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Monday, November 5, 2018

No Political Party's Candidate Wants To Be On Record About Daylight Savings Time

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Massachusetts Senate candidates are dodging the number one issue.

If you reside in the United States of America (and you're in one of the vast majority of the states), I ask you: did you have fun adjusting your clocks because of Daylight Savings Time ending? What about again in March when it started? It's already coming back soon.

Sure, you “gained” an hour of sleep (or late-night game playing), but it was all unnecessary had the government not intruded on the sacred (and confusing) idea of time to begin with back in March. KoopaTV has been trying to get a citizen uprising to abolish Daylight Savings Time around the North America and Europe for several years now, and it comes down to each country's legislatures.

This election cycle, I decided to try to get an interview with the one Senate candidate in the United States most likely to agree to an interview with KoopaTV: Mr. Allen R. Waters, Independent (write-in) candidate from Massachusetts. Maybe you can see why I thought he'd agree to an interview when you read what I sent.

On September 7, 2018, I sent this e-mail to his campaign:

Dear Mr. Waters,
We're KoopaTV, one of the most innovative videogame websites out there. We would like to have a far-ranging e-mail interview with you, spanning topics like the FAIRtax, party politics, freedom of speech and gaming, as well as some miscellaneous, personal questions about your background and interests.

While we are a videogame commentary site, we have significant presence in global politics, especially the United States. (And, of course, we have readers in Massachusetts.) We've interviewed fellow FAIRtax supporter Herman Cain, have endorsed the FAIRtax ourselves (in collaboration with Americans for Fair Taxation), and, to be fair & balanced, have hosted a guest article written by none other than Bernie Sanders.

Please consider the request. We'd publish the entire interview on KoopaTV, and of course, promote it (and by extension, you).

Thank you,
He responded with...

...Well, he didn't respond. So, on September 11, 2018, to be fair & balanced and give all sides an equal opportunity to respond, I sent the following e-mails to Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate Geoff Diehl, and incumbent Democrat Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren:
“Hello Mr. Diehl,

We at KoopaTV are trying to understand the position of each of the Massachusetts Senate candidates on the important issue of Daylight Savings Time.
Congress not only controls Daylight Savings Time across the nation, but if a state such as Massachusetts wishes to take a states’ rights position for how it runs its time, it needs Congressional approval.

What would a Senator Diehl do?

Thank you,”
“Hello Ms. Warren,

We at KoopaTV are trying to understand the position of each of the Massachusetts Senate candidates on the important issue of Daylight Savings Time.
Congress not only controls Daylight Savings Time across the nation, but if a state such as Massachusetts wishes to take a states; rights position for how it runs its time, it needs Congressional approval.

What is Senator Warren's position on this, especially since this issue has already come across the Senate floor?

Thank you,”
Interestingly, I got a reply from Elizabeth Warren on the same day (September 11), though it was clearly an automated one:
“Dear Ludwig,

Thank you for writing to us and for making your voice heard! Speaking out is a powerful tool that makes our democracy stronger. One of our team members should be back in touch over the next 3 to 5 days with a response.

In the meantime, check out our website to learn more about Elizabeth and how she is fighting for families in Massachusetts and all across the country.

You can also follow Elizabeth on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Thank you very much!
-Team Warren  ”
Perhaps Elizabeth Warren and her staff are as confused about time as Elizabeth Warren was confused about her Native American heritage, because it's been way past 3 to 5 days and there was never a response.

There you have it. KoopaTV reached out to an Independent, a Republican, and a Democrat all in the same Senate race. No one wanted to talk to us or be on record about Daylight Savings Time. (In the case of Mr. Waters, I don't think he's actually even running a campaign anymore, or ever was running a campaign, seeing as how the dude does no campaign activity besides infrequent social media.)

Daylight Savings Time is one of those dangerous, bipartisan things where the parties work together to keep the government in control of time.

Citizens. Take back control of your government. Return control of time to Dialga. SPEAK UP AND SPEAK OUT!

Ludwig is going to be writing a bit more about the elections tomorrow, because that's when the mid-term election is in the United States. Anticipate it being published BEFORE the polls close.

Ludwig once questioned who the hell from Massachusetts would read KoopaTV.
KoopaTV's first Daylight Savings article back in 2015 about how screwy it makes things.
In 2016, KoopaTV passed on a petition for people to sign.
In 2017, KoopaTV wrote a letter to the President about DST.
When Daylight Savings ended in 2017, KoopaTV wrote another letter.
Let this article influence who you vote for in the mid-terms 2018...
KoopaTV's 2019 Daylight Savings Time article looked into why it exists to begin with. You'll be surprised.
Well, the President actually went and replied in 2019. In public. As did a Democrat! Wow! The bipartisan coalition is slipping...
Ludwig goes into greater detail about Elizabeth Warren's refusal to comment to KoopaTV. It's a pattern.
There is a bipartisan bill in Congress to make Daylight Saving Time permanent, but it can only get out of committee with your urging.
In a refreshing twist, the OTHER Democrat Party Massachusetts Senator, Ed Markey, is open about his opinion on Daylight Saving(s) Time.


  1. All I learned is all politicians hate families with children even if they say they are for families. My daughter has not adjusted yet to the new times and her body still operates as if it was still an hour later. She gets cranky an hour earlier which is a sign she is tired and she still wakes up an hour earlier meaning her parents have to get up earlier too.

    1. On Monday night there was a whole bunch of car crashes along the road because it suddenly was very dark after work.

      Tonight I almost got into a car accident. <_<


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