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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nintendo Video Has Moved!

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - It...still exists?

A year ago, Nintendo Video disappeared off the planet besides North America. I celebrated John Cena's theme song to celebrate Slam City, but I sort of stopped paying attention to it shortly after that article.

Well, apparently it has moved, according to a notification and the eShop page for Nintendo Video. Here's my transcription:
"Nintendo Video has moved!
Your favorite shows from Nintendo Video are now available on Nintendo eShop anytime you want them! Dinosaur Office, Meat or Die, Shaun the Sheep, they're all there, along with many others.
You can find Nintendo Video on the Main Menu of Nintendo eShop, or just enter a search for your favorite shows. Go ahead - watch what you like, anytime you like!
We'll keep making more videos from Nintendo Video's storied lineup available on Nintendo eShop, as well as all-new videos, so check back often." 

What does that mean? It probably means Nintendo Video is gonna stop dumping annoying SpotPass notifications on your 3DS menu and just hang out in the eShop, where there are three eShop pages of content from the Nintendo Video icon on the main menu, and over 600 results if you search "Nintendo Video" in the search bar (not all of those are videos... many of them aren't). So you get all these things like all 12 episodes of The Misadventures of Link.

Basically, Nintendo probably said "screw it" to the four-videos-a-time-period format and just uploaded a lot of their rotation on the eShop. ...So... uh... Nintendo of America didn't announce "We're ending Nintendo Video because it's a waste of everyone's time", they just announced a "move" to an on-demand format, with more to come. Just without a SpotPass, I guess. So it's hard to care, especially since this app has an audience smaller than MSNBC's.

So the Nintendo 3DS has sold over 50 million units worldwide, with pretty much 17 million in the Americas. The Nintendo Video application has been rated 209,430 times on the Nintendo eShop (and you had to have crossed the eShop in order to get it). ...I dunno, maybe not a fair comparison. Pokémon Shuffle has been downloaded over 4.5 million times (those poor souls) and has only been rated 13,259 times... and I just rated it now while writing this. ...Yup.

What's the point? Well, I think Nintendo Video is finally showing its sorry ass out the door. It was never something that was gonna bring in revenue and it's about time Nintendo of America gets that. There are other things that do bring in revenue with about the same amount of effort, like new 3DS Themes. I actually bought the Splatoon one for $2! First Theme I ever bought. And probably the last.

Why is Ludwig publishing filler articles late at night? Blame Splatoon! You can help Ludwig procrastinate on KoopaTV by friending him at NNID PrinceOfKoopas, and you can enable his Splatoon playing by writing KoopaTV articles for Ludwig by applying here. (And do so successfully, 'kay?)


  1. Never used Nintendo Video.

    As for themes, I want those Ace Attorney themes to come west!

    1. ...Hm, if Ace Attorney came over here then "probably the last" would no longer be true. :)

      So Themes totally take over sound effects on your 3DS so Splatoon has some of the best sound effects in games, and Ace Attorney does too...


    3. ...:o

      ...The actual colour schemes and stuff ain't as cool though.


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