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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Great Courses to Take if You Want to Be a Game Developer

By CASSIE - Want to be a game developer? Read this.

A game developer is a person who creates and develops code for video games. Their job can involve every aspect of video game creation, from developing a storyline, drawing up the game, animation, as well as designing and programming different elements. For creative types and those who love the challenge of video games, it can be a fulfilling and exciting career choice. If you’re still in the stages of deciding whether to pursue game development, there are some great courses that can help build your foundational knowledge. Here are great courses to take if you want to be a game developer.


While an understanding of maths isn’t all you need to be a great game developer, having mathematical knowledge can help you when it comes to learning the ins and outs of coding. In its essence, coding involves coming up with equations that will allow a computer to function in a certain way or perform a certain task. It is about knowing which equation is best and being able to use equations to direct action. For this reason, those who have an advanced understanding of mathematics are more likely to excel when it comes to being a game developer. As well as this, the skills you gain from studying maths, such as logic and problem-solving, are important skills to have as a game developer. A math background means overcoming obstacles in game design will be less challenging for you and you will have learnt strategies for solving any errors or mistakes that might come up.

Graphic Design or Art

If you are going to be designing the game or involved in animation as a game developer, then graphic design skills are essential and artistic ability is definitely advantageous. Game developers will be required to build 2D and 3D models, create graphics and visual effects and be responsible for deciding on the way the game looks and feels. For this reason, without graphic design skills or qualifications, it will be nearly impossible for you to create games. Drawing skills are vital in the early stages of game development and this is where having some training in art or drawing can really come in handy. Being able to sketch out your ideas in a coherent way for yourself and your team can help you visualise the game in a better way.

Computer Science or Programming

As a game developer, you need to understand how computers work in order to manipulate codes to work in your games. A knowledge of different programming languages and how they work with different gaming platforms is an important skill for those interested in becoming game developers. Learning to write basic programs will help you when it comes to game design and you can apply your programming knowledge to the game you are designing. Doing a course in computer science or programming will also allow you to become highly IT proficient and comfortable using different technologies and software. This is an essential part of being a game developer as you will be working with code and changing technology on a daily basis. While both computer science and computer programming are beneficial courses to do in order to develop the skills required in this industry, the difference between them lies in theory and practice. Computer science is about the theory behind programming whereas computer programming courses focus on practical implementation.


A surprisingly useful course to do if you’re interested in a career in game development is scriptwriting or screenwriting. This is because part of creating a game means creating a storyline that is compelling and a plot that is going to keep your players invested and interested. Arguably, the concept and the story of a game are just as important as its graphics. Training in scriptwriting and screenwriting give you enhanced storytelling abilities as well as learning how to turn your ideas and your writing into a script and storyboard. Storyboards help you to see that your story makes sense and flows without any plot holes. It can also help you understand how to develop characters, create different endings, and write dialogue that sounds believable. Creative writing courses that focus on particular genres can also be beneficial depending on what types of games you’re interested in creating. For example, a course in mythical, fantasy fiction, or a science fiction writing course may help you develop a great story to go with the game.

There is no one way to become a game developer but these courses may help to spark your interest and build your skills to work in the industry. Taking on one or these courses is a great way to start your journey towards game development.

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