand up to the righteous principles you believe in. Our Troopas fought and died from our enemies, but they were meaningful. John McCain? He's been nothing but a loser all his life and continues to be, as he believes in the wrong things while making America worse off. The Troopas also don't spend every waking hour reminding people of their sacrifice (by virtue of them being dead), and KoopaTV staffer Rawk is actively seeking out other big names to answer the Burning Question so that he too can avoid bragging about the same old thing from eons ago.

By the way, the first presidential debate is really soon. Like, less than three weeks away. You bet we'll watch it, and we'll remind you as it comes up.

Ludwig is still endorsing Rand Paul for president, but his thoughts don't necessarily represent his employer's. KoopaTV stands against doxxing people, and wishes for the videogame industry to lose this nasty habit. Meanwhile, Ludwig will willingly give you this information about himself: You can find him on Miiverse at NNID PrinceOfKoopas! Follow him!

Here is KoopaTV's reminder regarding the debate!
Donald Trump's counterpart, Ledge Trump, is running for president of a game company.
If it were up to Donald Trump, everyone would be doxxed at all times on their phones.
Despite Ludwig saying that Trump is completely different than KoopaTV, KoopaTV endorses him and states their similarities.


  1. Funny, my grandmother voted for McCain during 2008's election because she believed Obama was going to ruin the country, slowly but surely.
    Alas, he is doing just that, but she voted for him blindly, not really acknowledging McCain's flaws.

    Also, doxxing somebody? Really? If anything, Hillary deserved it!

    1. Your grandmother was right.

      Unfortunately, America suffers a lot from "lesser-of-two-evils" and hasn't gotten away from that since Reagan. So we've had generations of voters who associate the civics process as a pretty crappy one, without any baseline for a true option where you don't have to hold your nose while voting.

      But yeah, McCain was such a lousy candidate. A lot of people pretended that they were actually voting for Sarah Palin.

      Well there's nothing to really dox Hillary with.

    2. But teh e-mailz. :v
      Well, that doesn't really count as doxxing.
      Even though it is surely revealing private conversations/information.
      SNEAKY HILLY. :3

      Reagan was horrible.

    3. The e-mails were always supposed to be public to begin with, so...

      Hillary shouldn't try to get pity for them becoming public now.

      Reagan was a fantastic candidate either way.


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