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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ludwig Got Banned From Miiverse

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - What am I going to put in my article footers now?!

This has been foreshadowed for a long, long time now. Still, I never wanted this to happen. It's something I've feared for that long time.

Update April 25: To make it clear, PrinceOfKoopas is unbanned from Miiverse on May 1.

To Miiverse Jail! :(

It just so happens that this is the same day that those "infamous Koopalings" are able to be fought in Super Mario Bros. 3's ports on both the 3DS and Wii U. Got notifications on both those today.

Those "infamous Koopalings" are so bad, they need to be banned off Nintendo's social network, Miiverse, too!

Anyway, it's the 12th violation now. Here's what it was:

I run a commentary site. Of course I take things as commentary.

A little bit of background: For a few days after Masahiro Sakurai's Super Smash Bros. Direct, the Smash community on Miiverse was on-topic instead of discussing Shrek or High School DxD. There was a boat-load of new material, some of which I discussed here on KoopaTV. And then, the fact that Miiverse is populated with children on their 3DSs who are apparently on Spring Break took over. Some of these kids didn't even watch the Direct. Many think that no one else on Miiverse knows that the 3DS version is coming out in the Summer and Wii U comes out in the Winter, and break the breaking news days later.

"For the best source in news, tune into KoopaTV!"

But I digress. So the community is back to the off-topic mess of memes it was before. So Mr. Carl up there wanted to do something about it. But he wanted to go a bit too far: He wanted only Smash discussion, as opposed to Nintendo discussion in general or discussion about the characters in the context of outside Smash. Still, I made a comment about the off-topic posts and... bam. Admin delete.

(I have reason to believe someone looking through that  post was reporting comments. Perhaps Carl himself. But I have nothing to back that up.)

Anyway, so that's hate/bullying. As usual, I message Miiverse_Admin that I didn't break the Code of Conduct!

A few hours later, I tell Rawk to look at my Yeah'd posts because I Yeah'd something he'd like. He says he can't get to my page. I'm like... "Fuck." Except I said that a lot more times.

I went to my Wii U, and sure enough, I'm restricted from using Miiverse. First Miiverse_Admin said that I really DID break the Code of Conduct. Two minutes, I was temporarily banned for two weeks. Two minutes after that was sent out, my profile message was hidden by an administrator.

What is it like to be banned? You can still read things. PMs, notifications, activity feeds, Sakurai's post of the day. But it's like everyone on Miiverse has blocked you. No Yeahing, no Un-Yeahing, no following, no commenting, no posting, nothing interactive. I can still see my profile and my lists of Friends/Followers/Followed/Yeahs whatever, but only on Wii U version. And maybe 3DS version but I don't look at that. Can't do it on the PC.

My Excel sheet now that I'm banned.
So... that's that. I have to say, I got violations for really stupid reasons. I'll message Nintendo about it and see what happens.

I'm debating whether or not I should make an alternate account or not.

If you want all my violations on one page instead of three, I'd be less-than-happy to provide that but I would.


  1. (For anyone on Miiverse wondering, yes, I can still read your notifications and PMs. And I do read them. So send your condolences.)

    Also apparently I can Follow and Block people. But I can't report.
    I'm assuming Following (and unfollowing) is the only way I can send notifications to people.

  2. Well, Star noticed what I was trying to communicate.

    ...She doesn't seem to realize I was Following her to begin with.

  3. I am quite disappointed about my temp ban, that happened today, Easter. Not sure if it was cumulative, or what, but once I had a drawing of a torpedo removed as "bullying", as an example of how innocuous a Miiverse offense can be.

    I run a "clan" on the Steeldiver: Sub Wars page and it has been a great, almost a mentoring experience as what began as a parody of clans ended up as a mock business, mirroring some of my work in real life. We root each other on and insist on good sportsmanship. Throw some cheer and goodwill around, have some camaraderie and humor.

    Anyway, I think I was blocked for a friend code violation. Someone got the itch to report me and I had a run-in with an offensive poster. In kind, I reported her for having the name "BBC." If you don't know what that refers to, Google is your friend. Then minutes later - BOOM - banned! What a let down. I hope to try a phone appeal. I know it's not worth getting worked up over, but it did feel unjust. I feel that the phone bubbas won't be sympathetic to my cause, but I'll at least spend 3 min. to put forth my opinion.

    1. What's your NNID?

      So a torpedo is bullying but a game about torpedos isn't.

      I know what BBC stands for (unfortunately), but it could also just mean... you know... the broadcasting company.

      I feel like I wouldn't have been temp-banned if I didn't tell Miiverse_Admin that I feel like the attention span post wasn't a violation. That renewed their attention on me that otherwise wouldn't exist, I think.

