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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Play Nintendo: NINTENDO AT E3 2014!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Expect coverage from KoopaTV. Just like E3 2013.

This is huge news. Watch, from Nintendo, about their E3 2014 plans:

The video is reminiscent of their 1990s ads against Sony and SEGA, actually. The one with Star Fox 64 being "leaked". Amazing stuff here.

In summary, we have:
  • Nintendo Digital Event at June 10 2014, 12 PM EST
  • Super Smash Bros. 4 Invitational Tournament at Los Angeles
  • Super Smash Bros. 4 "Smash-Fest" at Best Buy
  • Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3
I'll give brief thoughts on all of these. Right now. Also, Nintendo's E3 site got updated.

So as you may recall last year, Nintendo did a "digital event". In other words, a Nintendo Direct streamed through their site. It was a horrible, buggy, laggy mess. That's why I said they did not do the best job with that format. So now they're repeating the same format. Did they... learn anything? I don't know. Obviously they must still be uncomfortable doing things live in-between Skyward Sword's technical difficulties and Peter Ong's failure of an existence at E3 2012. Hopefully KoopaTV will have no troubles giving wonderful Reaction Logs this year.

The invitational tournament has Smashboards really excited. They think the professionals mentioned, mean, of course, the professionals that the Smash community loves. We hope that they're the same guys too, because that will be a treat to see and they know how to perform and get the most out of their limited time with the game to see how it is, mechanically. They think it will be streamed at Nintendo's Twitch channel. It is, after all, an official Super Smash Bros. tournament. This just might be an expression of Nintendo's new courting of the community starting with the Super Smash Bros. Melee EVO and MLG approvals last month.

As for the Best Buy events, recall that I was there. I stole got a hat. I also captured footage and impressions, and it was all around informative and amazing. Instead of four games, we will apparently have one. Or two. We don't actually know if Nintendo is doing just the Wii U version here. Could be the 3DS version as a demo, or both. If it's 3DS, then the whole "one TV per venue" thing won't be an issue. Hopefully we can have more than one Wii U set-up! We don't know what the roster will be at the demo, of course, BUT for the tournament the website scrolls through all of the currently known roster before the Smash Direct. So that could mean no Greninja, Charizard, Yoshi, Sheik, or Zero Suit Samus. Or it's an oversight. Since I went to the Best Buy event last year, I anticipate going to it this year, too. I don't want anything stopping me! We just don't know the exact dates or locations this will happen.

From what I can tell, that Treehouse Live thing will be like the website last year where they had those mini-developer directs and such. That was nice.

By the way, Reggie canceled a meeting with President Barack Hussein Obama to bring us this. That's amazing. He's also distancing himself, in the process, from those evil plumbers who went to Obama's Easter Egg Roll. Good man.

In conclusion, we're scrambling at KoopaTV planning our schedules and times to make sure our June is nice and open to bring you the finest analysis of the latest Nintendo news, and to have some fun for ourselves. Stay tuned.

KoopaTV's staff does nothing all day but wait for Nintendo news. ...That's not true, but in Ludwig's case, he's doing nothing all day but wait to be unbanned from Miiverse. That happens Thursday.

A lot more information on the Best Buy event here!
A lot more information on the Invitational Tour here!
Nintendo does the same thing for 2015, but it just seems... underwhelming.
Reggie Fils-a-Mech is now Nintendo's security system, and instead of canceling a meeting with a president, he makes a meeting to possibly get a new job.

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