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Monday, April 28, 2014

Don't Drown Out The Ideas!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Let the battle of ideas be waged on the ideas, not the personalities.

There are a lot of movements going around, trying to capture your attention. As with any complicated organized...thing, there are a lot of side-stories associated with movements. KoopaTV's Nintendo eShop ESRB policy movement? Well, it's... associated with KoopaTV, the site that gives voice to neo-Confederates. Cliven Bundy's ranch being invaded by federal dudes with guns to collect unpaid grazing fees? He's apparently a racist. The "Miiquality" movement that wants gay marriage in Tomodachi Life? Their pro-gay video got flagged and deleted on YouTube by... someone. We don't know who, but it was not KoopaTV!

...Seriously, stop looking at us like we did it. Just because we're against "Miiquality" does not mean that we want to shut down the voices of opposition. That's what left-wing people do. We're different.

Anyway, every side-story or interesting sub-narrative is nice for entertainment, but it should not derail your message. When you let things derail the main idea, bad things happen. We lose great presidential candidates, for example. We don't want that to happen.

With the eShop ESRB policy change movement, that is a win-win situation that helps everyone. It helps consumers, it helps Nintendo, it helps third-parties. I guess it doesn't help Sony's PS Vita, but, you know, they're not a stakeholder. However, KoopaTV is also... part of a lot of other things. Controversial things. The Enlightenment Movement is one. Obviously, the entirety of NeoGAF doesn't like our continuing exposing of their fascist culture, and our opposition to one point-of-view in the videogame industry.

Well, they never denied it. They're just self-aware of it but do it anyway.

How easy is it for someone to say, "well this eShop policy thing is a good idea!" But then you see it's backed by KoopaTV? "They're whackos. I'm not supporting this!"

That's wrong.

That's the equivalent of being against the Nintendo Redirect movement because it was made by Shokio. Shokio seems like a punk, but my opposition to that is independent of Shokio's organization. Similarly, President Barack Hussein Obama's policies are bad not because they come from him, but because they're bad no matter who proposes them. We have to be objective here, and stay on-message. The message is ideas, because everything, such as solutions, starts with ideas. Solutions are how we fix problems and make our lives better. Solutions that do nothing to address problems are terrible wastes of resources.

When the feds came to invade Cliven Bundy's ranch, patriots came to his aid. Why did the feds come in armed to the teeth? Regardless of whether or not Mr. Bundy was squatting on the land, it's absolutely ridiculous that the government should come armed with high-powered weaponry to take the poor cattle away. Or shoot them, I guess. So should the Bureau of Land Management control a huge swath of land in Nevada? Should that land actually be the state of Nevada's? Should the federal government threaten its citizens in this manner? Those are the real questions of the incident. The ideas behind each side, each position on those questions are what matter and what need to be debated.

Yeah, this is a totally accurate parallel.

In none of that does it matter what Cliven Bundy thinks about black people. In a court of law, that's inadmissible testimony. Speaking of the courts and black people, it's why the courts did not initially consider it admissible that  Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his body at the night of his death, or that he robbed things like jewelry. It's also irrelevant to the Zimmerman trial whether or not George Zimmerman molested his cousin after having "some sort of surgery" to his penis, saved a family from an overturned truck, tried to kill his girlfriend, or got into Super Smash Bros. 4. George Zimmerman is Not Guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin, and Double Jeopardy prevents any retrial of that charge. Whatever entertainment he gives us afterwards doesn't change the past, and the lessons of the past remain the same, and are relevant for the present.

So then there is "Miiquality". The gay movement saying that we have narrow-minded views (the only thing that's narrow here is where they're trying to insert their junk) for not being all happy about their campaign to have gay marriage and male pregnancy into Tomodachi Life. Whatever, it's still an idea, and it should still be part of the public debate about why they should get special pandering while they want other minority groups like pedophiles and zoosexuals to have to use workarounds. Childish insults like the one I used at the start of this paragraph shouldn't get in the way of that debate.

If people are confident in their ideas, then you do not need to use force to convince people of them. In other words, it is a sign of weakness to try to false-flag "Miiquality"'s YouTube video. What if it was taken down by the gay movement itself and not these magical "bigots"? To try and generate sympathy? Just a theory, but faking incidents for attention is something the gay movement has done many times before.

We shouldn't let that sympathy attempt get in the way of the real battle of ideas, though. The fact the video got taken down? It's a side issue. That doesn't make their point any stronger or any weaker. It does mean, if they didn't take it down themselves, that the side against "Miiquality" IS bigger than just KoopaTV. Since, again, we didn't do it. What does THAT mean? It means that KoopaTV is not the only place on the Internet where there are concerned, conservative, Nintendo gamers! But if we aren't that only place, we'd like to talk to whoever did this. Because our ideas are better than "Miiquality"'s. We don't need to shut down their stupid video.

We SHOULD be asking where that guy's hand is trying to go. From the "Miiquality" logo.

Their video should come back up, unless it was taken down for using Nintendo Direct footage without Nintendo's permission. Then yeah, keep it down because Nintendo's rights as a copyright holder come first and people should respect that, and they can certainly express themselves without infringing on the rights of others. There is never good justification for infringing others' rights. Including free speech.

Ludwig, and the KoopaTV organization in general, is committed to truth and levity. Keep reading KoopaTV's wealth of information and check us out every day for new ideas, old ideas, and unique perspectives on ideas! This is also KoopaTV's 250th published article.

Ludwig changes his tone drastically in KoopaTV's (presumably final) next article covering the Miiquality movement.
Ludwig breaks orthodoxy again by defending Anita Sarkeesian's rights.

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