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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Kim Hunter, Huh? FIFA 19: The Journey: Champions... Journey Finale!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - I care about Alex Hunter's journey.

Alex Hunter has been doing great things in his association football (soccer) career lately since FIFA 17 and then FIFA 18. He recently transferred to the Real Madrid team (as opposed to that awful Fake Madrid team across the street that he was dealing with before). He also discovered he has a white-looking half-sister named Kim.

Anyway, check out this trailer that released today for FIFA 19, featuring Alex Hunter. It already has over half a million views on YouTube alone:

You get to play as Alex Hunter, and Kim Hunter, and Danny Williams — all established characters in Alex Hunter's saga. As noted by Electronic Arts, FIFA 19 will feature the very last part of Alex Hunter's Journey trilogy that started in FIFA 17. But you also get to experience the journeys of the other characters, and they're going through their own stories. Kim, for example, is playing for the United States Women's Soccer team. It's unlikely that Alex's and Kim's stories will intersect on the soccer field (Alex's and Danny's probably will!) but The Journey features extensive off-field story interaction as well.

Alex Hunter FIFA 19 The Journey Champions microphone press conference suit tie Real Madrid EA Sports
Alex Hunter is putting everyone who dislikes his mode ON BLAST!

For someone like me who would normally never want to play FIFA, The Journey represents a much more interesting take on soccer and an opportunity to attract a broader, traditional core gaming audience. 

But for whatever reason, the comments section for this trailer is quite negative. FIFA fans can be seen complaining about the lack of updates to Career Mode (which is a single-player mode without the kind of story that The Journey has), and Pro Club not getting development attention. They see EA as misallocating resources to The Journey, to the detriment of the rest of the game. I disagree with their concerns. Alex Hunter's saga must be concluded! It's the only part of FIFA that is of any worth!

Unfortunately, everything I've written in this article is invalid because, just like with FIFA 18, FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch will not have the The Journey mode in it. That means, despite my uncharacteristic dedication to several articles about The Journey, it'll never appear on a Nintendo platform since it ends in FIFA 19. That also means that the development resources that went to finishing The Journey and didn't go to improving other parts of the game won't even grace the Nintendo Switch version, so I have no idea what's going to be improved about the Nintendo Switch's FIFA 19 compared to FIFA 18.

Thanks for screwing up again, EA. 

Ludwig supposes that this might be the last time Alex Hunter is mentioned in a KoopaTV article, if he won't ever make another appearance in Electronic Arts's E3 conference or another game, unless KoopaTV has live-reaction logs dedicated to watching the cutscenes of The Journey's trilogy.

Ludwig doesn't even like soccer as a sport.


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