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Thursday, April 3, 2014

MK8 Flood Of Info: Wendy Abuse And More!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Speaking of floods, no FLUDD in sight. Good.

You might think to yourself, if you've already seen the smattering of coverage today of Mario Kart 8, "why is Ludwig singling out Wendy O. Koopa?" Well, it's REALLY noticeable, and I'm sensitive to Koopa-abuse.

She's hit by a Red Shell at :46 by Shy Guy, hit by Peach at 1:38 with the new "Eight" item (which is pretty much the Rosalina twirl gravity thing), and hit by Shy Guy AGAIN at 1:46 by the Eight item AGAIN. There is, of course, a lot more to notice than that: New items, courses, characters, awesome music... But dang, Wendy O. Koopa is not doing well here. And I'm pretty sure I don't show up at all.

Speaking of that awesome music, this edition of Rainbow Road might even be better than F-Zero X's Rainbow Road.

Bikes can no longer use Wheelies, and stunts are back! Good! Wheelies ruined Mario Kart Wii and made it "Mario Bike". That's a much less fun game. Meanwhile, stunts are actually a good idea. Either way, this game is looking much better than when I saw it in person at Best Buy.


There is "Mario Kart TV", Nintendo's newest competitor to KoopaTV. Yeah, I guess you all knew about that back at E3 time, but I kind of forgot about it entirely. And that forgetful-ness carried on to when I signed the contract to join the cast. Whatever, so KoopaTV will have more competition. Bring it on! I hear they beat our sister station at F-Zero TV, so now it's time for us. We're ready. Not sure if KoopaTV contributor YoshiRider123 is, though. He's rather attached to Mario Kart Wii and plays it every night.

Since KoopaTV is NOT turning into a liberal Sony-pony mess, it's competing in the same market as "Mario Kart TV". Since apparently no one has a Wii U, it should be a fair fight.

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