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Friday, April 25, 2014

KoopaTV's Ad Policy

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Please turn off Adblock.

It's official! KoopaTV is monetized. That does not mean we're sellouts to anyone or anything. We're already corporate slaves... or something. From the very beginning. Nothing will change in that respect!

The point is, is that you now see ads up. These are provided by Google AdSense. KoopaTV has no relationship with any of the companies you see advertising. Unless we do. But if we do, then that has no relationship with why they're there. Unless it does. Then we'll say that here in an update.

KoopaTV wants you to turn off any adblocking software when browsing KoopaTV. You can do so by doing something like this:

I'm not an expert on other browsers but I'm sure you can figure it out!

We don't like intrusive or unappealing, creepy ads either, so if you see any of those, leave a comment here (or e-mail us at ads(at) with a screenshot of that, or words saying who is providing that ad. We'll ban that advertiser from KoopaTV. Usually we don't like to ban things here, but keeping you safe from abusive ads is very important!

We can force you to disable it on KoopaTV to access it, but we're also not into such authoritarian measures.

Honestly, since these are targeted ads, they can actually be pretty fun to see what Google decides is relevant to the article at hand. We consider it a value-added activity.

For example, this showed up on Trayvon Tyson's Punch-Out!!, except without the redacting. Also she's wearing a shirt, but redacting things is actually kind of fun. KoopaTV does not endorse this company beyond their sponsorship.

We'll maintain the same great content at KoopaTV either way. And perhaps non-same content that's still great. Gotta innovate, you know? Perhaps making money will aid in that process, and we can offer content with a budget of more than zero! Then we can finally make that call to EA's tolled customer service number...!

Update 9/12/2015: KoopaTV's ads have been removed for some reason.


  1. Ad below me:
    Don't Advertise on AdEords

    Until you check out Jumpfly. Awarded best PPC management agency.

    XD Contradicting itself, saying "Don't advertise on AdWords" and then... They go and Advertise on Adwords.

  2. Somewhere out there are people who would put adblock ON solely because of this article.

    1. Sounds like a bunch of bad people.

    2. Yeah. -_-
      (Right before I read this article, I'd watched one of Linkara's videos and saw that there are STILL people giving him grief over asking them to turn off adblock when they watch his videos. I really don't understand that at all. They find him entertaining enough to watch him for 30 minutes every week, but won't let a 30 second ad play because they don't think he deserves to be paid for entertaining them for 30 minutes every week. There really were people who watched his videos with adblock off, and turned it on just because he asked people to turn it off.
      ...Oops. I'm ranting. XD)

    3. Yeah. (I don't know who Linkara is.)

    4. He has a funny show called Atop the Fourth Wall where he reviews bad comic books. A few years ago, a friend sent me one of his videos to watch. I liked it enough to try a couple more, then all the ones he had out, and I've watched every episode ever since. I even went to one of his live shows, at MAGfest.
      This is a very early one, the one my friend sent me (which created two of his memes/inside jokes):
      This is one I just like a lot (and which feels oddly appropriate to this conversation):
      And here's his newest episode, from yesterday:

      Okay. That's enough of my get-Ludwig-to-watch-Linkara campaign. ^_^;;;

    5. I'll, uh, watch when I have time, I guess.


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