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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nationalistic Nintendo Video & John Cena

By LUDWIG VON KOOPA - In plain English, that means the only Nintendo Video in plain English will be in America.
A long time ago, the "Nintendo Video" service on the Nintendo 3DS launched. Four videos at a time would be automatically downloaded to your 3DS and new ones would replace the previous ones. These ranged from crap to amusing. Now, only America will get to experience it. It was international before, but, starting on March 31, it will be shutting down in Oceania, Europe, and Japan.

What's going on? There was supposed to be this new initiative and everything, right? Turns out that Nintendo of America is the one trying its hardest to promote the service. Kind of like how Reggie Fils-Aime was responsible for Nintendo TVii. To this day, it's still not in Europe! It probably never will be.

While the other regions are removing Nintendo TVii, in America, Nintendo is recommitting itself again. You may have gotten a notification on your 3DS lately called "WWE comes to Nintendo Video!" It was signed by Nintendo, and says things like "Slam City is an all new series filmed in the next generation of stop-motion animation. Catch all 26 episodes on Nintendo Video, starting TODAY!" 26 episodes means a half-year commitment if they're posted weekly. In other words, Nintendo Video is sticking around for quite a bit longer. In America, at least.

While KoopaTV obviously prefers boxing to wrestling, WWE commands a big presence in America. Only 30% or so of the WWE's revenues come from outside of the USA. Boxing doesn't have anywhere close to that kind of revenue power or influence. When John Cena has his theme playing from your Nintendo 3DS, you listen. Even as a Nintendo geek, you're interested. I was, anyway. I found the first episode of Slam City with John Cena amusing! I'll watch the future episodes even though I don't know anything about WWE. 'cause that's what America is all about, or something.

WWE wrestlers are developed personalities. Unlike, say, the F-Zero series which has a range of awesome personalities that are underutilized, WWE treats its contractor superstars very well. From what I've heard, anyway. WWE knows that's why people watch. They don't watch for the wrestling, they watch for the story. Nintendo could learn more from this approach, and in a way, it's pretty good that they're partnering up with WWE. I hope this sort of thing continues, actually!

Ludwig has no experience with WWE. If you do, feel free to correct him or add to the message. In the meantime, Ludwig's friend code on the 3DS is 3351-5164-3598.

The new initiative finally ends as Nintendo Video retreats to the eShop.
John Cena shames America by the 2020s, siding with the commies.

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  1. So I kind of keep returning to this article for the sole purpose of listening to the John Cena song. Help.


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