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Thursday, December 31, 2015


By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - On your browser, for free, on KoopaTV! (Press-kit at the bottom, advertisement video even further below, game embed after page-break.)

You've waited a year since our last game, but the time for patience is finally over. You can at last enjoy yourselves by playing KoopaTV's third videogame! What a great way to close out 2015, and shame to all the other gaming sites that have already declared their game of the year for 2015. This may be the last game to be released in the year 2015 (and in some timezones we're in 2016 already), but at KoopaTV, we've intended it to be a contender for the best.

We would like to introduce you to Capture the Confederate Flag. This is a game thematically inspired by all of the confederate flag controversies earlier in 2015. It'd be cool if the game could release immediately during that fallout, but game development takes time and can't take advantage of current events.

We're aware that in the digital space, the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia is being censored from many gaming portals. We hope that won't happen to our game for its tasteful portrayal of Southern heritage.

Capture the Confederate Flag features characters and themes that avid KoopaTV fans may recognise, such as Robert E. Stoutland and Confederate Metagross. It also uses the Stars and Firebars sprite I made over two and a half years ago that I thought was clever enough to be its own article. (Though it wasn't the only article that day.) We've also seen one of the villains. So let's just embed the game already:

Note: If the embed doesn't work, click here. Or it could mean the game got censored off of existence, in which case clicking there won't help. Let us know if that happens. 

Note 2: Click here for a less laggy version of the game for worse computers. It's very slightly different gameplay-wise and a bit worse graphically. Close superfluous programs!

The game provides the opportunity to learn a fact or two about each of the eleven states that formally joined the Confederate States of America back in the early 1860s. Whether it be Alabama's cotton production or Tenneessee's penchant for being musical, it's an educational experience that I think represents the Southern United States well, compared to its usually awful representation. Still, fun first before education, of course!

And it wouldn't be a KoopaTV game if there wasn't some political agenda behind it, so let's talk about what the setting is in-universe.

It's a not-so-distant future where Hillary Clinton is the “ruler of America”, and she has ordered that every Confederate object in the Southern states be moved to a museum in Washington DC, where she believes they belong. (She probably believes they're symbols of hatred, or maybe she's just a shrill jerk.) These include every state capital's Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, along with General Robert E. Lee's casket.

You play as Robert E. Lillipup, a young pup that sees his region's history being stripped from within. Now instead of traditional Southern values permeating the land, there are assholes like Dylann Roof taking women hostage and shooting people. Robert undergoes a coming-of-age story as he fights back and travels the Southern states. He's only a young'n, so the only move he's learned is Secret Power. Fortunately, that's all he needs, since Secret Power's effect changes depending on the location! Robert breaks into the Washington DC museum repeatedly, guided by a hologram of General Lee while pursued by Hillary Clinton.

What happens when the flags are returned to every state capital? A legendary figure appears from the past, not content with Hillary's utter incompetence. Then it's truly time for war...

Capture the Confederate Flag Press Kit

Capture the Confederate Flag
PC — browser-based (Adobe Flash Player)

Capture the Confederate Flag title screen.

General Robert E. Lee's hologram talking to Robert E. Lillipup.

Did Hillary Clinton catch Bill Clinton doing something bad in Arkansas?

There's a lot of love and care that went into this game, with tons of details that fans of Pokémon will enjoy. If you're a CAPCOM fan you might enjoy some of the references as well. Not to mention if you're a fan of the Southern USA, want to be, or just like games in the style of The Legend of Zelda for the NES! There's something for everyone, so please play the game! Enjoy.

Strategy Guides

  1. Part 1: The Basics
  2. Part 2: Secret Power & The States
  3. Part 3: Boss Rush!

Obviously, now there will be a substantive stretch of time where KoopaTV will spend its time promoting this new game, Capture the Confederate Flag! If you have any questions or feedback, let us know in the comments section. Stay tuned to KoopaTV for more opportunities for you to participate regarding this game! Have a great new year!


  1. This is by far the best game I've played all year! The voice acting is top-notch, the music is memorable, and the characters are easy to identify with. Although I didn't complete the game, (the North Carolina Boss fight is nearly impossible) that didn't stop me from putting an end to Hillary Clinton's reign of terror. If this wasn't enough to convince you play Capture the Confederate Flag, then I don't know what will.

    1. Thank you, thank you.

      North Carolina can be tough without the Liechi Berry from rescuing Petilil in South Carolina, but it's doable without it, too. Just hope the boss doesn't heal too much, but even then it's doable it just takes a lot of time. Patience is key. ☺

  2. Not sure if it is due to my end but during the second phase of the game after defeating the boss in that area the berry sometimes disappears and I am unable to heal myself. I am not sure how some attacks work either like that palm tree not regenerating right away or that special attack in North Carolina.

    1. The Palmetto tree acts like Villager's Down-B from Super Smash Bros. Consider the spacebar to be your down-b presses.

      The Tar-Heel basically just has you press it and then think of it like... a Splatoon ink trail. Or, what it really is, which is you press space and you get to lay down a hitbox that lasts for a few seconds and it follows you.

      The berry doesn't disappear, it just happens to spawn where you are. You'll notice your HP goes up by 5 either way!

  3. Just finished the game! Best flash game in played all year lol, want to write a review for the rewards program but not sure how....

    1. :)

      Did you read the Guest Posts explanation article?

      If you have and you're still confused then we'll talk about it!

      How to write a review is entirely up to you. I write my reviews a bit differently than, say, IGN would, but you're free to do what your philosophy is.

    2. yeah i read it but was a little confused, but im sure if i read it again ill understand it (if not then ill be back here lol)


    here is the long play!
    the reason why i had to upload it was because when saved the video it became very choppy, so i uploaded it directly from the screen recorder! (if you dont want it up now i can take it down)

  5. i tried the new version and it definitely runs smoother.... buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut when the recorder is running at the same time it slows down the frame rate....

    1. I'm... not really sure if I can do anything about that. It sounds like the recorder's fault!

    2. Yup it is, so I guess I wont be anle to record it in the end .-.

  6. This game was a blast! I beat it 100% on my first try and decided to play it without power-ups or rescuing anyone, which took a couple of tries to beat Lincoln because I died when he was at 1 HP in the final phase.


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