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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

KoopaTV's November 2015 Review Newsletter

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Hearing your feedback soft but clear.

KoopaTV is a site by a person and for the people. We want to be the best KoopaTV that we can! And so we're shoring up some issues, as you'll see in another "we have headers with anchors" edition of our monthly review newsletters!

So what happened in November? Great levels of activity, and greatness from us and you. Also, it went by SUPER fast.

Let's start with KoopaTV's greatness. As I always have written, every article on the site is worth reading, and that truism won't die down. But here are my top five recommended articles in chronological order that you really gotta read if you didn't read anything else from November! (And what's wrong with you, if you haven't?)

  1. King Activision: Murders and Executions
  2. Myth: School Takes Up All Your Time!
  3. Was the November 2015 Nintendo Direct THAT Mind-Blowing?
  4. Localisation Is Not Censorship
  5. Gluten Wars the Splatfest: Pizza vs. Burgers
There are definitely awesome articles not included in the above list. It's just if I had more than five it'd be breaking tradition, and you'd be less likely to actually look at these! 'cause you might as well just look on the sidebar and randomly click things from November 2015. Not that I'm against you doing that. Anyway...

KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program Leaderboard

Time for another list! This time, it's about the best readers of the site. (Uh oh, value judgment.) But hey, these ranks are quantitative and totally manipulable by you! Anyway, the three people at the top of this list by the end of December will win $30, $15, or $5 in Amazon credit! (Donated by the person in first place, so that probably explains why she's going try-hard. Which is fine by me! I'd do the same!) So here are the standings as of the end of November 30, 2015. Which is also as of publishing. You can see them in real-time here.
  1. Samantha Lienhard — 73 points
  2. ShinyGirafarig — 39 points
  3. Emilia Syntax — 35 points
  4. Kody B. — 30 points
  5. Sam — 23 points
  6. Harman Smith — 17 points 
If these point values look relatively high compared to previous months, note that there is a new and well-received (if I say so myself) way of getting points that is new to this round!

KoopaTV's Feedback Forms and Quizzes

Have you checked out the "Feedback and Quizzes" section of the site? You really ought to. That's new as of November. Every Loyalty Rewards Program round (so every two months, though that can change if we want!) there will be a new feedback form and quiz you can fill out, made via Google Forms! You get points for filling out the feedback form, and you get points for doing the quiz correctly! Plus, I hear they're very fun to take. We don't HAVE to have a front-loaded distribution for filled out forms over time, since it doesn't matter if you take the quiz on day 1 or day 50.

For people who don't answer these anonymously (and who I actually have contact information for) I also get to engage in some conversations with folks over some of the feedback they give. Now, some stuff I can't change. Don't have the resources, or it's just not... possible. Some of the feedback just doesn't make sense, but hey, that's fun for the staff to read too. (One anonymous feedback giver, who also said they're new to KoopaTV, said we need to upgrade the quality and production values of our YouTube videos. ...What? But we don't have a KoopaTV YouTube channel...)

We might make more than one of these per KoopaTV Loyalty Rewards Program round in the future, but hey, they're surprisingly hard to make well.

There was reoccurring feedback on a certain issue, which is...

KoopaTV Is Looking To Expand Its Staff!

It's true! And you shouldn't doubt that it's true considering we've been plugging this bit in our review newsletters for months now. People especially want more content writers, since that's the position with the most visible impact. Folks want to see other writers. They all love me the most, but I agree it's nice to let other folks yap. Hey, I'm not STOPPIN' you.

What we're really looking for are trustworthy people who can write thoughtfully and coherently. It's better if you DISAGREE with KoopaTV orthodoxy, but I get that you're more likely to stick around and read this newsletter to begin with if you're more friendly with the stuff we write. That's the problem with self-selection and confirmation bias! So I guess it's okay no matter what your views are, as long as you... have any kind of views. And can write them. In correct English syntax. I want to maintain our quality taglines!

Please e-mail jobs(at) if you're the slightest bit interested. We'd love to hear from you.

If you want, you can write guest posts and not be on our staff. Learn all about that here!

Our Games Are Playable Again

We don't like giving up at KoopaTV. So when we've written that our games got censored out of existence, we fought back and didn't accept that fate. So, play Defend Anita Sarkeesian embedded right here. As for Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!, play it off-site here. Fair warning: It'll take a while to load the first time, but it'll get there eventually. You ought to know how to get things to load faster, so try that.

We also have an open beta for our game that we want to formally release (and announce) by the end of this month. We're proud to invite you to give your feedback on that game and play it here. Remember... it's a beta! Anything can change, especially with your feedback! See how much I'm pushing this collaborative narrative?

Edit 12/21/2015: Link to the beta changed since a new version is up.
Edit 12/25/2015: Link to the beta changed since a newer version is up.
Edit 12/27/2015: Link to the beta changed since an even newer version is up.

Looking forward, there is one month left until 2016. Why not end 2015 amazingly? You can help that happen by (re)sharing KoopaTV's articles around to folks. Heck, just liking/favouriting helps too. Your participation helps save Ludwig from being so much of a disgruntled old Koopa that he just says screw it and calls it quits.

Last month's newsletter is here!
Next month's, and the last month of 2015, is here.
For last year's November newsletter, click here.
For next year's November newsletter in 2016, click here.


  1. That's a major difference in points there between the one currently in first place and second place. Can anyone catch up at this point?


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