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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today's Taxes Could Be Funding Our Lifestyle

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Still support the welfare state now?

Today is April 15. You know what that means? It's the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Condolences to all our readers from Massachusetts.

...Nevermind, who the hell from Massachusetts would read KoopaTV?

April 15 is also tax collection day. If you haven't sent the IRS your hard-earned money yet, then they'll probably send their vultures after you. Incidentally, April 21 is Tax Freedom Day.That means, starting January 1, you're working from then to April 21 just to pay your taxes for the year. Everything after that you get to spend on things that you actually need to live on. Like food, rent, Obamacare premiums, and videogames.

What do those taxes go to? Some of them goes to fund welfare programs. It turns out that we at KoopaTV could apply to those and make a living off them. Sure, that'd be fraud, but we could at least get our meals that way.

Back in the late 1990s, Rick Santorum authored a revamp of the American welfare system. This required that you had to work to get your welfare or be in training or try to find it. It gave block grants to the states and they have their own individual requirements now. The ol' "you give cash to poor people to spend on drugs" is called TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), and it kind of expired. But it's still around. I dunno, I'm not an expert, I'm just trying to write something provacative. Point is, it's for families with children. So none of us are in families, so none of us can get TANF. No cash for us.

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program AKA food stamps) is still here, and yeah, we can get it. Just look at Alabama's. Plenty of people say you can't actually live off welfare, but... I dunno, maybe you can if you are a pro at gaming the system. It might be easier to figure out how to do that than applying for a job.

So maybe we can't abuse it now. We used to be able to, before welfare reform. That's why reforming government programs is a good thing. Got to examine them with a critical eye and make sure they work. You don't really get the incentive to do that if you're in an echo chamber, and make it customary to punish those who question your dogma. In other words, if we had a one-party system (Democrat), welfare reform would never happen. Then it would truly be easy for US taxpayers to subsidize KoopaTV: You would be paying for us to live a relatively comfortable lifestyle to just type inflammatory shit every day designed to piss people off reveal the truth about the videogame industry.

On another note, we also don't want a one-party system of Republicans either. That didn't accomplish much good, either.

In conclusion: Advocate for not just tax reform, but replacing the tax code. And keep an eye out for fraud and abuse. You don't want KoopaTV to be living off your money.

That said, you're free to donate to us. We just don't have a button for it.

It's not tax-deductible. But your taxes are due in like 10 minutes from publishing anyway. So when you actually read this... pew.

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