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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ludwig's Live Reactions to the Mario Kart 8 Direct!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I'm a showy anti-hero.

I waited for a bit (like, four hours), but the other KoopaTV contributors didn't sign onto AIM. ...Tsk, it's still April! Don't just oversleep everything! It's Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 Direct! Unannounced and silently uploaded to YouTube! And I'm in it!

Follow along with my thoughts. They really aren't all that special, though. ...Eh, yes they are.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:39 am
    So, MK8 Direct...
    Characters doing stuff.
    ...DK throwing something at me.
    Kid doesn't have matching slippers.
    This Direct is different than other Directs.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:42 am
    Just...what is MK8?
    Course variety has always been a part of the series.
    It's Hideki Konno!
    Anti-gravity from new ideas and new technology!
    (New technology being PS3/Xbox 360)

 Nintendork 13 13 11:44 am
    So where did all the dudes get anti-gravity boosters in Star World?
    Speed-boosts by getting risks.
    Just because it's abnormal, doesn't make it...risky.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:47 am
    This Direct has intermissions like the Smash Direct had with the trophy guessing.
    I can't help but be distracted by Mari0's mustache animation in his slow-mo.
    Biker Rosalina works well though.
    ew DK teeth

 Nintendork 13 13 11:49 am
    ...I thought those white horses were fucking claws.
    Larry Super Trooper?
    Runaway Heavyweight Roy?
    Trickster Iggy
    Agility Supreme Lemmy
    Invincible Tough Guy Morton
    Princess of Destruction Wendy
    Showy Anti-Hero Ludwig
    ...(Rawk was right?)

 Nintendork 13 13 11:51 am
    (Well, Rawk thought Baby Metal Mari0 >_>)
    So I guess I'm an anti-hero, eh.
    I could see that.
    Wendy is a "princess", so as I keep saying, we're King Dad's children!
    ...dis shopping network is creepy
    "A BOOMERANG? Will it come back to hit me? ;-) "

 Nintendork 13 13 11:55 am
    Super Horn e-even blocks Blue Shells?!
    you're gonna make a motherfucker of a m-...
    You're gonna make a monkey out of yourself tonight motherfucker!
    Karts vs. Bikes
    This Kosuke guy is like Peter Ong.
    Well they acknowledge Bikes ruined MKWii.

 Nintendork 13 13 11:58 am
    Bikes are clearly faster.
    fuck bikes
    T-Too soon to jump to conclusions?!
    Bikes better at corners
    Karts better at straightaways
    ...That's... the opposite of MKWii, isn't it?

 Nintendork 13 13 12:01 pm
    Double Dash!! feature
    love youuu
    flying Toad in space
    V-Voice chat feature.
    Hosting your own tournaments!

 Nintendork 13 13 12:03 pm
    Receive stamps!
    I want
    So Kart TV.
    (KoopaTV's competitor)
    Up-Upload reels directly to YouTube?!
    ...well I shouldn't do that since I'm pretty terrible at it.
    Music Kart ♪

 Nintendork 13 13 12:05 pm
    Next song still jaazzzzziinnn' was cut off

 Nintendork 13 13 12:07 pm
    Well, Moo Moo Meadows third song.
    ...and this isn't jazz anymore
    ah ye
    Bowser in the lead.

 Nintendork 13 13 12:10 pm
    Yes! Bowser in the lead!
    All hail King Bowser!
    Damn Crazy 8!
    He's invincible in first place!
    "This ain't over until the fat Koopa sings! I'm talking to you Wendy."
    dat year of luig1 really is over
    wtf Reggie
    He sounds like Fils-a-mech
    Buy Kart 8 and register it at Club Nintendo between May 30 and July 31
    Pikmin 3
    Wind Waker HD
    Wii Party U

 Nintendork 13 13 12:12 pm
    MK8 Wii U bundle
    Black Wii U deluxe
    Wii Wheel
    Wii Remote Plus
    And you can still do that free CN game with the bundle!
    "Next generation of Nintendo games"
    (Wind Waker HD?)
    New trailer with awesome Bowser's Castle rock monster thing

 Nintendork 13 13 12:14 pm
    That Gold Peach thing is still...creepy.

 Nintendork 13 13 12:16 pm
    Well, yeah, this looks great.
    ...That's all I got.
    (This is what happens when everyone else is sleeping)

Yeah, I'm cool. Deal with it.

Ludwig is happy to be in the game. Even if you aren't in the game, it still looks great. You can send him a friend request on the Wii U at NNID PrinceOfKoopas. Just mention that you're doing that before you send it, okay?

Ludwig is happy to keep showing up in Nintendo Directs. For more information, look here!

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