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Monday, March 13, 2017

Making America Great: Abolish Daylight Savings Time!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - Hopefully, a bright spot to this presidency...

I am so incredibly grumpy. Yesterday, March 12, was one of the worst days of the year. In the top 3. There's Daylight Savings Time day (yesterday), Tax Day (April 18 this year, usually April 15 — and we'll have an article for it when the time comes), and then my birthday (December 13). All are awful.

I've written before in 2015 that Daylight Savings Time dooms the world. I sincerely believe that. That's why, in 2016, I shared the petition to Congress to abolish Daylight Savings Time. It has a lot of signatures as of now:

End Daylight Savings Time petition abolish congress United States
134,926 messages sent as of tonight. You can add your name here.

I've decided to take my opposition to Daylight Savings Time, shared by everyone on KoopaTV's staff, a step further this year.

I sent this yesterday to the Contact page on the White House's website, which leads to “The Office of Presidential Correspondence”:

“Dear President Donald John Trump,

I'm sending this letter to you on one of the worst days of the year 2017 — March 12, the day of Daylight Savings Time, when the government mandates we “spring forward” from the natural flow of time, and into a government-ran one-size-fits-all declaration. I wish for your administration, in conjunction with Congress, to abolish Daylight Savings Time. The federal government has no Constitutional authority to regulate time to begin with.

More importantly, it's terrible policy. It's confusing and time-consuming to change all of the clocks while losing an hour. It only ends up with people being sleepy and missing appointments, perhaps getting into car accidents. Purported benefits are either incredibly minuscule or a complete myth. Because the United States is on a different schedule than the rest of the world, it also complicates multinational businesses and transactions. What was once a five-hour time difference just yesterday between Washington D.C. and London is now a four-hour one, and it will switch again to five in a matter of weeks. Why does this government insist on subjecting its citizens to such torture?

One of the other government-induced worst days of the year is next month's Tax Day (traditionally April 15), and I know your administration will be working with Congress to make that day much less painful. I only hope that you recognize and help resolve Daylight Savings and the other days made terrible because of government. The people would greatly appreciate it, and will remember you as the hero who Made America Great Again.

Sincerely yours.”

This will therefore be a two-part interview series. The first part is this article. The second part will be dedicated to the President's response, which I'll publish immediately instead of waiting for Daylight Savings Time 2018. (Ideally, there won't BE a Daylight Savings Time 2018.)

When KoopaTV sent a letter to President Barack Hussein Obama in 2013, he replied in two months. Since President Donald John Trump has a reputation for being under-budget and ahead of schedule, I think we should expect a faster reply than that.

I just finished Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma after foreshadowing for months on KoopaTV that I'd do just that. I won't spoil, but the role time plays in the game is very important, and hour-long manipulations in time are made out to be plot-critical details and revelations. We should treat Daylight Savings Time the same way: A coercive manipulation of time for nefarious ends.

By the way, finishing Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma within 2016 wouldn't have changed the end results of KoopaTV's Game of THAT Year 2016 Awards, but I would've probably added a character from the game to Best New Character as a nomination. Someone from Q-Team.

When the members of Congress (C-Team?) aren't busy killing one another, they should form an alliance with The Donald (D-Team?) and get the critical reform of ending Daylight Savings Time done. That will save the world from future demise, because they CAN change the course of the future!

That last paragraph consists of basic, forced Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma references. It's okay if you don't get the references...yet. It's recommended you buy all of the Zero Escape games, though, and all three are playable on the 3DS. You are also welcome to send your Congress members, and the president, your own letters to get Daylight Savings Time abolished.

Tax Day 2017 passed, and it was awful and unchanged from previous years.
The President never responded, so by the time Daylight Savings Time ended in November, Ludwig sent another letter.
Candidates for Senate also don't respond to DST requests.
By 2019, it's still not abolished. But now we know why it exists.
Right after that, in 2019, the President gives a reply to KoopaTV about his Daylight Savings Time stance!
Trump did absolutely nothing on the issue, and he wasn't re-elected as a result. Now it's up to Congress.


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