      I think all bans that happen are because of cumulative reasons. They definitely keep a record on you.

      As for friend code violations, those can actually be insta-bans. I've seen it happen before. Never type a friend code. Always hand-write it.

      If you're really clever, you'll not only hand-write it, but disguise it as something else. Or not have it in standard formatting... like have it over several comments. (And delete them)

      Anyway, thanks for your comment.

  4. Appreciate the sentiments. I'm Hoku Dave.

    I am really bothered that you were immolated by the admins for your post about attention span. Offensive? No way. Maybe someone had it in for you.

    I was able to go in as a ghost to the SubWars group and take a peek. It's awesome to see these young people (and older) rallying and working out their new "chain-of-command", reassuring themselves, shoring up the leaks, patching things up. To the last man! It's a downer to be away, but I'll start working on the mythos of life on the other side. The chats and so forth have been epic; I had no idea that I'd ever enjoy Miiverse.

    1. It's why I've been telling people that Miiverse is pretty much the best reason to get a Wii U, and that's not as an insult to the Wii U library.

      I think that Carl guy (the original poster) was offended that I was disagreeing with him that Smash community should only be about Smash Bros.

      Smash community has its place as the general Nintendo community. YouTube has its place as general whatever community. That said, Shrek and stuff is not general Nintendo, so that shouldn't be there. The kids who post those memes have low attention spans from the Direct, because I don't think Miiverse fully exhausted the amount of discussion that could be had from the Direct. There was a poster above the moment in my screenshot in the article who also had their comment deleted, implying that someone had to have reported both.

      Shoring up the leaks, patching things up... I like your way with words since it's Steel Diver 'n' all.

      Anyway, as long as someone in your community has a Wii U and you do too, you can still communicate with them (outside of alts).

      Wii U users can not only send Follow notifications but they can send 63-character long messages through friend requests.
      ...And obviously Wii U Chat if you're actually friends with the person.

      I had my first ever Wii U Chat with someone in the Ace Attorney community yesterday. You can mute your mic and cover up the camera with something (I used a Kid Icarus Uprising AR card), which also makes the background of the chat black. Which looks pretty cool when you do the doodles.

    2. I politely and concisely (under 1 or 2 min.) described my concerns to a "level 1 supervisor" today, thinking that two adults would be able to reason it out, since I'm not a particularly egregious offender - have never cursed, set out to put someone down, etc. Well, they at least listened, but after talking with the guy, I think that typical business for this kind of phone call is to listen, and then regurgitate out the code of conduct. He said it was only two weeks, not permanent. Oh, thanks. My only desire in calling was to clear my name. Am I satisfied with the outcome? Not really, but it's not a huge deal. Oh, well. This is the epitome of modern-day customer service. Don't expect to get very far if you ever call in.

    3. To be fair, it's still better customer service than Electronic Arts.

      ...KoopaTV has some funny logs from that.

      Well, there was pretty much one really good example of customer service KoopaTV has ever dealt with. You know, what customer service should be.

      Every other example has been downright terrible or objectively bad but we've tried to construe it as good.

      So I still believe that customer service can still be a thing nowadays. I think some companies "get it" and realize it can be a product differentiation.

    4. ...Unfortunately for us, the marginal consumer, the benefits to being helpful apparently are less than the costs.

      That, or people don't know *how* to be helpful.

  5. So THAT'S where you've been all this time! :( I've missed you! Though nothing big has been going on... And going from the info in your article that you can still read posts, hopefully you saw my post about the 200th-thingy? I hope so. But let me tell you, there's been A LOT of drama. You might even consider yourself lucky that you're banned. -_- Anywho, I hope to see you back on soon! :)

    1. I just realized I totally contradicted myself there. There HAS been big stuff going on. :P

    2. Yes, I saw your 200 post thingy.

      I also saw your party that got no posts on Friday but now has like 300+.

      If everyone on Miiverse had a Wii U, I could communicate very easily through friend requests or Wii U Chat.

      But no, people only had dang 3DSs which can't do shit besides send Follow notifications.

    3. Eh, I don't consider myself lucky at all.

      Your drama doesn't actually affect most of what I do on Miiverse, believe it or not. ;)

  6. Y.y.y.y.y. *critical stop* tries again
    Yeah. i Probabally Didnt Notice when i was Looking Around on the Page

  7. How did you make an Excel sheet of that?

    1. The other side of the Excel sheet is a table of all my posts on Miiverse, their date of being posted, and how many Yeahs each of them have.

    2. Back in the day, Miiverse had a total cumulative Yeah counter.

      It got taken away.

      ...So I made one manually.

      With that data, I can make PivotCharts like:


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